How to organize a virtual conference?

How to organize a virtual conference?

In this corona pandemic, every company’s workplace, and educational institution are finding other platforms to organize a virtual conference to discuss, teach, or clear their doubts in the virtual meet. Actually, good communication is the key to success for every good organization. Every organization makes a home for good profits and earnings. Thus, having a good communication system is a vital part of every organization. In the lockdown situation, where offices are shut and organizations need to conduct their work at regular intervals, they organizing their virtual meetings on zoom, google meet for uninterrupted communication.

Basically, the question arises what is the virtual conference?

What is the virtual conference?

The gathering of all the employees and interacting with the help of a digital platform through zoom ar google meet. It is a type of meeting on the internet but rather than being physically present in the meeting, you attend it from the digital platform. It allows you to host a business meeting, a global conference, a trade show, work, teaching, or anything. Moreover, organize a virtual conference is a lot easier and cheaper than conducting a physical meet. The more there is advancement in technology the more use of digital means to meet or to conduct meetings. Actually, digitalization has led to a revolutionary path to organize virtual conferences. And this latest pandemic has acted like adding fuel to the fire.

Now, there are two approaches to conduct these virtual meets synchronous and asynchronous approaches.

The synchronous approach means you could use pre-recorded videos in the line to convey your messages to virtual attendees. Usually, these types of meetings are used when the hosts are not tech-savvy. The host could play it safe by pre-recording their videos. These types of meetings could go well in educational lines. One could upload their pre-recorded video lectures or anything they want to convey. This approach is hassle-free and gives you an organized approach.

Whereas, on the other hand, we have an asynchronous approach which, means you are going live while organizing a virtual conference. This type of approach needs more knowledge about technology and digital platform. A person should be capable of handling any technical glitches occurring during the virtual meets. Well, you could also mix both approaches while conducting a virtual meet.

Steps to conduct a virtual meet:

In the beginning, you have to handle the process of registering the participants who want to attend your virtual conference. Once, you have decided which app or platform you are using to organize a virtual conference. You could state your condition beforehand on who should be attending your virtual meet. you could even attach a form of what information you require to proceed with the virtual meet. You also need to tell if they had to pay any kind of fees before attending.

On which platform you should be conducting your virtual conference?

Fortunately, there are a number of free platforms where you live-stream your conference. You could even use any social media application such as Instagram, Linkedin, or could try google meet or the zoom app to start. Once, you are done with the registration process and eligibility criteria you could start deciding which platform is the best to organize a virtual conference. Actually, it depends on which type of meeting or conference you having is purely professional, or based on providing education. It totally depends on the host that, which platform suits the situation most. The added advantage is you could join these events from the ease of your home or anywhere. There is just one condition that is access to the internet.

Conveying your message

The main moto to conduct this virtual meet is to deliver your message. While organizing a virtual conference, you should take care that the main agenda of this meet doesn’t get interrupted. To get started, you could even ask your audience to mute themselves from any unwanted interruptions. The host could prepare any presentation in a way to better convey or deliver their message. One could prepare some intro slides or could also cover the topic for why the meet is conducted. One piece of advice that I would personally give is to prepare your presentations beforehand for yourself to avoid any last-minute hassle. The audience of your meet should be given time to get their doubts clear if they don’t understand anything in their session. This will be easier for the audience to understand what clearly the host wants to convey.

Video and sound quality should be good

If you are going to hold an asynchronous approach towards organizing a virtual conference. Then the pre-recorded video should have a good video quality for best understanding. Especially, for those recorded videos which include a presentation and numerical values in it. This would be an added advantage for the company to prepare some slides for a better understanding and that should be recorded in crystal clear video. If also the meet is synchronous meet, then mere stress should be given to the videos and sound quality which should be perfect for a successful virtual meet.

As per the video quality is concerned, there are more factors that should be given priority upon. Like anticipating the number of attendees, noise, lighting while considering the video quality as it can triple your business productivity.


Actually, hosting a virtual meet is beneficial for all those people who cannot physically be present in the meeting. This enables to resolve distance issues occurring to the conduct of an actual meeting. Thus, in this pandemic situation, it is the best way of communication that any company should have. This is the best means to safeguard all the employees and attendees from the coronavirus.

I hope that you find the article useful to you. If you have any questions or queries, please let us know via the comments section. And we will try to help you in all possible ways.


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