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Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies to Keep in Mind

With COVID on our hands, we have started to look at healthcare with a new pair of eyes and a renewed sense...

Healthcare Digital Marketing

With COVID on our hands, we have started to look at healthcare with a new pair of eyes and a renewed sense of duty towards having it accessible to people from all walks of life. The industry leaders, scientists, top life sciences consulting firms, and healthcare practitioners have been working towards providing services that combat COVID in the best way possible. And so far, ‘digital healthcare’ has been our best bet.

One of the fastest ways to ensure that people are aware of the many options they have on their hands is through digital marketing. Yes, like every other industry leveraging the many tools and techniques available for effective online marketing, healthcare is no different.

Considering how the general population is tech-savvy and demands an online solution to every problem, the healthcare sector is observing the same trend of having to develop healthcare mobile applications and websites to cater to the growing demand of having an online presence. 

This is why you must have come across some buzzwords over the internet like “Healthcare Marketing 2020” or “Latest Trends in Healthcare Marketing,” – Let’s check some of the statistics that solidify digital marketing success in healthcare. 

Healthcare Digital Marketing Statistics of 2020

  • 90% of the patients use online reviews to evaluate a doctor before booking an appointment with them.
  • 61% of the customers who find you through smartphones are more likely to get in touch with you.
  • Content marketing in healthcare has the power to generate three times as many leads compared to outbound marketing and at a 62% cost.
  • Social media has the power to make or break any professional or professional services. 41% of users say that social media influences their decision on which doctor or medical facility they choose.
  • Video marketers have experienced 66% more quality and promising leads every year; which makes video content a better performer than others.
  • There’s a 500% increase in searches with “near me” in the query.

These statistics show an encouraging sight of how digital marketing is a thriving trade within an industry that is heavily regulated. Yes, this could seem daunting for many marketers taking on a medical firm as their client with HIPAA compliance regulations dictating how to use and store patient information and FDA restrictions, on the other hand, deciding how healthcare firms can market their products. Nonetheless, reaching out and engaging today’s tech-savvy patients and consumers, along with medical professionals, is not a tricky zone. However, it does make digital marketing an integral section and a necessity. 

So, enough of the chit chat and let’s get to the healthcare trends you should know about.

Let’s start with the obvious. 

1. Build a Responsive Website

One of the worst things to encounter online is a slow and poorly designed website. No one has the patience or time to wait for a site to load, and then us having to figure out how to interact with it; especially when we are on our phones. An excellent digital experience can make your online business. This is why you need to make sure your website checks all the boxes for a great design and experience.

To solidify the need for a great website, consider this – 60% of the patients would like to be reminded about their appointments on their phones. This is why a ‘responsive’ website that can adjust to all screen sizes of various smartphones keeping the design at 100% at all times, is a necessity.

Once your responsive website performs at its fullest, giving clean navigation and an overall user-friendly experience, the healthcare organizations can move forward towards devising a strong web strategy that allows the marketers to increase visibility, reach, and conversions. 

2. Transform Your Website into a Google-Friendly One

It cannot be that you are looking to expand your business online and leads to bring in business and not pay attention to the very place people gravitate towards to find answers. Yes, Google. So, your aim should be to have your business show up on Google, and one of the ways to do this is to consider creating your profile on Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to have an online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. It allows you to include the information that is the highlight of your business – such as the location, price range, website link, and reviews even.

All the information filled within the Google My Business directory will allow your business to be found through organic searches, such as “Dermatologist near me,” provided it is within the range. Ensure that once your business is registered, you start optimizing your website with the right keywords that have a better chance of ranking.

This brings us to our next trend or best practice of digital marketing, if you may.

3. Search Engine Optimized Web Pages

In a digital sphere, you cannot run a profitable business without SEO. It’s all about ranking in the first 10 pages of the search result. For this, you would need a proper SEO strategy and a professional to do that for you.

There’s much that goes into the efforts that take to make your web pages rank for the right keywords and have an influx of traffic that results in conversions. 

As far as optimizing your web pages, it is not just confined to having an SEO web copy uploaded onto your web pages. However, that is a strong start nonetheless. So, conduct intense keyword research, and then add them to your web pages and other posts promoting your services, like your social media posts and blog content.

4. Devise a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Content truly is king. And you cannot skip on not investing in your content that is informational for the right audience and helps them realize the existence of your services or organization as a whole. Great content will improve your ranking within the search engine and generate leads; not to mention returning readers that will slowly establish you as an expert in your field. Add a compelling CTA (Call to Action) that encourages them to visit your website or have a look at the product you are offering.

There’s much more to content marketing and a part that should be explored and thoroughly understood. Do not skip on content and add it as one of your digital marketing campaigns’ high-priority strategies.

Written by Paul Mark Stevens
A passionate digital marketer that is dedicated towards bringing upcoming startups to the forefront of their respective markets. I also happen to love writing.

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