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Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Win the Competition with eCommerce Store

Getting succeeded with an e-Commerce store is challenging as the competition is too high to beat comfortably. Don’t lose hope. I’m going...

Competition with eCommerce Store

Getting succeeded with an e-Commerce store is challenging as the competition is too high to beat comfortably. Don’t lose hope. I’m going to give you the tips that work for others and will definitely work for you. If you haven’t started yet, follow this WooCommerce tutorial to learn the process in detail and step-by-step.

1. Share more contents

As you have heard of an adage “content is king” and it has the same implication on an eCommerce website, as well. Writing blog posts is a great way to load your website with content. In that case, never compromise with the quality, first of all. And then, write for your users. Search engines love what users prefer. But, it’s not enough to write only your site. Step out and appear on social media with unique and engaging posts. Besides sharing content from your blog, plan out content for social media alone. It will help you get an individual identity over social channels. Above all, get featured on other blogs with sponsored content and featured posts.

2. Find out what works best for you

When fixing a strategy for your eCommerce store, be open-minded. You have to initiate changes to it whenever needed. Every business is different. That’s why you shouldn’t follow a ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy for your site. What strategies work for others might not work for you. Try with various plans before determining a particular model. Facebook ads work best for many organizations, while others get benefits from offering special packages to Facebook groups. Interestingly, a lot of companies did very well in getting traffic from Pinterest. In your case, it might be best to start with the email campaign. The thing is you never know until you tried.

3. Leverage promotion on packaging

Have you ever seen the Zappos’ packages? They’re amazing along with their name printed very well, which surely deserves attention. Now, come to the takeaway. Print your company name and website address on every package you deliver. Wherever your customers put it, there’s a big chance many people would see it. Friends when visiting his house, neighbors when the package arrives and is kept near the staircase, and other ways during delivery can notice the name. Not only that, millennials love to share exciting things on social media. So, they might upload pictures of newly bought shoes or t-shirts with the packages placed next to the products. People might know your name from there.

4. Build a robust content marketing strategy

To get the most out of the content, you need first to establish a content marketing strategy. If you can do that you can get more things done and achieve higher goals. Jot down the plan on how you want to approach your customers: writing blog posts, getting featured on other sites, video promotion, and so on. Based on your approaches, now make a comprehensive plan where you’ll set a date for what to publish and which day. And that’s not enough. Monitor the resulting weekly or monthly to figure out what works fine and whatnot. If you have a dedicated team for the content, then keep the content creation and content marketing team separated.

5. Engage users with your journey

Let’s not move alone. Involve your customers with you. The more you can encircle them to your business, the more profit you will receive. In many ways, you can do that. Keep an option to write reviews on your product pages and add a comment section. Whenever a user asks a question, reply to it. Run a survey on your site and get feedback from users. Based on that data, you can create an informative post comfortably. Moreover, offer contests occasionally with a lucrative prize so that users love to engage with your site and products. Especially, encourage them to share on social media. It might be a goal achieved with a hashtag suggested by you.

6. Offer something extra

When everyone is following the same tricks, it’s you who try to stand out and grab the best attention from your audience. Follow the basic principles (meaning, do what others are doing.) Then, excel your strategy by implementing a one-of-it’s-kind technique. Let me give you an example. Shopify is known for its robust eCommerce platform. Beyond their core service, they have a service name Hatchful which allows people to build logos and brand assets. And, of course, it’s free! If you can introduce an exclusive service, it will help you build a strong identity to place you ahead of time. If you can’t make that happen, you can at least produce a free buying guide.

7. Never compromise with the basic

While you’re concerned about offering extra services, don’t forget the fundamentals. You can’t win customer’s hearts with amenities while you’re lagging behind providing the essential facilities. Make sure you’re providing faster delivery. Within a specific region or for some products, you may offer free shipping. Also, it’s vital to deliver what you displayed in your store. If somehow customers find it’s not what you presented the trust will be at stake, and you have to pay for it big time. Furthermore, adding multiple payment options, keeping product variations, and writing clear descriptions also fall into the requirements.

8. Start a YouTube channel

Of course, you have tons of marketing ideas, and yet I have mentioned YouTube separately. First of all, YouTube can be a standalone platform for you that brings you traffic and sales. Beyond your website, you can establish a channel there to build an audience that everyone else is missing. Brightside, 9gag, and myriad other companies can be an excellent example of that. Next, you may ask what to do on a video platform? Actually, a lot. By making how-to videos, you can attract many people and convert them into your customers. Besides your original videos, you can ask customers to give a video review and then combine them in a single file and promote.

9. Maintain the clean-slate for no-penalty with search engines

Don’t forget that the search engines are watching your site. If they see you’re not following the best practices they recommended, your site won’t appear on result pages. However, keeping the site up-to-the-mark of what Google suggests will help you put it on the safe side. Furthermore, the chance of appearing on SERPs will also increase. So, don’t add duplicate content, first and foremost. Avoid keyword stuffing, getting irrelevant and low-quality links, and other things that Google forbids you to do. Instead employ the best SEO practices, like on-page optimization and healthy link building.

10. Don’t overlook [and overuse] email marketing

Among all forms of marketing, email communication has a personal touch that connects an individual customer directly. While you send messages for all people through other mediums, emails set one user apart from others. To get the most out of this method, you need to build a robust email marketing strategy. First, add a subscription option on your website to collect email addresses from people. Then, plan what to send them and how often. You can send curated blog posts, buying guides, special discounts, coupons, and bundle offers. Finally, you can set campaigns over the year with a different time slot. Otherwise, sending emails weekly or monthly won’t irritate your users.

Final words

I hope this article will help you achieve a more significant conversion from your online shop. Always keep your mind open so that you can infuse more tricks whenever possible. While applying the tips mentioned above, don’t forget to observe how each action performs. If it works excellently, then repeat it otherwise replace it with other effective techniques. There’s always room for improvement.


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Written by Sadiq Ahmad
Sadiq Ahmad is a writer and marketer and WP Manage Ninja -- a startup that builds WordPress plugins. Along with seven-year-long writing experience, Sadiq is also an expert on SEO and digital marketing. He loves to educate his readers with fun no matter how dull a topic is. Meeting new people and connecting with them is a great trait of this friendly fella.

3 Replies to “Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Win the Competition with eCommerce Store”

  1. Great tips! There is a lot of competition in the market and you need to get ready for the battle. This article offers very helpful tips for a beginner like me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sadiq,
    I am practicing in this field and I have found lots more articles and blogs for on multiple topics. About this post I am really happy that you have discussed those points for eCommerce that would help me in upcoming task to me . Noted all of it. Thanks!

  3. Hi Sadiq,

    There’s competition everywhere, whether it is online or offline. Shops, Academic Institutes etc,. And according to this trend, no offline market could beat an online market.

    It is obvious why people are choosing the online market over offline. Because online is much more convenient and cheaper (mostly), saves time and energy.

    Thanks for sharing the tips and tricks to win the competition with an e-commerce store.

    Jeangam Kahmei

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