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How do UI and UX impact your business profitability?

Let’s give some work to your imagination: you want to rent a decent room on vacation. Which are your requirements? The probability...

How do UI and UX impact your business profitability? - Tricky Enough

Let’s give some work to your imagination: you want to rent a decent room on vacation. Which are your requirements? The probability is high: it should be nice and cozy, and the furniture and technical facilities should respond to all your needs and desires. And this factor is also essential: it should be situated in a picturesque place, not far from the beach. You start searching for the appropriate apartment in the catalog. Which features will you pay attention to first? Nice look, of course. If the apartment seems to you beautiful and its design is inviting and inspiring, you are willing to make a deal. You’re even ready to forgive it for the lack of electric outlets and some other household inconveniences if its look delights you. But if the apartment can offer you all the range of household facilities, you’ll be absolutely happy with the choice.

Why did we show you this example? The reason is it’s a tangible illustration of how people navigate in the situation of the plethora of offerings and what motivates their choice. If the room looks cool (has a catchy UI) and feels comfortable (has a user-friendly UX), it has a better chance to be popular among tourists. There’s a parallel with picking the apps: qualitatively tailored UI and UX work like a magnet for the audience. The appearance of your mobile or web application matters as much as its sociable and responsive character for users. To be able to manage all the requirements at a top-level, UI and UX specialists should be talented psychologists, sociologists, marketers, artists, and business analysts. The list of skills can be continued.

At Purrweb, UI and UX are being designed by experts who have enough experience in juggling complex specifications in order to make apps that users can enjoy completely. 

How do a good UI and UX help businesses make money?

Have you ever thought about why big and thriving companies devote so much time and effort in order to creating a perfect user experience? The point is they know how rewarding this investment is. All the business philosophy of Apple, for example, is swirling around the idea to get users highly satisfied. 

If you do your own market research, you’ll see that almost all leading brands are focused on how the users feel about their services. But there’s also professional research that reveals the fact: every dollar invested in UX can bring a return that swings between $2 and $100. Great interest, isn’t it?
Forrester’s researchers discovered that keeping the focus on users’ experience boosts their intention to pay by 14.4%. These numbers let you see how impactful UI and UX delivered by experts can be and why it’s worth investment.

Which criteria determine high fidelity UX and UI design?

Like an elegant dress that highlights women’s beauty, the well-tailored upfront makes the app eye-catchy. You have to balance fashion trends to create a solution that looks standing out from competitors but feels familiar and convenient. So, the first criteria are up-to-date look and attractiveness. 

Nowadays, people are very sensitive to wasting time. That means a cute UI and UX offer fast navigation: any feature is obtainable in one-two click. If the user has to tap three, four, and more times, we are sorry to tell the UX is weak.

Trying to incorporate the best into UI and UX, the experts are usually guided by the intention to make using the app effortlessly. Simplicity is game-changing, especially for multifunctional projects. If the user has to invite his relatives and friends to brainstorm how to change the password, the UX of the app is very doubtful. 

Try to organize information in the app and visualize its features in a way that doesn’t require mental efforts and offers users to enjoy the product regardless of their backgrounds.

Full-color trendy-looking screen, absence of distracting elements, intuitive button layout, and exceptionally ergonomic navigation: all these features bore unparalleled user experience. 

Three steps towards an amazing UI and UX 

  1. Professional research is a necessary step to understanding your prospective users. Based on their preferences, UI and UX is a key to the hearts of visitors as it reflects their desires and expectations. 
  2. In order to show you how your future product will look, the UI and UX designers usually deliver a pair of screens. These examples help you understand how the app feels, and what its appearance is. You can make some corrections if needed. 
  3. After that, the team can design the other screens in accordance with the accepted concept. That results in a clickable prototype. This is a complete visualization of your product, but without backend: necessary functionality to let your project work as a full-fledged solution. The prototype lets the real users test the realization and give feedback to correct the product’s shortcomings. If everything is OK, you can start building functionality in order to complete the product development. 

How much will it cost to design a top-notch UX?

Like any other type of work, creating UI and UX takes definite time and requires specific knowledge and skills. Highly qualified specialists before starting work on the project estimate the scope and complexity of required features. This factor determines the duration of work, and, respectively, its cost. 

For example, at Purrweb the minimum price for UI/UX design services starts from $3000. This applies to simple projects that can be implemented with the help of a couple of screens. As for multifunctional solutions with specific requirements to UI and UX, the price is individual. It reflects the scope of work in terms of time multiplied by specialists’ hourly rates. The highly qualified experts charge more, but they, as rule, work faster and with better results. That leads to a reduction of the budget for UI and UX without losses in quality. Another lifehack on how to optimize the UI and UX cost is to hire specialists with balanced hourly rates in terms of quality/price. The most expensive services are offered by US-located UI and UX designers. The Asian ones are attractive at the price, but the difference in culture and mentality can be sensitive for efficiency. Located in Eastern Europe, UI and UX design agencies offer the most competitive services: high quality at a price twice lower than in North America. Purrweb is among them. Being one of the best UI and UX consultancies, they offer professional help at affordable money even for lonely entrepreneurs. When you’re dealing with experienced designers, you can count on the results that enable the app to achieve business goals and make the visitors feel delighted.


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