4 Tricks of How Good Website Design Is a Silent Seller

Good Website Design

A website design is a crucial element that determines the success of your brand. Your target audience is likely to see images, layout, and fonts and form an opinion about your brand. If these factors are on-point, you’re likely to persuade your prospects to explore your business further.

Thanks to brands such as Uber and Airbnb that proved that design can have a tangible impact on the business. Following their example, many brands have started to consider website design as an integral part of their business strategy.

The resistance to investing in the design is slowly fading as the compelling visuals can help in driving sales and building a reputed brand.

Why Do You Need a Good Design?

Did you know 75% of users determine a website’s credibility from its design? If your design is outdated, users or visitors will not engage with it. To design a good website, it’s best to consider different types of websites. This way, you will get an idea about how different businesses have designed engaging and interactive websites.

Moreover, a streamlined and cutting-edge website help in promoting the user’s experience. According to web fx, users often decide to visit a competitor’s website after a bad user experience. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to focus on the factors that help improve sales.

You can begin by observing how your website’s design influences your user experience. If a website delivers a positive experience, it is likely to engage your audience. But, you need to opt for a design that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Go for Seamless Navigation

Your visitors can’t find your blog, email subscription page, contact information, or product listings, without website navigation. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website’s navigation allows visitors to land on any page of your website and access what they were looking for in three clicks.

There’s no denying that users often start exploring a website from the home page and visit other pages. But in most cases, website visitors navigate all over your website. If you want your website visitors to explore further, you need to give them reasons. You can do it by inspiring curiosity and offering valuable deals.

You can explore Apple’s website and further improve the navigation of your website. The tech giant has organized website navigation by making categories such as Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch, TV, and Music. This way, Apple has made it easier for its visitors to find the product and take the next step.

Go for a Responsive Website

According to gomedia.com, 60% of online searches are often made from mobile devices. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to make your website mobile-friendly, especially if you are running an e-Commerce business. Following are a few mobile navigation guidelines.

  • Ensure that your mobile website’s header contains your site’s icon and internal search bar.
  • Don’t incorporate social icons in the header.
  • Provide a link to your desktop site.
  • Pinning menu at the bottom serves as an app and improves user experience.

1. Improve your Website’s Speed

You won’t believe it but slow-loading websites contribute to a $2.6 billion revenue loss annually. If your website takes more time to load, your business is likely to miss out on sales. However, you can reverse the situation by improving your website’s speed, which will ultimately influence the sales of your company.

Moreover, you can check your website’s current loading time by putting its URL into Google PageSpeed Insights. If the loading time is more than expected, you can adjust it using Google’s suggestions. Also, don’t forget that the page speed directly impacts the following:

  • Your ranking in the organic search.
  • Visitor’s staying time on your site.
  • Visitors converting into paying customers.
  • Provides insights about paid search that you spend on a CPC basis.

Amazon carried out a study and discovered that a difference of just 100ms could reduce their sales by 1%. This is a unit of time that we can’t even perceive. Therefore, it’s best to work and improve your website’s speed to keep your sales streamlined.

Websites loading time also impacts your organic search ranking and pay-per-click costs as well. Hence, if it takes longer to load your website, your business won’t reap benefits as it should.

2. Be Generous with Whitespace

Using whitespace in your website’s design is a good idea. It doesn’t overwhelm your audience and reduce the risks of distraction. Whitespace keeps your website clean and allows your users to access important information with ease.

Moreover, cluttering your website or webpage with multiple graphics may look fancy, but it drives users away and makes your site load slower. Whitespace also brings a sense of calm, allows your page to load faster.

Take Google’s homepage for example. The search giant uses whitespace extensively and this iconic look has a calming effect as well. There’s no clutter and hence, there’s no additional work for your eyes and mind. Interacting with Google is convenient too as you can only focus on why you have come to the website.

Classifying Whitespace

You can divide whitespace into two types considering its usefulness in your website’s layout.

Active Whitespace

Active whitespace is when you consciously add it to your layout for emphasis and structure. This whitespace is left on purpose to drive focus to the relevant information and to separate one element from another.

Passive Whitespace

This is the space that occurs naturally between the words, in the surrounding of your logo, or other graphic features.

Deciding whitespace for your website can be confusing. But you can fix it by focusing more on the active whitespace. It doesn’t mean to ignore passive whitespace and observe how it works with the rest of the design.

3. Incorporate Call-to-Actions

Focusing on calls to action can help in increasing sales with website design. If a user likes a piece of information on your website and wants to proceed further, they will need a CTA for guidance. If you don’t incorporate appropriate CTAs, you might miss out on sales for your company or business.

The best way to boost sales using your website design is to create pop-off CTAs that for your page. For example, Apple incorporated CTA in the right way. You can see a blue CTA pops off the page. The brand opted for a descriptive CTA telling what happens if a user clicks on it. If you click on the call to action, the product will be added to your bag.

Know that when the CTA stands out, provides relevant information, and enables users to take further action, it’s considered a good website design. Therefore, instead of having to click here as your CTA, try going for Click here to sign up for your free trial.

If you’re still wondering how to use your design to improve sales, try incorporating engaging and informative CTAs into your design. The relevant CTA will encourage your audience to take the right action, which ultimately helps in increasing sales for your business.

Summing it Up

A good website design is when it engages and informs your audience. If you invest in it, the design helps boost sales for your business. You can also focus on the factors such as navigation, whitespace, and CTAs that improve user experience on your website, and they are likely to spend more time on it.

Generating sales using your website’s design isn’t only about adding aesthetics to your design. You need to opt for a holistic design strategy focusing on the user and customer-focused experience to elevate brand longevity and sales.


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    · August 18, 2021 at 11:45 am

    You indeed need a good website to attract and engage your customers. A good website also helps to increase sales and provide a better user experience. If the website offers fast performance, relevant call to action, and responsive design, then users surely will engage with the website.
    Thanks, Anas for sharing these valuable points, they are really helpful for understanding good website design.