The Creator Economy Boom, Bust, And Need For SEO!

Creator Economy

What is the Creator Economy?

A modernized version of marketing commonly known as Creator or Influencer marketing has emerged in recent years. Creators are online influencers, content creators, and marketers who influence people by marketing products and creating content across social media platforms. The creator economy acquires the use of different software to make money from their content.

Digital marketing services are used to reach a potential target market that you cannot reach through traditional marketing channels. Marketing has always relied on some means of communication where a brand can successfully pull the attention of its clients and increase its sales. Be it traditional marketing channels like billboards, print ads, television commercials, or digital advertising, marketing needs an influencing platform where it can attract customers and potentially generate sales. The growth of the creator economy has been fast and accelerated quickly since the following of creators or influencers is huge. It is concerning that the growth is fast because this is a shortcut to success and does not guarantee long-term results.

Since the beginning of marketing, it has seen countless trends and shifts. Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Pay per click (PPC), etc. are some examples of digital marketing. But there was a need for human interaction that superseded any other need and that is why the concept of Creator or Influencer marketing was born.

Digital marketing services now include heavy use of influencer marketing to rapidly gain success in a short amount of time. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai cleverly make use of famous and influential people to market their products and services in order to reach a wider audience. SEO services Dubai try to optimize its content by using influencers or creators so that they reach relevant target markets.

The Influence of Influencers

The creator economy has been responsible for the boom of marketing and bringing about successful results. But it is really unstable and fluctuating since it heavily depends on the interest of your target market and their preferred marketing channels. Your target market can easily lose interest in a marketing channel they recently were obsessed with and it happens really often so it is not a surprise.

First, it was Facebook then Instagram and now TikTok is ruling the marketing world. It has changed so rapidly that brands are struggling to keep up with the sudden change. By using short videos that really easy to catch the attention of the audience and keep them hooked, TikTok has managed to soar to the top by successfully marketing many brands. Digital marketing services now include influencers’ marketing campaigns where they can use creators to market a brand. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai provide packages of marketing through creators and influencers to their clients.

Your Strategy is the Key

Focusing just only on the aspect of marketing or selling your products is not going to cut it. You need to be attuned to the nature of your audience and what they want to see from you. Converse in a way that is attractive to your target audience so that they stay hooked to your content and want to buy from you. The main targets of creator or influential campaigns are:

  • The message of your brand is communicated to your target audience.
  • The audience receives the content they love.
  • The creator has fun with the experience.

The above-mentioned targets are the main points that any influential campaign should achieve in order for it to be successful. The community of influencers and creators is huge and that is why they have a great impact on the target audience they are serving. Whatever the influencers buy, use, and promote is immediately followed by the increase in sales of that particular brand because the audience wants to buy that product too.

This is the reason why brands are gravitating more and more toward creators to promote their products. Because they know that creators and influencers can sway the interest of thousands of people and that is why influencers have an upper hand. With that being said, no marketing technique is foolproof and can have the “boom and bust” case scenario. Even if you implement all marketing strategies and techniques, SEO is still quite difficult and cannot guarantee successful results.

SEO is Important

Brands can use the power of influencers and creators to attract their target audience but SEO is still important as it can further enhance the chance of people visiting your content and eventually becoming your customers. SEO services in Dubai couple creators’ campaigns with appropriate use of SEO with the intention of increasing the chance of a customer buying from their clients.

Digital marketing services follow the golden rule of using SEO so that they appear at the top. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai create strategies that include the use of SEO with the marketing campaigns of creators.

There are many platforms that creators can use to monetize their content and some of them are:


YouTube is the oldest platform when it comes to making money through content creation. For this purpose, Youtube has facilitated content creators with great features and monetization tactics. Since the emergence of TikTok, Youtube has faced a clear decline in creators’ content. To overcome this, YouTube has launched shorts so that people will again use YouTube for marketing purposes. Digital marketing agencies provide digital marketing services combined with the most prominent marketing platform, YouTube can bring about successful results for brands. SEO services have blended with YouTube are sure to bring more and more audience to businesses.


The new but exceptionally successful platform when it comes to the creator economy. TikTok has many opportunities for creators to make money through their content including but not limited to reaching 100,000 views in the span of 30 days. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai provide the platform TikTok to advertise the products of their clients. SEO services in Dubai make sure that the brand they are promoting is mixed with the right SEO strategies.


Following the trend, Instagram has also launched several features which facilitate the creator economy. One of the features is “Branded Content”, where the creator receives compensation either with money or a valuable product from a business in exchange for promoting that particular brand. Another feature is “Instagram Live Badges”, which allows users to send monetary tips to their favorite creators during a live stream. SEO services in Dubai are also established by providing appropriate services that creators and influencers can use for their content.



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