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8 Common Mistakes In Logo Design

Logo indeed is the easiest way to promote your company, and it is something by which a company is recognized in the...

mistakes in logo design

Logo indeed is the easiest way to promote your company, and it is something by which a company is recognized in the market. It also plays an important role in order to differentiate a company from others. Every Logo Design Agency knows the significance of professional logo design to any company whether it is large or small. But today we will talk about the common mistakes in logo design.

It does not matter how good the products or the services are, but if the logo is not attractive and catchy enough, then it is hard to attract customers. Moreover, not only ‘good looking’ logo is enough, but also the logo has to communicate the message of the company or the products to the customers.

Below, we go through 8 common mistakes in logo design that you should avoid in your company’s logo to make it successful.

1. Copying or using other company’s logo

Using someone else’s logo is not only morally or ethically wrong, but also it has legal consequences. For instance, the logo is the trademark of a company, and it is the intellectual property of that company.

Also, the main purpose of the logo is to represent your business, but if your logo looks like someone else’s logo, it has failed in this regard. So do not ever copy anyone’s logo for your company.

2. Typographic mistakes

This type of silly and fundamental is never acceptable at any stage in a company’s logo. Typography is one of the important aspects when it comes to logos, and it includes unnecessary spacing, selection of appropriate font, and using too many fonts in a single logo.

Unnecessary spacing can change the meaning of the design and using too many fonts make it looks like chaos. It is very important to choose fonts very carefully that make a meaning full and decent logo.

3. Using offensive or discriminatory words

In this world of competition, you cannot make everyone happy, but you can try that your design is not that bold or offensive that is hurts someone at least intentionally. Logos are something on which you can rely that it can attract the customer.

During designing the logo, choose carefully the shape, color, fonts, and the content of your design so that it cannot harm anyone’s sentiment.

4. Too small content for the customers

Readability is one of the major aspects of the logo for your business. You might work on a design for a long time putting lots of effort into making the design, but all are waste if it is not readable to the audience. Never, use too small or hidden content in your design. It will affect the targeted audience for which you are making the design.

The same goes for the graphic also, always use enough size that can be readable with a naked eye of the audience.

5. Relying on the colors for the effect

This is the most common mistake that a designer commits at the time of making the design. Some designer completely relies on the colors for their design but color should be the last choice for any designer. Beginning the work with black and white is best for any design.

Display the logo in only one color at a time should generate more attention of the audience and it looks uniform than displaying in several colors.

6. Making content complex

Have you ever seen that complexity creates chaos? Indeed excess complexity makes your logo design unattractive or a mess. Try to be simple and focus on what you want to deliver to the audience. Furthermore, a complex content when printed in small loses its details and sometimes it looks worse.

7. Bad software usage

This is the key mistake that designers usually do. Due to the availability of lots of software as well as webpages sometimes confusion occurs and designer uses bad designer software which results in a bad quality of the logo. Using bad quality software also decreases the pixel of the logo, which makes the logo blur.

8. Logo files are not scalable

It is the designer’s worst misery. Brand image can be affected due to this issue. For accessing the logo in various sizes, make the file in vector format. In this format, logo shrink and expand without having any effect on the quality or fidelity on the original design.


How to create a free logo online?

These tips for logo designing should enrich your talent to become a better logo designer in this marketing world. Although it is also important to note that this list is not an end, it is a starting point. Work hard to make more designs and be a perfectionist.

Written by Hermit Chawla
Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on best Facebook post design, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design, etc..

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  1. Thank you for sharing his amazing article very well highlighted the mistake designers make. I am also a Logo designer at logowizpro which is a design your own logo and free online logo creator.

  2. Plagiarism is everywhere and they copy other people’s or company’s works. Some artists are incompetent or just want to make an easy buck. Have a really thorough review of prospective agencies or individuals. Logo design is trendy nowadays, it comes with the people involved in it as well. Should pick with the ones that have a good reputation.

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