Top 16 Money Making Apps of 2024 That Pay Real Money Cash

Top 16 Money Making Apps of 2020 That Pay Real Money Cash

Do you own a smartphone? Don’t just be online. Browse just the same way you have been doing but this time around by earning extra money. Many money-making apps offer you chances to get an extra income. You will be required to perform some simple tasks, and money will start hitting your account. 

Best money making apps

1 Mistplay

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If you love mobile video games? This is among the best money making apps you can use to play, have lots of fun, and at the same time, you get paid. While you won’t get PayPal cash, you will get gift cards. Then, you can sell them online and get some money. 

2. Microsoft rewards

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Have you tried to explore ways you can make money online? You may have come across Bing rewards. Today, the website is called Microsoft rewards. It’s a platform you can search with ease, shop, or even play and get points. Once you have points, you are allowed to redeem them for gift cards. There are also nonprofit donations and sweepstakes. 

3. Banatic

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Want to earn by just playing and testing games? It’s an easy app to download, play, and then earn. Through this earn money app, you get bananas as your virtual currency. You can then use those bananas for various gift options. It’s one of the trusted money making apps you can use and earn without hassle.

4. Mypoints

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Are you looking for money-making apps that will give you cash by performing small tasks in the comfort of your home? To earn through this app, you will only be needed to complete a survey, play games, watch videos, or shop online. For every task you manage to accomplish, you get points. You can then change them into gifts. But you are also allowed to transfer your payout to your PayPal account.

5. Blackout blitz

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Do you have an ios phone? You can earn easily through this app. Just play the classic game in this app and get quick money. While you may not hit 100 USD, you can pocket 20 dollars over the weekend if you are good enough. If you have a soft spot for bingo games and love playing, it’s among the top money-making apps you can use and earn as you have fun. 

6. Swagbucks

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Can you imagine! You sign up for this app, you earn 5 dollars. That’s not all. By only taking a survey through the app, you get more cash. It’s among the popular money making apps to try and earn some money in the comfort of your home.

7. Opinion outpost

You will never lack some time to spare even when you go out for tea breaks or relaxing after work. It may be even over the weekend. You answer some survey questions through this app, and you begin to earn money. For every survey, you enter into a quarterly draw with 10000 dollars. You don’t have to hit a certain amount before getting your cash. You are allowed to cash as low as 5 dollars PayPal deposit.

8. Prize rebel

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It’s among the most accessible money making apps to sign up and answer surveys. You will get the earn points for every survey you partake. Apart from using those points to get gifts, you can change them into cash payout into your PayPal account.

9. Surveyjunkie

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Do you seek the most trusted Money making apps with online surveys you can engage in and earn? Just sign up for this one and earn money from the comfort of your home ad smartphone. The app connects you with companies doing market research, and once you participate, you get some points that you can convert into cash. 

10. HealthyWage

Want to earn while retaining your body fitness? HealthyWage is among the best money making apps that will give extra income while encouraging you to exercise and remain healthy. You are expected to set a target and work towards losing weight. Once you hit your target, you get money.

11. Dietbet

Have you ever thought of betting on dieting goals and earn prices from the same? It sounds interesting. While you will spend to earn, you lose only when you don’t meet your set goals. If you plan to go on a diet, this is among the best money making apps that will reward you dieting.

12. Fetch rewards

It’s a free grocery saving app. Want to earn through it? You will be required to snap pictures of your grocery receipts. So, once you are done shopping, scan your receipts. You will not be required to answer any survey.

13. Honey

If you are looking for money-making apps, you can shop and earn. You can try honey. It’s a chrome extension and gives you coupon codes. Once you hit 1000 points as you shop, you get a 10 USD Amazon gift for free.

14. Dosh

With this app, you get cashback while you shop. As you go about your frequent shopping habits, you make money. Do you travel frequently? Use dosh to book your hotel and get some income up to 40% cashback from hotels.

15. Shopkick

If you have favorite stores, this is the top best money making apps that will help you get gift cards. You are only required to scan the barcodes, view their online products, and get points. Then, you can earn from the accumulated points.

16. Acorns

You can earn by investing in spare change. Once you purchase something, the app rounds up that price to the nearest dollar and invests it on your behalf. It’s among the best money making apps you can use to make the most out of your financial strategy.


You don’t have just to be online without earning. You can spare just a few minutes to perform some tasks and make money through simple steps in your smartphone. Download any of the above money-making apps, and you will be ready to make your next move. You can play games, respond to questions, or shop to get an extra income. Making money has been made easier by mobile money-making apps. Register for free and earn without hassle.


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