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Best tactics to write unique content for SEO

Define SEO? Search engine optimization. It is a way to bring in increased and quality web traffic. It is an optimization of...


Define SEO?

Search engine optimization. It is a way to bring in increased and quality web traffic. It is an optimization of your website, which means providing comprehensible content that web crawlers like Google can easily get.

It makes your website rank higher. People more often get your site at the top search as the result of their command. A higher rank means more visitors to your site which ultimately leads to more clicks.

White Hat Versus Black Hat SEO 

Professional SEO services can help your business website rank high in search engines. These SEO experts implement strategic SEO techniques depending on major search engines’ algorithms. In addition, good SEO agencies use white hat SEO strategies instead of black hat strategies. But what makes white hat SEO better than black hat SEO strategies? What SEO strategy should you apply to your business?  

White hat SEO refers to authentic and proper strategies to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), such as link building by writing valuable and interesting content for readers. These strategies draw organic or unpaid traffic (more site visitors) in using acceptable techniques such as keyword research, using accurate keywords, rewriting meta tags, and backlinking to valuable and relevant sites. 

Black hat SEO pertains to the practices against search engine guidelines. Black hat SEO aims to get a high site ranking in SERPs, whatever the means, such as unethical tactics. However, black hat SEO often results in a giant search engine’s website penalty. Examples of black hat SEO techniques include using private link networks, keyword stuffing, and cloaking (showing one content piece to users and a different content piece to search engines to rank for different terms).

Why it is considered so important?

Back in old days, people use to get knowledge and news from different sources be it newspaper or offline sources. These days search engines are well-known. They have changed the whole scenario by keeping an eye on how and what information people search for.

Most searches are done on Google on daily basis. To make your website reachable to as many users as it can your site has to rank higher in the first 2, 3 search results.

For instance, people searched for ethics of creative writing, which means they need a whole step-by-step guide. If your website is providing them a booklet of it, Google will send you leads that are ready to purchase your product. It will only happen if your site is in top positions.

Organic traffic like this will not only improve your web traffic or reputation rather it will increase your business revenue. This whole process is not a piece of cake, to rank your site for the most searched keywords demands-resources as well as time.

Once you are successful in doing so you will be having high quantity and quality web traffic. More web pages and their great quality SEO content will take your business to next level of growth. People consider SEO as one of the high-level Return On Investment kinds of marketing.

Ways in which SEO works: SEO is vital for bringing in quality and increased web traffic. It improves the visibility of your site which converts your expectations into customers and sales.

How to optimize your website?


We call keywords to those phrases or words that users type on search engines. You must be aware of the fact that keywords are very important to rank in top positions. To get your site featured on the first page you need to choose keywords very carefully.

You can use Google to search for specific keywords related to your content. Internet research will provide you with amazing options to grab the attention of the users or audience. Keywords selected by you should be one of them that could bring the targeted audience to your site.

You have many platforms to find keywords. Some are mentioned below:

  • KW finder
  • SEM Rush
  • Keyword Planner

After completing research on keywords, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Content and On-Page optimization:

Content is a very crucial part of your site and business. For the keywords you have chosen, go to Google and look for data on those specific keywords. Gather it, comprehend it and create your unique content.

Other than unique content, you must optimize your content by adding keywords to it. The way to it is to optimize your title tag and Meta description by including your keywords in it.

You have created your unique content now what? That’s it? No, how people will get to know about it? To make people aware of your site and content you need to promote it.

The number of inbound links helps search engines to decide the quality of a website to rank it in top positions. Links from other websites will show the search engine that people are getting what they want on your site and that you are providing them quality content. It will increase your trust in the audience as well as on search engines. Links from high-authority websites will have more influence than the small websites with less popularity.

User-friendly and optimization of conversion rate:

Search engines check regularly the user experience on your website. You should optimize your website for a better experience for your users and audience. Your website should be easy to use as well as should load quickly so that users won’t get offended. If your site takes longer to load users will leave it and that would be very harmful to the ranking of your site.

Why Content is so important?

Content is a building block, it builds a relationship of trust between you and your audience. It answers the queries of the people. If they are provided with unique content, it can increase conversions, customers, and leads. Comprehensible, original, and valuable content will make sure that people are going to have some perceptions about your setup or business. Distinctive content is going to show you as an expert what you are doing.

What are the best tactics to write unique content for SEO?

There are plenty of things to keep in mind and to utilize for creating exclusive content for your audience.

1. Keep in mind your targeted audience:

For creating content that would serve the audience perfectly you should understand what they are looking for and who they are. By understanding the need of the people you will be able to produce content that would grab their attention. It will also help you find keywords.

unique content for SEO

You must have heard Ideal Client Avatar (ICA), it is the thing people keep in mind while writing content. The ultimate goal is to concentrate on the favorable attributes of the best customer. Also, the goal is to develop a marketing persona that will serve as your ICA.

How to know the ideal client avatar?

  • Carry out the avatar study. Avatar here is the target market and target audience.
  • Recognize the struggling points of the client’s avatar.
  • Find out where your ideal customer avatar is spending more time online.
  • Keep yourself updated on the changing points of your avatar like their needs, questions, moods, and behaviors.

2. Outline your head before putting that into words:

The best way to write powerful, strong, and valuable content you need to make a map of ideas in your head. Due to this brainstorming, your content will be having all major points and every essential element for SEO.

Keep in mind some questions before writing content.

  • What is your target market?
  • What’s the thought behind your business?
  • What do you want your content to communicate?
  • Which keywords will be part of it?

3. Hire an expert:

Maybe in earlier day people were not much into quality material but today they hunt for quality content. Value has different meanings for different people but is most important in marketing.

unique content for SEO

In marketing, value is called when your content can answer the questions of your audience. The writing expert can hit the exact point. You can hire a nutritionist to write on a topic related to nutrition, a lawyer to write content on law, etc. What they can provide cannot match the content written by someone not an expert in that field.

Any content written by a person who is not aware of that specific niche will miss some main points and keywords. This will make your content unimpressive which means fewer clicks and less audience. Hiring a Pro is the best idea to have great content to post on your site.

4. Try 3 R’s:

These 3 R’s are best for reaching out vast and extensive audience. These R’s will help you promote your content and business on multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, so on and so forth.

  • Reduce
  • Re-purpose
  • Re-cycle


Lengthy content is not impressive on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people mostly skip extensive writings there. To promote your material on these sites you need to concise your content without halting the original thought and meaning.

Small chunks of your content will bring more audience and more clicks. They will easily get the concept.


You are not supposed to write content every time from scratch. You can utilize the same old outline you used for a post on your site to make a YouTube or an IGTV and vice versa.

unique content for SEO

You can convert your written content into infographics, guides by combining many posts of the same niche, you can create case studies, and also make tweets out of it by repurposing the content. You can reverse the whole process and convert all these things into well-written content for SEO. 


Recycle is a method to rehash your old content to make it new. Reword or rephrase your content for a new audience. Add some new information into an old post and rephrase it by using paraphrasing tools. These tools provide you unique content within seconds and with accuracy.

One of the most used paraphrasers is Quillbot and Paraphraser.

unique content for SEO

Link to this website: https://www.paraphraser.io/

These paraphrasers allow you to choose the model you want your content in. You can even change the synonyms further by clicking the highlighted or underlined words. These tools will help you create great content for SEO.

5. Use optimization tools:

Make use of the content optimization tools available online. These tools include SEO small tools, Hemingway Editor and Grammarly, etc. These tools will make it certain that your content is comprehensible, engaging, and user-friendly.

Further tools like Surfer SEO, Page Optimizer Pro, Clearscope, and Text Tools will certify that your content is well optimized and has a good number of keywords.

Written by Fareed Mikaal
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