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List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites for 2024

When I’m was a beginner and started blogging and I saw the word backlinks, which still makes me feel nervous it is...

Blog Commenting Sites

When I’m was a beginner and started blogging and I saw the word backlinks, which still makes me feel nervous it is hard to create backlinks but the only thing that comes into my mind is that it is difficult to find a way to make links through other methods. Or How can I make a backlink through other methods? But I found out that it is possible to make backlinks using the blog commenting sites and that is with ease.

The things in SEO are really changing and have also been changed in 2024 and the competition is really tough and going to a high level. Google bots have become smarter than before, but the blog commenting did not lose its importance. Although, We are not sure that we are going to get Nofollow links or Dofollow links.

In the words of a common man, blogging is a way of interacting with your article about a certain perspective of some subject. One of the basic methods bloggers can communicate with their articles is through a comment.

Today we bring you a list of over 100+ high-quality blogs (We have collected a list of high DA Blog Commenting Sites) which you can use to comment.

List of blog commenting sites (With High DA)

Why do you comment on the blogs?

Blog comments may seem or felt silly in the beginning, but it has filled with benefits. It helps in many ways.

Some advantages of a blog commenting.

Connect with readers: Every reader plays a major role in your blog. Without them, your blog is online just like a page with some text. So it’s necessary to connect with them.

So, can you please your readers?

This can only be done by answering their comments. Its help to makes them feel specific.

Connect with influencers: Your blog is important to keep ahead of those affected by the rough. Not because of the links. They can help you reach new goals and develop your blog. If you are a beginner it can really help you.

Referral Traffic: Blog comments can drive many visitors to your blog. Maybe they are few, but if you take blog commenting seriously it might be possible that you get good referral traffic.

Can Give a boost: If you have a new site and you want to boost your traffic then blog commenting sites can help you reach your goal a little easy. Although this may not give you any Dofollow links, But still it is very helpful.

How to write a perfect comment?

The first thing you need to do, to find the person or niche who accept blog comments on their blogs. Do not ignore the relevance, because relevance is very crucial. we have collected some high-ranking blog list with their Domain Authority. so, That you can do blog commenting there.

How to make comments on the blogs?

First of all, you need to create an account on Gravatar. And it’s free of cost. And they will show you your Profile ( Home Page) where you need to use an email for creating an account on Gravatar.

Make sure that the Domain Authority of the blog is greater than 30 plus. There is no rule to choose high or low Domain Authority, but one high inflation (DA) has its own advantages. Mozbar is also available to check the Domain Authority of the sites. Below is the Domain Authority for each blog for your reference.


How to increase the domain authority of your blog or website?

  • Avoid commenting on those blogs which do not provide links option in the comment section, even avoid facebook and other low third-party commenting systems. Even you will not get back any link, but you are also going to miss some referral traffic. People impartible them to avoid spam.
  • Avoid spam comments that have on blogs.
  • Although I mentioned a lot of blog for commenting, you can either find them using a simple search on Google.
  • After you’ve got a good blog to comment on, choose a post from the comment. Make sure you read the blog post first once you make a comment on it.
  • Don’t try to post a common comment. Like, great article, good job, fantastic, nice job, etc. Because like of those comments never give single benefits. Although, I suggest you give a read to how to get your comments approved.
  • Do not use any keyword instead of the place of your name.
  • Try to link your homepage as well as your posts.
  • It is not very necessary to put your homepage in a website box. You can always put a new post or a link to a landing page.


List of CommentLuv blogs to get Dofollow links.

Follow a few steps while Blog Commenting.

Friends, whenever you are going to comments, so make sure that your comments words be around near 100. Or if it’s possible to try to highlight the content.

While commenting asking a question is a good practice. In this way, it helps to be different from the crowd for your comments.

While blog comment, you can link to your website home or internal page.


Regarding the blog Commenting sites list with high Domain Authority for 2024.

Utilize the given list whenever you want to do blog commenting. Remember to comment relevantly and usefully. If you notice some missing quality websites to added in the list, do let us know for us to add it up.

List of the websites about blogging, Social Media, Internet Marketing, and Marketing

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List of Lifestyle Blogs for doing Blogs Commenting

S. NoWebsiteDomain Authority

List of Travel Blogs where you can comment

S. NoWebsiteDomain Authority

List of Technology Blogs for doing Blog Commenting

S. NoWebsiteDomain Authority

List of Health & Fitness Blogs

S. NoWebsiteDomain Authority

List of Blogs for Finance

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List of web hosting blogs

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Final Words

If you want your website or blog to be added to this list. then, please your website in the comment and we will update your website as soon as possible.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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