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Social Media Content Rules You Should Follow

Starting out on social media can be quite a difficult thing to do. While you have the best intentions and you truly...

Social Media Content

Starting out on social media can be quite a difficult thing to do. While you have the best intentions and you truly want to make yourself or even your blog more successful and popular through social media, you might not always have the right techniques or know how to promote your content in the right way.

There are just things that you will keep learning on a daily basis and you will be able to continue improving your tactics. Knowing exactly which rules exist and what you should follow can be a little tough, so, in order to help you out, here are some social media content rules you should know and follow.

  1. Share several times throughout the day

When you start using your social media accounts you are probably too excited and you want to share your thoughts, and content on a regular basis. A question that always comes up with new users is how often should one post?

First of all, it is important that you post often enough so that your followers see that you care about your account. Posting frequently is very important if you wish to gain more followers and have more people see your content. On the other hand, though, it is important that you don’t post way too much during the day, and that you try to keep your posting as consistent as possible.

Having a particular sharing schedule will help you keep all the things you want to share organized and always be prepared to find new interesting things. On top of that, your followers will be way more likely to be expecting your posts throughout the day and give your posts more likes and shares.

  1. Use the right amount of hashtags

Everybody in the world of social media uses hashtags. They are one of the best, cheapest and easiest ways to get new followers and to make your content more known to a lot more people. You can use hashtags for any occasion and you can actually spend some time and see which hashtags are popular and use them to get more attention to your posts.

While hashtags can be a fun way for you to promote your content, you should always keep in mind that it is important not to overdo it. Not choosing your hashtags carefully can not only attract the wrong people to your content but it can also become tiring and distract from your followers and that is something you definitely don’t want.

  1. Always responding to comments

There is something very personal about taking the time to reply to the comments that you receive. Not only are you showing your followers that you are available to reply to any questions or even get to know them better, but you are also looking very professional and friendly and that can only work in your advantage.

Responding to comments fast can help you create a much better relationship with your viewers and help you come across as someone cool and friendly, someone who your current followers will want to talk to their friends about. This is one of the best ways to attract new followers and to also show both your professional and personal side to your current ones. You can also take a look at the guide to blog commenting.

  1. Don’t buy followers

Buying followers on any social media platform can be a very bad move for not only your account’s statistics but also your reputation. While you might think that buying followers will help you increase your likes and comments, you have to keep in mind that these accounts might first of all not be those of real people.

On top of that, the followers that you will buy are not the ones who willingly came on your social media account, saw your content and decided to start following you. These are accounts that in many cases might just be ghost accounts and that means that they will simply increase your follower number but not help you get any further interaction with them.

  1. Keep your content clean

Whether you have your own blog or promoting it through social media or you are just trying to make yourself more well-known for any reason, you will need to learn how to create content and posts which are easy to read and polished.

No matter what you decide to post, if it contains text, you should always make sure that it is free of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. The best way for you to learn how to do this properly is to go through writing companies reviews and find an enterprise which can help you proofread your content and help you learn how eventually to do it yourself.

  1. Don’t send automated direct messages to your followers

When someone new follows you, one of the best things you can do in order to welcome them is to send them a direct message welcoming them to your account. This is a great way for you to be friendly and to make people truly feel welcome and special.

In order to do that though, you should always make sure that you get back to each person individually. While it might be a lot easier to simply send out an automated message to all of your new followers, it is a lot better to simply take a couple of minutes to write them a welcoming message yourself, and let them know they have your attention and that you took time out of your day to write to them.

  1. Don’t like your own posts

One of the things that many people often notice and that doesn’t look all too nice or professional is when people on social media like their own statuses or posts. It is totally okay to share an old memory on Facebook but it is never okay to like one of your own pictures or posts and it is highly likely that your followers will let you know of that.

The reason why so many people dislike this tactic is that it might look like you are trying to help your post gain some more popularity by liking it yourself. In any case, nobody likes seeing a company or a person online like their own posts, try to stay away from that kind of tactics.

  1. Always ask for permission when posting pictures of other people

When you work in a company or simply want to post a picture with some new friends you made, you should always make sure to ask for their permission to post it. While we live in an era where almost everyone owns various social media accounts, there are some people who might simply not want their pictures online and you should respect that.

The same thing applies when it comes to meeting fans or even retweeting or sharing their content on your account. You should always make sure that the person is alright with you posting a picture of them and always remember to give credit to the owner of anything you decide to share on your profile.

This will truly make you look like a professional and it will help you create a more trusting relationship with your followers as they will be able to see that you are someone respectful, who truly cares about the safety and the feelings of those around them.

  1. Don’t follow everyone and anyone

When you first start out on social media, you probably want to always follow everyone that follows you back and you might even find yourself in one of that famous twitter or Instagram follow trains, which help you gain a lot of followers but essentially don’t help your account grow at all.

When it comes to following people back, you will want to be smart. Follow back people who are influential, or let your followers know that you will be following people back when they retweet or share a particular post. This is a great tactic that will help you make your followers feel special and you will even have fun while doing so.

  1. Don’t ask for likes, comments or followers

A rule that you should always remember and follow on social media is that you should never ask people to follow you or leave comments and likes on your posts. This is something that will just end up driving people away and it won’t help you gain any loyal followers.

Instead, you should always focus on improving your content and making sure that you listen to what your followers have to say. Whether you’re a photographer or a blogger, you should always aim towards creating content that your followers will enjoy

This is simply the best and easier way for you to get more likes, comments, and followers and you will actually be able to attract people who will enjoy your content and stick around for more.

Social media content rules can be quite easy to follow

While this might seem like a long list, these are all actual things that you can easily understand, learn and use in order to help your social media accounts grow. The more effort you put into your content and the more you take the time to interact with your followers, the easier it will be for you to grow.

Making sure that you learn how to properly interact with your audience is key and you always need to keep in mind that being professional will help you build better relationships with the people that follow you.

Which of these rules do you want to start using for your own social media accounts?


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Written by Jessica Fender
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