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How to get a remote job?

Are you wondering how to get a remote job? and need a complete guide? then study the article till the end. Work...

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How to get a remote job ?

Are you wondering how to get a remote job? and need a complete guide? then study the article till the end.

Work from home is growing in popularity. The study discloses that thousands of masses are searching on how to get a remote job for the last decade. But these days the percentage of people willing to work remotely has surged because of the possibility of sickness generated by covid-19. Also, people are looking for opportunities to work remotely so they can have a flexible timetable and can spend more time with their families. Moreover, many companies are providing remote job opportunities to their workers due to the pandemic condition going on.

Best sites where one can find a remote job?

1. FlexJobs:

FlexJobs is the website specified for the remote job-research market. It provides service in a better, safer, easier, and faster way to find remote and flexible jobs. This site has classified into over 50 kinds of job categories that provide work from home opportunities to every single kind of profession. Moreover, it does not include any scam as the expert research team rigorously examines the jobs and it also gives guides and video courses to workers to enhance their skills.

2. PowerToFly:

PowerToFly is specially designed for women to help them earn while taking care of their kids. This platform provides flexibility to the pro workers who want to work from different locations. The aim of PowerToFly is to tide over female abilities in the tech industry. This also conducts a virtual job fair providing a platform where most of the recruiters and employees meet. Not only this but it also helps to build networking. Networking is an integral part that is key to growth.

3. We work remotely:

We work remotely is another platform where one could find a remote job. This site comes under the best website for remote jobs for the company as well as for the freelancer. To get a job, workers should have experience in remote work and should have few skills. A number of jobs for every profession are listed on we work remotely such as marketing, design, programming, customer support, etc.

4. Upwork:

Upwork is the worldwide remote job website. It is an independent market that brings together businesses to freelancers to work remotely. Further, Upwork offers workers to take the ability tests to measure their intelligence or skills and observe the outcome on the basis of which users can select proficient applicants. In addition, Upwork features jobs in various categories such as content writing, programming, web design, video editing, etc.

5. Freelancer: is the best website for those who desire to work as a freelancer. It links more than 44 million employers and freelancers universally. On one could even view jobs on the site without creating a profile, but you will require to sign up to communicate and collaborate with the employers. It covers almost all types of jobs including technical writing, internet marketing, data processing, etc.

6. Remote OK:

Remote OK is one of the popular online job sites that list down thousands of remote jobs and is updated daily. Jobs are listed on remote OK according to the type so it will not be difficult for you to find a job in your profession. You can filter your searches by type of job, based on experience, position level, etc. You can also sign up for daily, weekly, or monthly emails to see the newest job posting.

7. Fiverr:

Fiverr is one more freelance marketplace where one could find an abundance of remote opportunities. After creating an account on Fiverr you can create your “gig”- it is a rapid service or job that you provide to the buyers for $5 for instance graphic design, video animation, content writing, business planning, etc. However, creating your gig works as an advantage for you as you could show your talent here and gives the information to the buyers they need to know. After you get hired by a client and earned good ratings then you’ll receive the chance to get more jobs on Fiverr.

8. Working Nomads:

Working nomads is a remote job board that features a systematic list of telecommuting jobs from firms all over the world. These sites comprise online jobs of different categories like marketing, management, sales, and design, etc. The Tele jobs on this website include both temporary jobs as well as full-time jobs. Besides, you could also sign up for a daily email alert to get updated about new jobs. Unlike other job board sites, this website lists the jobs of small businesses. If you are really looking for ways to become a digital nomad then this working nomad website is for you.

9. Arc:

When you are a skilled developer and looking to earn some extra bucks by developing a website. There you go to the Arc website which provides a number of opportunities to developers across the world to get the work done. They not only provide remote gigs but will also help you to connect with others developers to help expand your knowledge and skills set. Moreover, they hold live meetings and help to develop some interview skills.

10. Angel List:

It is a specially designed app for startups, investors, and job seekers. This platform gives equal opportunity to help startups with fundraising without any charges. This allows more and more startups to work. Not only it provides funding but also helps new startups to recruit a fresh and creative workforce. This way it motivates new startups to grow.

11. Remote Tech Jobs:

If you’re looking for a job in tech, Remote Tech Jobs is one of your best bets. With over 30 tech job categories and thousands of recently published jobs, you’re bound to find a job you’re interested in. All jobs on Remote Tech Jobs get removed after 30 days, so you don’t have to worry about going through many old jobs that are no longer active.

The above-mentioned sites that list remote jobs require proficiency and skills in a particular job. One should have worked earlier as a remote worker. Without experience and skills, it will be difficult for you to get a job.

How to get a remote job without experience?

One could even work remotely without experience. There is an abundance of remote jobs available in the market for inexperienced such as proofreader, editor, freelancer, sales representative, data entry specialist, virtual assistant, project manager, customer service administrator, Tele-calling executive, digital marketing executive, and so on.

To gain some experience one could apply for an internship in the field they are interested in. In the period of your internship, you will get guidelines from your mentor or employer which will make you ready for the real jobs out there. To apply for a real-time internship is very intimidating. One needs to find and choose their interest out of different fields then apply to an internship to get hands-on experience with the related work. When you think that you have gained some knowledge then you could apply to relevant remote jobs by applying on the websites listed above.


My final words, don’t get disappointed while trying for remote jobs because these require a lot of patience. No one can get remote jobs in minutes. One needs to apply to the requirement as listed on the website. My suggestion would be to never lie or exaggerate your skills anyways. Most probably after applying to a number of jobs you will land a remote job in the field of your interest. By following the steps given, you will end up finding your gigs.


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