Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile, Story, Videos, and Page?

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Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile? This question sometimes strikes my mind and if you are searing it. We have similar minds. So let’s proceed.

It is quite natural that whenever it is a discussion on social media, Facebook is usually the first name to get clicked in any individual’s mind. Why’s that? That’s because it is the biggest giant entity in the social media realm. Isn’t it? The most frequently used and visited platform by any individual for social media needs. Any person over and above the age of 12 has a Facebook account. No doubt the internet and computers have shared our lives into a handful, i.e handheld (mobile devices). Besides that, data breaches and account theft cases are common and this can be considered social media exploitation. Generally, as much as social media use is good, it also comes with drawbacks. Well, it initially served the purpose of socializing and connecting with one’s far-off. But today business organizations have taken over and have done business on a much larger scale. Most of us are still confused with the question: can I see who viewed my Facebook video? Or who views your Facebook Profile. Well, here we are looking at it.

Users take the help of the platform and find people with whom they need to connect with. The platform users are eager to know what people are doing or traveling to. What’s on their mind, with the help of the status update feature? One more curiosity people normally have is that they wanna know who checked their profiles. Is it possible? Hence, one of the many questions people can see who viewed their Facebook video is answered in this article. Let’s take a look at it.

How to know who viewed your FB profile, page, and shared content?

Let’s begin with the list of different methods that could be considered while taking a look at who visited your profile.

1. Checking it with the Fb profile source code

To see who checked your profile, you can consider the extension ‘InitialChatFriendList. This runs perfectly in Google Chrome. Still, people have their questions unanswered. Does facebook tell you who viewed your video? Well with this one it is sure that can people see. On the other hand, various browsers might have a problem with it. So you can follow these steps.

A. Open the Facebook official page, and enter your credentials to log in to the account.

B. Then click on your profile.

C. Once entered the Facebook profile page, right-click on the cursor and select view source code. Or else you can press CTRL+U. For Mac Command+Option+U.

D. Once the source code is accessed to make the process go faster you can press CTRL+F to open the search bar.

E. Now you need to type in the “InitialChatFriendsList”

Now this will take you to a list of user IDS that viewed your profile at a higher frequency (most recently). The number would look somewhat like this “100005414946114-2”. All you need to do is just copy the profile ID except the 2 that are at the tail of the entire digit. When you paste this ID into a new tab it will redirect you to the profile of the user.

2. The Flatbook Extension

Still, thinking and confused with does Facebook shows who views your video. This is as simple as the first one. All you need to do is to install the Flatbook extension available in the chrome web store. It appears just like the chrome browser. Why wouldn’t it, it was created by the same team of chrome browser developers. To make this happen you need to follow the below steps:-

A. After the installation is complete click on “Add to chrome” and after a few seconds you can log in to the account.

B. Press on to the Flatbook extension which is there in the extreme right corner of the webpage.

C. The available list of options shows an option from which you need to select “Profile Visitors”.

D. This will take you to a list of 20 top visitors to your profile.

E. This extension will also help you with who removed you from their friend list.

Still doesn’t help? Here’s another one to reach your goal.

3. Facebook:- Super Viewer

A confusing question who viewed their videos on Facebook? But answered here. Yet another but one of the most powerful extensions which will help you in coming across the approximate view count as well as the viewer who visited your profile the most. This extension is available at the chrome web store. Chrome is hence preferred widely due to its compatibility with various extensions for different purposes. Getting this one installed is as easy just like the earlier one. Here are the simple steps:

A. Launch the Google Chrome Web Browser.

B. Open the chrome web store and search for the super viewer extension.

C. Once you find it you can simply click on install the extension.

D. Now you need to “Add the extension to chrome” by clicking on Add to Chrome. Let the installation be complete.

E. After the installation is complete log in to your FB account.

F. The Timeline bar shows an option of the “Visitor”.

G. Once you click on it, it will take you to the list of users who checked your profile recently.

4. For iOS Who Viewed My Facebook

Yes, this one definitely allows and answers the query can people see who viewed their Facebook? Curiosity makes a person even more eager to know, isn’t it? Who saw my Facebook profile? A friend, an unknown, or some random user? This is the final yet the most powerful gimmick to calm your eagerness down. Yes, you read it perfectly. For iOS users, it’s about time to take a win against Android users. Facebook collaborated with the most popular and most purchased handheld brand Apple. For iPhone users, the apple developer team made an attempt to pull up something impossible, thought by its customers and competitors. Facebook is at last testing a special service for its device users which stood as a nightmare for Android users.

For all the iOS users what you need to do is

A. Launch or open up the Facebook app.

B. Press the menu button on the Facebook app.

C. Now go o the settings and tap on the settings icon.

D. There is a feature added called Privacy Shortcuts.

E. There you need to look for the option that says “Who viewed my Facebook” and you are ready to roll.

Just for your information, this is a pilot process feature and we are waiting for its final rollout.


If you are winding how to see who viewed your Facebook profile. We all know how strict Facebook is when it comes to the privacy of users. This feature then too will roll out soon in the future updates maybe in the second quarter of the year but the year is still unknown. This is a question that generally struck in mind of any regular user who uses Facebook to somewhat extent. The above-listed techniques are by far the most impeccable methods of Who Views Your Facebook Profile, Story, Videos, and Page. Facebook is also strict on the privacy concerns of its users. So Facebook still denies any such known methods, techniques, or hacks. A handful of third-party applications claim so, but there is a risk of a data breach. And your data could be used in any inappropriate manner too as always such hacks and apps come with their own consequences. Apart from that, there are no cases registered so far with the said issue.


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