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Highest Paid Programming Languages You Should Learn

Programmers and coders are one of the highest-salary-taking persons in the world. They earn a minimum of six-figure salary packages annually in...

Highest paid programming languages

Programmers and coders are one of the highest-salary-taking persons in the world. They earn a minimum of six-figure salary packages annually in countries like Canada, India, China, Germany, Denmark, etc. While this profession is very good with the highest paid salaries. Some programming languages are related to higher salary packages than other languages. In this article, I am telling you about the Highest paid programming languages in the world.

In 2020 Stack Overflow will survey the programming languages and their best salaries. With the help of this survey, Stack Overflow collected programmers’ wages across the world and then made a list of the Highest paid programming languages based on the survey responses.

Today’s article is all about the highest-paid programming languages that can make your career more successful and to the next level. So if you want to know more about the highest paid programming languages in the market, keep reading the article.

List Of Various Highly Paid Programming languages Are: 

1. Scala Programming language

It is a type of JVM language which combines object-oriented and functional programming features in a uniquely high-level language. Scala feature eliminates huge bugs in complex applications while JVM and JavaScript facilitate the development of high-performance systems. It boasts an ecosystem of the programming industry BID Mac is one of the most popular ML libraries.

Highest Paid Programming Languages You Should Learn

Scala enables parallel processing at a very high speed. It is becoming popular in the programming industry as it is used for Big Data, Data Science, and ML use cases.

The average salary for Scala is $115 in the US region whereas in India it is Rs. 1,007,850.

2. Go

Go is a general open-source language designed and developed by Google in 2009. It is based on the C programming language to improve programming productivity in a modern era of machines and codes. Go programming language is a user-friendly language and is best for building reliable software products.

Highest Paid Programming Languages You Should Learn

The Go language has become very popular among programmers and coders for simple syntax. While it has features and efficiency like the C++ language, its readability functions work similarly to JavaScript and Python. With the help of God, you can do high-performance networking and multitasking. This language also comes on the list of the fastest-growing programming languages.

The Average Salary for Go is $115 in the US country whereas in India it is Rs.1,154,800.

3. Objective-C’s language

The C language arises and was developed in 1980, it is used to build and design apps in the apple system like macOS and Apple OS. It is based on object-oriented programming built and designed on the Objective-C language by elements of style messaging to make this a pure object-oriented programming language. It also supports Oops main aspects like data hiding and inheritance.

Objective-C is the primary programming language for the Apple ecosystem and its operating systems like macOS and IOS and their other APIs, Cocoa and Touch until the launch of the Swift language and was developed in the year 2014. Objective-C comes in the list of most used programming languages for developing applications on different platforms. It is a stable, most popular, and mature programming language.

The average salary for C language is $101,000 in the United States, and in India, it is Rs.574,286.

4. Kotlin

This language is developed to solve the general purpose and developed by Jetbrains. Kotlin is created with Java. And the Java virtual machine version of Kotlin depends on the Java library. With the help of JVM, Kotlin is the main target, it is also used with JavaScript or with LLVM.

Highest paid programming languages

Google declared Kotlin as the most reliable and best for app development. And Kotlin is the most popular and most demanded programming language. The syntax of Kotlin is readable and compatible with Java and Kotlin has the full support of the Google community.

The average salary for Kotlin is 98,000 available in the United States and India, it is Rs.466,000.

5. Ruby

Ruby on Rails is a server web application based on Ruby. It is an MVC mobile view controller containing all the default structures on a database for a web service or pages. The main motive of Ruby’s programming language is to make robust and easy programs. Ruby promotes the usage of JSON and XML for data transfer and HTML and user interface.

Web developers use Ruby for its unique features which work perfectly with the databases, used for table creations and views to enable fast application development along with the development principles like (COC) and don’t repeat this step. Large community developers make ruby an awesome programming language for web development and programs.

The salary for Ruby is $91,000 in the United States and in India, it is Rs.799,000.

6. Perl

It is a high-level and dynamic programming language developed by Larry in 1987. Perl arises as a Script language for text manipulation and makes the process simpler and easier. You can use Perl for other tasks like administration, development, network programming, and GUI to name a few tasks.

Perl features different programming languages like C, Shell, AWK, and sed. Perl’s syntax is very similar to the C language. Perl is the most expressive language. It is compatible with HTML and XML and other languages which support Unicode. It also supports third-party databases like Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, etc.

The average salary for Perl is $93,000 in the United States and in India, it is Rs.850,000.

7. C#

C# is a general open-source, programming language developed and designed by Microsoft. It is generic object-oriented programming, functional, typing, scoped, declarative and oriented programming principles. C# is used for network development and software development for environment developers and programmers. Coders use C# to build and design applications for embedded systems, from complex and best-operating systems with main features and functions. 

C# language is very versatile, and it is ideal for developing applications like mobile or web apps and back-end systems. It has a dedicated core machine platform, ML.NET is a cross and open-source network and developers can use this to build applications.

The salary for C# is $81,000 in the United States whereas in India it is Rs.646,000.

8. Python

When there is any kind of talk regarding programming languages. Python appears to cut. With the help of python language, you can do software development and it also offers data science. It is a very popular programming language and a high-level open-source language that supports OOP, functional, and procedure development.

Python comes in the list of all-rounder languages. You can do mathematical calculations, web development, learning, analysis, automation of tasks, and other things with the Python programming language. This makes this language very popular and has a neat Syntax. Python comes with resourceful libraries and tools like Keras, NumPy, Chatterbot are some tools.

The average salary for Python is $79,000 in the United States and in India, it is 755,000.

9. Java

Like other languages in the list, Java is also a very popular programming language in the developers and programmers community across the world. Java has general object-oriented language features and is used to build software, mobile and web applications, games, and web servers and in creating Big Data. Many large companies maintain a high-end database and codebase with the help of Java virtual machines. With the help of the Java language, you can develop applications for the Android platform. 

Highest Paid Programming Languages You Should Learn

Writing once run anywhere is the main motive of the Java programming language. This means that you have to compile the code once, and you can run the code on all platforms that support java without compiling it any further time. It also supports ML libraries like Java ML, ADAMS, Rapider, and STAT.

The average salary for Java programming language is $85,000 in the United States and in India, it is Rs.708,000.

10. Swift

Swift is a general paradigm and compiled programming language. Apple developed the Swift language for macOS, IOS, etc. It is a user-friendly language that is very expressive and fast. Since Apple developed Swift we can say that it combines the best elements of the modern era language which makes software development very easy and interesting.

You have not compromised on the performance or development while you are using the Swift programming language. While in the Swift language you can do app development and programs at a very fast speed and the compiler works on max performance. Swift syntax allows all the programmers and developers to express their ideas easily.

The average salary for Swift is $97,000 in the United States and India which is Rs.585,000.


These all are the highest-paying programming languages in the market currently. You can also upgrade your knowledge to include one of the highest-paying languages.


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