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Best Ways of User Verification Without a Physical Meeting?

This is not wrong to say that digital means are overcoming traditional methods. In old times letters were sent for communication but...

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Best Ways of User Verification Without a Physical Meeting?

This is not wrong to say that digital means are overcoming traditional methods. In old times letters were sent for communication but now the conversation can be done through online apps. Online marketplaces and social media are the new businesses that enter the market in recent years. People on online platforms are known as the users of that service. And there are actually ways of user verification without even meeting officially and knowing that the other person is genuine.

Each user must be uniquely identified to give him appropriate services. There are also some cases where criminals steal other users’ details for identity fraud. This illegal practice is known as identity theft. Businesses have suffered heavy losses because of these types of frauds. In the physical meeting, a person can be verified by his face or body. The problem is how will online users be verified or what procedures will be adopted for online user verification.

Way of Online User Verification

As the services are online the methods of verifying users should be online and robust. At this time where there exist millions of online users, this process can’t be done by humans. The manual verification will take more time and have a very low level of accuracy. It needs cutting-edge software powered with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Below are the 3 ways of verifying online users:

Know Your Customer

It is a method of online user identity verification mostly adopted by financial service providers. A user is identified through his id documents essentially issued by some government authority. KYC service relies on government-issued documents because it is assumed that it must have issued it after keen physical verification. Also, IDs have a unique ID number against every individual. In a state, a citizen is identified through his ID number. Every country issues an ID card for its residents at a particular age before that birth certificate is used. Passport and driving license can also be used as ID documents. Passports can be issued at any time whenever a person requests international travel permission. A driving license is given to a person when he reaches a specific age and has certain driving qualities.

Here is the process of KYC verification:

  • A customer registers on the online platform by giving his personal details.
  • He uploads the picture of the id document.
  • The KYC software extracts the required information from the image using OCR technology.
  • Then the extricated and user-provided information is cross-matched.
  • Upon successful verification, the user allowed to onboard on that business.

Video Verification

In this method, an online user is verified through a live video call. The video interview is conducted by software or a human expert depending on the choice of business.

In human expert verification, a human is linked with the user through a video call. Contrary to this, the software performs all the necessary identity checks in verification by software method.

Here is the process of video Verification by an expert:

  • Information from the user is taken during the sign-up process.
  • Video connection between user and expert is established.
  • User shows his identity document to the expert.
  • The expert checks the data on the document and its authenticity using AI.
  • The expert asks some questions related to personal information.
  • Liveness is confirmed, it is checked that the person is really present in front of the camera.
  • The body movement is analyzed against deep fakes and pre-recorded videos.

Biometric Verification

This is not a new term when all the latest mobile phones have biometrics scanners (fingerprints and facial). Although there are other methods of Biometric Identification online like DNA, IRIS, and Palm, still are not feasible. Normally facial biometrics is mostly used for online user verification. It also verifies the physical presence of the user. A person is verified through his unique facial biometric trait in this method. 

Here is the process of facial biometric recognition:

  • The user uploads the ID image to the software.
  • Then a live selfie is captured.
  • The similarity between the photo on ID and live selfie is enough for verification, it is confirmed.

Summing It Up

Businesses that are thriving because of the rising number of identity frauds can use any above service to give security to their users. All the methods are sufficiently secure that they can eradicate fake, false, or synthetic entities. A business having user verification services can have more customer trust and better market repute.


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