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Main Reasons Why Webmasters Migrate To Another Hosting

Although, Companies say that their hosting is great and compelling and the probability that one can come across a better choice for...

Main Reasons Why Webmasters Migrate To Another Hosting

Although, Companies say that their hosting is great and compelling and the probability that one can come across a better choice for hosting provider is that they can cope up with all of your needs. 

It is really interesting to come across a thought that web hosting can offer the best quality experience, but it is not always so. No duo of hosting services can be one and the same. They differ from each other as which means some may have a positive view of one hosting service type while the experience of the other of the same kind of hosting service may be contrasting from that individual. This makes it important for anyone to know why webmasters switch from one hosting service to another type of hosting.

1. The loading time of the site may be slow:

If in any case, the loading time of a site is more than 2 seconds then it is time to switch the hosting service. As if a site takes just less than a second to load up, the site is sure to witness an abundance of traffic. That can be either a reason for dense or thin traffic on a website. Too slow websites can affect the traffic as well as conversion rates. Below are additional reasons for host change

  • Inappropriate server settings.
  • Multiple users at the same time on the same server.
  • Absence of tactically placed data.

2. There’s a higher chance of you being stuck with a slow control panel.

The second reason for switching the hosting services can be mainly due to the WordPress sites are commonly used as a prime medium to interact with the site created. That means whether it is just adding up an image or including a complete drop-down of options, you will be needing the dashboard. Just in case if the website is poorly configured, there’s a chance that it may be impacting the whole WordPress dashboard as a whole. And for a company that has a website to run on which the whole business depends it is important to have a quick site so to sustain the traffic. Therefore, it is very much important to have a WordPress dashboard that is very snappy while giving maximum productivity as well as saving one’s time as well as effort.

3. Frequent downtime is impacting the website’s growth on a noticeable scale.

In the greed of creating a strong cliché, we all know time is precious and every passing moment the site spends without earning is a loss for sure. When hosting, any time when the site has gone down to visitors means downtime.

The problem that is caused due to frequent downtime can be as follows:

  • Creates a downfall in the visitor counts.
  • The potential prospects who could be customers are lost, losing conversions as well.
  • A site which is not accessible gives a bad impression.

Luckily, the majority of the web hosts of today’s era are brilliant and slicing the overall downtime. Most of the sites today have a greater uptime of 99.99%

4. Premium hosting can be a major impact on the forecasted budget in negative terms

All credits to WordPress familiarity with being compatible with the majority of the web hosts provide sound-designed tactics at an unbelievable cost. In practical terms, it means a user can hope for the best performance even in the case of opting for a cheap plan of say USD 5 to 10 per month. 

No doubt a higher plan will offer more features than the basic plans offered. But it is advisable to go for a lower rental plan as it offers. 

  • Great sum saved over a period of time.
  • If a plan is pricey, it doesn’t mean it has to be more beneficial.
  • Sometimes the advanced plan is needed than the plans which come at a premium price tag.

5. Shifting your website is comparably simpler than what most have a perception about moving a site.

Some of the major reasons that encourage people not to shift hosting servers are that they have thought that it is too complicated and something to stay away from. Although, creating a site right from the beginning is difficult. Hence people have the perception of moving a site from one host to another appears to be difficult to one and all.

Luckily, that’s not the reason, there can be a number of good reasons so the site could be moved to another hosting server.

  • Helpful plugins are available to ease the process.
  • About a dozen or more hosting servers will help in shifting the site at no cost at all.
  • In some cases, there can be really a need to switch between hosting servers.

There are plenty of good hosting providers. My personal favorite by price-quality value is Hostinger, you can read expert and user reviews about it here.


For the success of a site, it is necessary to opt for a hosting server that may be needing to switch. So, in the event of you being satisfied with your present hosting providers, it does not at all mean that you need to stick to it for a lifetime.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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