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How to Increase Conversion Rate on Your Website?

Your website is worthless if it is unable to attract your audiences. Despite that, if your audiences don’t get converted into customers,...

Increase Conversion Rate

Your website is worthless if it is unable to attract your audiences. Despite that, if your audiences don’t get converted into customers, subscribers, buyers, leads, etc then your business will not be able to reach your destination. If you want to business from your website, you must find ways to increase Conversion rate.

In simple, if your customers are not performing any action, your business will be motionless thus you will not be able to grow your business sales at all.

Your customers play an important role in every type of business, does not matter if you are running an online store, digital agency, studio agency, etc the customers are vital.

If you have 100 visitors, that means you can only expect to have 2 customers. Thus, it’s a good conversion rate. Most of the website has less than 0.2% of conversion rate although, it requires 1000 visitors to get only 1 customer.

Fortunately, there are many strategies that can be used to enhance the conversion rate of your website. With the best strategy, you can target more clients which will ultimately help you to reach your goals.

In case if you are wondering how to increase conversion rate with a few proven tricks and tips then this article will help you out.

Tricks to improve conversions of your website to get more customers towards your website

  • On your website add popups.
  • Delete unwanted form fields.
  • Add reviews, logo, and testimonials.
  • Eliminate distractions.
  • The first steps should be very easy to understand.
  • Third-party signup services should be added.
  • Choose professional WordPress themes.
  • Add CTA.
  • On your website add a live chat button.
  • Add offers and discounts.
  • Provide a money-back guarantee.
  • A countdown timer should be included.

These tricks will help your business to grow online. But all tricks will work for all kinds of businesses. Every business has a different set of values and different goals that also can be considered as a conversion point.

You will have to find your customers and what type of information they are looking for. For example, some people would love to get a popup notification to get connected with you but some of them will feel like it is annoying and irritating.

If you are looking for some other tricks to grow your business then you can add a heat map plugin on your website.

Aurora Heatmap

It is a heatmap WordPress plugin which provides countless of required data. This plugin will tell you that at which page your visitors are performing an action i.e. mouse clicks. You can also find out whether your website pages are capable of attracting your customer’s attention or not.

With a beautiful heatmap, it will provide visualizations of your user behavior. It is lightweight which is the best feature for SEO. The features of Aurora Heatmaps are no setting and no coding. This means to work with this plugin you do not need to have the technical expertise nor need to do any settings.

In a few clicks, you will be able to install and activate the plugin. You won’t be asked for user registration or setup. As a default, it will be work with most of the professional WordPress themes.

With the help of its free version, you will be able to check the click heat map of mobile phones and personal computers. For countless websites, you can use this plugin.


More conversion rate means you are on the right track and you are following the right marketing strategy.

Because the conversion rate plays an important role in enhancing your business presence and sales so you should really focus more on every individual tip that can be used to enhance conversions rate. Even a small effort can make a huge difference so be careful.


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Written by Ava Brooks
Ava Brooks is a research specialist in a content agency. She is an avid traveller, a blogger, a tech-savvy and a social worker.

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  1. Hi Ava Brooks !,

    Many thanks for your valuable content. You are an inspiration with your hard work. It will help peoples to increase websites conversion rate.

    Keep up the awesome work and know that you’re appreciated!


  2. Totally agree it’s very important to convert leads into a customer. Conversion rate plays a major role in every business. I will definitely apply these tricks on my website. Thank you!

  3. Hi Ava, I think getting rid of distractions is the best thing you can do to help your conversions. If you have too many pop-ups and choices for users to click on – they will go elsewhere. Thanks for the tips here!

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