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Why is Content Marketing important in social media?

From Fortune 500 brands to local markets, from entertainment to defence, today everyone and everything has a digital presence, and social media...

content marketing importance in social media

Social media today is an invisible marketer, a marketer who doesn’t meet your eyes but makes sure that its voice is heard. From Fortune 500 brands to local markets, from entertainment to defense, today everyone and everything has a digital presence, and social media content writers ensure that the presence never loses its glory, as Mari Smith rightly said, “Content is King, but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house”. Today we will be discussing how content marketing important in social media.

  • Know the purpose:- I mean, why are you even writing? What’s your niche? Is it because you love writing or there is some bigger motivation, like, promoting your brand, analyzing a situation, trying to clear some consumer doubts, or just discussing a new development. Without understanding the actual reason, your writing will be monotonous and lifeless like a body without a soul.  
  • Up your game:- For creative writing on Social media, just let go of all your stereotypes and discover a new way to express yourself. You need to be different from the crowd, every time, every single time, to be even spotted on.
  • Who is the Judge:-  You might have great English writing skills, awesome grammatical knowledge, it might also be appreciated by your near and dear ones but, but, but it is the audience who is the ultimate judge, if they don’t like your write up or are unable to relate or form a connection with it, then the whole thing is futile.  
  • Which for What:-  Social media is an umbrella term used for all the websites or apps that allow you to form a connection with people digitally. They are similar in their basic motive but distinct in their approach. While some support instant media sharing (Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube) some are largely text-driven, while some aid us to relive and establish our network (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) some kindle discussion (Quora, Reddit, Digg) and then there are blogging platforms WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, Blogspot) which are one of the most convenient and desirable, among all the social media writing service, by the users because it gives them the freedom to express their opinions in an effortless manner. Choose your medium wisely.
  • Analysis:- A writer should always be aware of the latest trends and the things happening around. Like that, is the prerequisite to produce content, which is not only engaging but relevant too!! The analysis helps you out in this by bringing you the data of your posts. With the data comes the information required to deduce all the possibilities and the pros and cons attached to each of them. You now can keep a tab on the pulse of your audience, their likes, their dislikes, priorities, preferences, what attracts them towards your writing and what distracts them, etc.
  • Authenticity: – It can be a deal-breaker or deal maker. In any of the posts, however small it is, authenticity is a must. Here content writers need to understand that authentic content has two meanings.
    • It should be the original creation of the social media writer:-Often, one can find but that people in social media copy the work of others, to gain more visibility. However, they fail to see the effects of this in the long run. The plagiarized posts can gain viewers’ attention one or two times. Still, as soon as they realize that the writer is enjoying credit for someone else’s creativity, the credibility of that writer will be gone forever. So, originality is your key to success.
    • Stop sharing fake news:- Social media writers need to strictly distinguish between real and hoax. Every second, there are a lot of events and changes happening. With lots of people having access to social media platforms, there is news that is factually incorrect or is propaganda-driven. Some posts also aim to hurt and malign the sentiments and beliefs of other communities. You are supposed to keep in mind the audience’s sentiments and never disrespect it in any way. You need to stay away from such practices, always. 
  • Device compatibility:-  The write up becomes content only when it can engage viewers, but for that, they first need to be able to reach it and read it. With a wide range of devices available, are you sure your content is reaching the target group, in the way you want it to reach? There are some people who prefer Laptops while some can’t get over their Smartphones, then there are people who are in complete awe of Palmtops. Writers should make a point to make the content device compatible. The users irrespective of the device they are using should be able to reach the content smoothly. 
  • Make it lively:-  In this fast pace of life, people don’t have ample time to go through your textual content. It also induces a sense of boredom in them. To make your audience more engaged it is always beneficial to use videos and photographs, which not only makes the most vibrant but also makes it easy for the people to understand the perception of social media content providers.
  • Try new things:- Your learning trajectory should always move upwards. If you don’t try new things, follow new ideas, your knowledge will become stagnant. You will just become a writer, not a creative writer. For creativity, one needs to come out of the comfort zone and be unconstrained. 
  • Your own identity:- Last but not least, just because you have a cognitive bias about a situation, product, person or the services, it doesn’t become a universal truth. Your identity, your journey, your inhibitions, shouldn’t be a hindrance for an unbiased content, rather it should help you to develop, learn, and empower yourself as a writer.

Well, I hope these tips help you grow and attain new heights as Creative writers on social media but do remember.

Success comes to many but successful are those who are consistent!!


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