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Optimizing Website Content for Different Types of People

Are you optimizing your website for search engines only? And Search engines are getting organic traffic for you but you are not...

Optimizing Website Content for Different Types of People

Are you optimizing your website for search engines only?


Search engines are getting organic traffic for you but you are not getting any clients or sales?

Then you should be your optimizing website content for different types of people too.

The Internet is made up of two (or three) types of people. Emotional browsers, methodical browsers, and people stuck somewhere in between. Now I want to focus on how you can ensure you have content for each of these types of people.

If you can meet the needs of the different browsers, you are far more likely to convert them into customers. But what are their needs? What do you need to include on your site to keep these different types of people happy?

I will try to share some tips and tricks for optimizing website content for different types of people.

Emotional Browsers

Depending on your products, these can be the easiest people to impress. The whole idea behind an emotional browser is that they are emotional. Therefore, your brand and products need to capture and dazzle their emotions. This is easily said than done.

So what’s the easiest way to make these people happy? Have great products! And if you don’t have products unique to your site, make sure you have the best images, and the most creatively written descriptions to really engage and excite the customer. Another thing that emotional people love is sharing their emotions, and seeing what other people are saying.


Social media. If a potential customer can see other people getting excited about a product, they themselves will get excited.

Time for an example. Let’s say you sell clothes. Your clothes are amazing. They are unique to your company. So you take some amazing photos that capture the essence of the items and your brand. They look great, and make anyone who looks at them say “Aw, I want that!”.

How can you reinforce this?

Creative descriptions, and social media. Give them reasons to think about your brand, and how great they will look in it. That’s what you want. Pure emotion.

Methodical Browsers

So you understand how to target emotional browsers. Great. What about the methodical browsers?

These are the people that are logical about their purchases and like to make informed decisions based on data. These people are the hardest people to sell to, but at the same time can be the easiest to sell to. Confused? Let me explain.

These people want data. They want facts, figures, specifications, testimonials, reviews, and anything else they can get their hands on that reinforces they should buy the product. The hard part is making sure your site has all this information readily available. If it doesn’t, they’ll move on to another site that can answer their questions. Depending on your price, they may come back. However, they are more comfortable buying from a company that has all their answers.

Let’s say you sold consumer electronics. “Competitive industry” you’ll say. A lot of people who are browsing for electronics online are methodical. They know what they are looking for, and they just need to find the right place to get it. They come to your site, and it has brilliant images (that also cater to emotional browsers), descriptive copy, product reviews, company testimonials and most importantly in-depth product specifications. These specifications are the raw data they call crawl through, which often answers all of their questions. So many sites forget that this kind of information can convert a browser into a customer.

Here’s a table

To illustrate my point, I have crafted this handy table. It shows, at a glance, some things you should focus on when optimizing site content for both groups of people.

So there you have it.

This is obviously a larger topic than two blog posts. People could (and probably do) college paper on this. The point of these two blog posts was to show that there are different types of browser behavior and that you need to cater for each of these to ensure you are capturing the hearts and minds of everyone coming to your site.

So, While keeping in mind about the On-page SEO and Off-page SEO  for search engines you should also take care different types of people which browse your website.

Written by Carol James
The article was written by Carol James – professional academic writer of EssayLab service. In her portfolio, you can read technical, economic, educational, psychological high-quality articles for such magazines and blogs as Design News, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, T+D, Real Simple, Nexus and many others. Feel free to contact with Carol with questions and suggestions!

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  1. Hi Carol,
    Great article. I enjoyed reading this post because the way you have represented the thought is awesome. Optimizing website is vital part of marketing, if one isn’t doing that he is missing a big opportunity.


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