7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Website’s Google Rankings

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There are a lot of ways to improve your website’s rankings on Google, but some methods are more effective than others. What do you want your site to rank for? Put yourself in the shoes of your audience — what words would they search with to find your content?

The following five tips can help you improve your site’s visibility on Google and increase organic traffic without having to spend a ton of money on paid advertising.

1. Start with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first step in search engine optimization by Impressive Digital – SEO Agency in Dallas is actually to make sure your website is worth optimizing! Some companies spend thousands of dollars on fancy software that they use to measure how their site stacks up against the competition. 

2. Improve your site speed

Site speed is a ranking factor for Google. If your site is too slow it may affect your rankings and bounce rate. To find out how fast your site loads, you can use Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool will tell you what needs to be fixed and how you can improve it. It also comes with a PageSpeed Score that informs you about the current performance of your web page.

3. Optimize for mobile

Mobile has been a ranking factor since April 2015 and affects mobile searches in all languages worldwide. Google rolls out mobile-first indexing in 2018 and if you haven’t yet optimized your website for mobile, now is the time to do it.

To find out more about optimizing for mobile check out this guide by Google: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide.

4. Optimize image alt text

The image alt text describes an image on your website to help screen readers understand what the image is about and give context to search engine crawlers.

5. Concentrate on two or three keywords for each page

If you’re trying to rank for more than a couple of terms on a single page, you’re going to have a much harder time. Why? Because it dilutes your link equity across multiple keywords, the keywords with lower volume will be impossible to rank for.

For example, if you’re targeting “Florida real estate” and “best real estate agent in Tampa,” Google may see that as two different topics. You’re better off creating separate pages for each topic (see my disagreement with Rand).

6. Don’t overdo keyword insertion and rich snippets

Keyword stuffing is bad, but so is keyword insertion at scale. Using rich snippets can also be risky business if you’re not careful. Yes, they help with click-through rates, but they can also get you into trouble if your pages are thin and of low quality.

7. Strive for simplicity

It’s easy to make a mistake when building complex pages that use multiple moving parts. It’s not easy to build simple pages that address the needs of users and provide an outstanding experience. But it’s worth the effort because simple sites build trust, and trust is important for rankings.


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Robin Khokhar

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