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5 Steps For Improving Your Social Media Branding

Social media branding is a powerful platform to market your business and that on $0 investment if you know how to do...

social media branding

Social media branding is a powerful platform to market your business and that on $0 investment if you know how to do it right. But not many companies know the secret for social media branding that keeps them behind in the race. What if there’s a map to follow, a list of references to up your business’s social media branding? Well, this post includes the essential steps for realigning your social media branding strategy and put it on the right track. Come, let’s take a deep look into each step and see what exactly businesses need to do with their social media branding plans to be a digital rockstar on every platform they use for marketing.

Fill Basic Information

The very first thing that you need to remove from your company’s social pages is that cover photo having kittens.

Yes, delete it ASAP and replace it with something that relates to your services or industry (at least).

Similarly, you need to run a full scan on your social media profiles and mark the sections that are either having incomplete information or have no word about your business at all. Because these petty things can make or break your public perception so you should be ready when it comes to basic information about your company. Other than the name, business website link, and phone numbers, you also need to update the profile pictures by following the design policy and color scheme for having asymmetry in everything on social platforms.

Add More Visuals

Do you occasionally post images, videos, and other graphic content on all your social platform on behalf of your company?

Well, this is the problem that is taking you back from the ruling social media!

Firstly, add more visual content to your posting schedule and maintain uniformity across all social media platforms. This is because social media platforms are already receiving millions of visual content and if you don’t tell your story, visually, you’re making your company’s social presence tasteless. Invest in the services of a professional graphic designer, hire a social media manager (if you don’t have already), and plan out a monthly social posting plan. You can include your services/products or offers in your social media posting strategy and market your products without being colorless as most (unsuccessful) companies do.

Realign Your Brand Voice

Ever thought how you’re perceived by your audience?

Like humans, brands have a personality, too, that you need to know for improving your company’s social media branding. Do they (the audience) find your posts funny, boring, utopian, or extremely professional that they skip engaging with you via comments and likes? This is a crucial part of revamping your company’s social media branding as this would help you in planning future videos accordingly.

Without a brand voice, you can’t excel in your social media game and convert your fans into devoted followers. Crack the code and you’ll be a sensational hit on social platforms in days instead of months. Because, by doing so, you’ll know how to communicate with your audience, how to make them laugh, or persuade them to share their views about the products (oops) solutions your business is offering.

Follow A Content Calendar

What?!!! You don’t have a content calendar for social posting?

This is one of the gravest mistakes that brands do and fail them even before initiating their journey on social platforms.

Without having a content calendar, you’ll be blank some days and post random things on your company’s social media pages. And this is a big turnoff for your fans as they expect to see relevant content from every business. It’s like BMW suddenly talking about a vegan lifestyle instead of luxury cars. So, invest your time into a content calendar in order to stay prepared for each event that is marked on the calendar. Sit with your social media team and brainstorm ideas on what to post on festivals and what to post on regular days.

Be Consistent

One of the unprofessional mistakes that SMBs make is posting randomly on their social media platforms.

See, social media branding requires you to be consistent with your social posting. If you miss a single day (that you planned earlier) you’re simply giving your audience a reason not to come to you again. Because there are other businesses on social media that offer the same services you do and they’ll be quick in taking that opportunity and fill the void that your inconsistency has created.

If you’re busy attending customers, you can always outsource a social media marketing company to manage your social profiles on your behalf. And you can keep track of their performance each week (or whenever you find time to do so).


Wait! We have a few more tips to share with you for uplifting your social media branding!

Observe Buyer Personas

If you’re all out of ideas for social posting, you need to study your ideal buyers and observe what they post (about their needs) online. Because their needs are your opportunity to attract them on social media platforms and invite them to try your solutions. Plus, you can craft relevant offers for each buyer persona and segment your marketing plan according to the personas you create. This will give you different flavors of social media posts to include in your branding strategy and you’ll always hit the bullseye with the buyer persona’s help.

Choose Relevant Platforms

One essential tip is not to hop on to every social bandwagon and be selective, always. If you truly want to up your social media branding, you need to follow your target audience (and their age group). Because if you choose a social platform that has an audience between 15-25 and your ideal customers range between 30-45 age groups, you’re wasting your time on that social platform. And the only way to stay relevant and authoritative is by choosing the right social media platform to make your branding successful and evergreen.

Comment below and share with us the steps that you think should be in this list for improving a company’s social media branding.


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Written by Mark P.
Mark P. got amazing skills in crafting beautiful logo designs. He is working for a logo design company and he also used to produce informational content.

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    I really liked and appreciate all the various branding strategies and resources you have shared as all these are really very helpful in improving your social media branding.

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