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How To Generate Money Through Facebook Groups.

Facebook, claims to provide one place for everybody where we can connect with our long-lost friends, schoolmates, former colleagues, neighbors, distant relatives,...

Money Through Facebook Groups

Facebook, claims to provide one place for everybody where we can connect with our long-lost friends, schoolmates, former colleagues, neighbors, distant relatives, and close family members. The original serving mission of Facebook was to simply bring people closer and build a community. Later, Facebook Business and Facebook Advertisement altered the conventional marketing and branding trends entirely but that is more towards paid marketing. Facebook business pages charge their users for advertising the content, however, the best part of Facebook marketing remains unrestricted marketing where the advertisement is not bound to any geographical limitations.

Now Facebook groups are strengthening the fundamental purpose of their creation and most admired characteristic of bringing people more close through segregating them in groups. You can create a group based on similar interests with strangers like book readers, foodies discussing food, authors helping authors, teachers, job-seekers, and Ph.D. scholars, or looking for scholarships, based on any course you have opted for. With people we know already there could be a reunion sort of group with family, friends, sports team, school fellows, or just anything.

Facebook plans on extending groups in the next 5 years according to their new goals. There are 1 billion group members on Facebook already but the approach this time is to build groups based on meaningful interaction and by keeping active participants in them only. By doing this, sure will bring better outcomes gradually but surely. They are now focusing on significant conversations and building closer communities by equipping us with the opportunity to make a mindful network irrespective of its size.

In this article, we will discuss all the ideas of how one can monetize through Facebook groups. Most of the ideas are already in practice and earning, however, you can come up with your creativity and innovation depending upon your expertise, area of interest, and social circles. So, here is the list:

Selling products or services

Creating a Facebook group for buying and selling any product or services you can sell is a great idea where you can connect with potential customers directly. It builds the trust factor and saves a lot of time in general. There is another idea where you can build a group of thousands of people having similar interests and later introduce something or utilize that for passive income. For example, I joined a group on Facebook, not too long ago, where all the authors and writers are added, some aspire to become an author, just like me which is not only providing great help and inspiration but on the flip side people offer their services to each other as well. Writers charge for editing or proofreading services, designers create enticing covers and recommend changes that beautify the finished product. The exact same idea can be applied to multiple domains and monetized eventually.

Charge Membership And Subscription Fees

An extension to the previous idea, perhaps, where one can create a Facebook group and build it with like-minded people or people who can relate with the niche in some way. This too can later be monetized by charging for memberships or subscription fees. I am a part of a couple of groups, so I can use their example of how their monetization model works.

The very first group I noticed is named “The start-up community” where the aspirants and professionals help each other’s business build and the admin charges for her consultation services as she is an experienced small-medium business coach and owns multiple businesses herself. The second group is a hub for freelancers, where people work online who develop websites, create graphical or visual artwork, edit videos or content, write or proofread content and the list is never-ending. All the services are somehow interrelated and there are buyers and sellers both in the group who work together there and of course, after establishing the group and niche the owner of the group charge for membership or subscription fee.

Promote Products And Services

You can also create a group where you can help people market their products or services. This too requires a good number of people in the group or people who are actually interested in buying even if the head-count is not too big. You can charge them monthly, per post, or on each product – depends on nature though, and whatever works for both parties.

Buy And Sell Groups

Another idea which is already on the rise where people who are very good at building groups, create groups and sell it to interested people. That can also be done for monetization if someone is good at managing and building multiple groups and can add a good number of people to it too. I know some teenagers doing this for fun and earning a passive income by doing this on repeat.

The bottom line is:

Facebook is a huge market now, so even if someone knows one or two in-demand skills, you can always offer your services through such groups. Of course, with the help of high-speed internet, click here to get your deal. One does not necessarily have to be an owner of a group, however, it gives you more exposure to administrative rights, settings, managing activities, and making announcements. Contrary to it, if you are managing a group for free, you are just wasting your time which you can utilize on something better and rewarding. On top of that, you can also manage a Facebook group through a Facebook page so it will double the promotion of any business if used in this manner. The list of ideas is endless and it also greatly depends on the person seeking to monetize. I will conclude this article with a few more ideas where one can:

  • Monetize how-to content about Facebook.
  • Collect donations and build an NGO.
  • Promote websites, products, and services.
  • Direct or redirect members to a landing page.
  • Earn advertising and sponsorship revenue.
  • Earn money as a group manager.
  • Search for customers, clients, and partners.
  • Help people with their services or businesses. 

All the ideas shared above have been executed already, anyone can replicate them with minor tweaking and altering the baselines to get started. These ideas can always be modified according to the demand and nature or niche of the group.


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Written by Zoya Naqvi
Zoya is a personal branding and visibility strategist.

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