What are the functions of the link in bio tools?

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Many SMM specialists, e-commerce, and marketing experts emphasize the importance of proper brand and company presentations in social media. The more conceptually vivid, comprehensible, and complete the image of the brand is on its Instagram page, the better are the rates of communication with the potential audience. To omit the limitations of Instagram, where you can paste only one link in the bio part, many services which we now call link-in-bio tools appeared to make our self-presentation more productive. These tools give us a possibility to insert all the necessary links dedicated to our business in the bio on Instagram, so our audience won’t miss a chance to find the most relevant, and comfortable way of contacting us. In this way, first of all, link in bio tools organize all the provided URLs into a well-looking system of touch-points for different purposes. Now we are going to analyze the main functions of the link in bio tools. But before it, to get the general clue on how they work, and what opportunities they provide, click to linkpeak.

Here are the examples of what you can do using the abovementioned tools on your Instagram page:

1) Invite people to your website, YouTube channel, or podcast

Live videos, videos in feed, and multiple picture-based posts are very important for the development of a highly effective Instagram page. But we also want this page to help us optimize our business, and get our audience to involve in commercial relations with our business. So, to provide the audience with more ways to know us better, we can insert the links of our corporate site into the bio with the help of multi-link tools. On the outer hand, we should remember that our audience can be too busy to read our posts. So, for those followers, who travel a lot or commute, and feel much comfortable with the audio information, insert the link of your podcast. Millennials have got used to visual presentations, short thematic films, and so on. So, to make the link collection complete, add the address of your YouTube channel. So, as a conclusion, link in bio tools can help an entrepreneur lead her Instagram page to a new level, and make the audience know her better by leading them to more customized and personalized information on her site.

2) Draw attention to a new product/service

If you are planning to launch a new product, and want it to be easily found during the presentation phase, there’s nothing more effective and engaging than adding the link to its presentation into your bio on Instagram. When we take into account the fact that many companies have very big corporate sites with many product categories and a very fast-changing home page, it’s difficult to keep the attention of the audience to the new products they launch, as sometimes a person must click on many forwarding links on the site, or use product filters to reach the mentioned product. And, in this case, we mean the active clients who have already entered the funnel, as they have been looking for a product of this type. What to do with those who haven’t realized there is such a product ad they need it? For these cases, adding the link of the product presentation to the bio part as a separate one, is highly effective. Don’t lose this chance to engage your potential clients in the new arrivals.

3) Send people to your popular posts

Some posts in your blog on Instagram, which are extremely important for the brand promotion, or so-called cornerstone articles on your site, must be kept in the easy reach of the audience not to get lost among inter important, but more casual pieces of information. To do it, you can easily add the link of those articles to the bio. You can also insert the link of one of your feed posts there to generate additional traffic to your Instagram page. A valuable content, in combination with professionally chosen hashtags, and easily reachable post links can attract a lot of non-followers who represent the group of your potential clients. So, link in bio tools is very effective for boosting the number of your audience and highlighting your main concept.

4) Sales, sales, sales

Before holidays, special occasions, and important days in the calendar, many buyers are looking for special offers from their favorite brands. To keep your existing clients satisfied, don’t only design the sales page in advance, but be the first one among your competitors to get your clients to know you are planning a big sale. Add the related link to your Instagram bio, you’ll be surprised how effective it is and how fruitful it can make your marketing campaign. Be sure, many of your followers are now checking your bio to understand whether you are planning to introduce a new sales campaign now. Everybody loves discounts, and your clients are not the exception.

5) Giveaways and surveys promotion

Nowadays, Instagram-based promotion campaigns are also very popular, so posting the link of your competition or giveaway with the help of link-in-bio tools can be very effective too. The main idea of these tools is often to change the nature of the post, from temporary to permanent. For those bloggers who produce content with a high frequency, it is always a real challenge to maintain the attention of the audience toward something really important. So the additional link of your giveaway in the bio will certainly make it more visible and attract more participants who are eager to take part. The same is about the pages that collect information on different social issues. For example, you need to carry out a survey which is important for your business, but you need more than 24 hours to collect a necessary volume of data, so a survey in Stories which will disappear soon is not an option for you. In this case, you can create the survey form in the Google document or on a specific page of your site and get a lot of visitors and active participants through the link in bio and the related tools.


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