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How To Get Your Killer Content Out 2x Faster?

Do you ever feel like your content is just not good enough? Are you always struggling to find ideas for blog posts?...

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Do you ever feel like your content is just not good enough? Are you always struggling to find ideas for blog posts? Do you spend hours each week trying to come up with a great topic and then have trouble writing the post itself? You’re not alone. 70% of people struggle with creating quality content.

We all know that writing original content can be extremely tedious if you don’t have the necessary skills. In that case, you may get your content creation tasks done at an affordable cost by a freelancer or a professional agency like Writeliff. Otherwise, you would need to do it yourself. Don’t worry, we got your back!

In this post, I’ll show you how to write up great content 2x faster and with minimal effort.

Get your killer content out 2x faster

Step #1: Know your audience

The first step to getting your content out faster is knowing who you’re writing for. This will help you create the perfect template that captures your readers’ attention from start to finish. It will give you an outline for what your structure could look like and also help with any fear of writer’s block! For example, if I’m an author trying to build my email list with blog subscribers, then a lead magnet giveaway could be a great incentive to capture the interest of your audience.

If you’re struggling to keep up with content demands, it may be worth considering how much time is needed for your killer blog posts or other textual content. You should assign a number of words before you start writing and then stop when the count has been reached. This will allow you to get out 2 articles in the same amount of time.

*Pro tip: Include a personal touch in order to create an emotional connection between yourself and your reader

Step #2: Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorming creative content ideas can help you find the right topic for your article and also what to include in the content. Sometimes it’s best to start with an idea that interests you and then build on this foundation by including other research or brainstorming new topics as well.

Out of ideas? Check out these sources to find content inspiration:

– Google Trends and News

– Your own blog archives

– Quote pages, meme images, or crowdsourced content on Reddit

– Popular hashtags on social media

Step #3: Choose main points

Set out the key points you want to cover in your composition. Your main points should be at least three sentences. Learn how to choose your main points and an appropriate writing pattern.

Steps to choose main points

– State a problem or issue.

– Explain the main points you want to cover and why they are important.

– List at least three essential steps that will solve this problem or help with these issues. Here is an example of what your list might look like:

“Main points:

– How to write a killer blog post in less time and effort with templates, checklists, and content tips

– The importance of collaborating on your blog posts for increased productivity – What you can do when you’re out of ideas or need inspiration for new topics”

Step #4: Draft an outline

Now you need to convert your ideas into headings and subheadings. These should be precise enough that they help you develop a topic sentence for each section of the outline. They can be based on ideas, categories of the points you drafted in step #3. This technique will help you take your post off the top.

– The first step is to create an outline with at least three main headings: Introduction – Main Points – Conclusion

– It’s crucial to have a good introduction that will hook readers and make them want to continue reading the blog post. The intro should be around 200 words long, which is about half of what most bloggers write for their average posts. The intro sets the tone for your article so it has to be engaging enough.

– Once you’ve got the attention of your readers with an interesting opening, then you can start talking about topics in more detail under each main point headings.

– You’ll also need one concluding paragraph where you summarize all major points made throughout the body of the content. You might include numbers and statistics if applicable. This final section will be the last thing your audience reads before they decide to take any action.

– Make sure you have a call to action in this final paragraph, like “click here” or “sign up now.”

– You can also incorporate links throughout the content so that readers know exactly where to go if they want more information on one of the topics.


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Written by Hassan Khattab
Works for a web Translation agency and writes about Tech and SEO and content writing.

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