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How Food Bloggers can Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one form of promotional based marketing where an affiliate searches for the products and services according to their interests...

How Food Bloggers can Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing?

I met my friend who is into blogging. Someone who struggled for years to find out the right career path suddenly appeared to be satisfied and content. I asked ‘why?’ He answered, “Affiliate marketing made it happen!”. I was amazed that it worked for my friend. So, in this post, we will discuss how Food Bloggers can Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing: What does it mean?

It is one form of promotional-based marketing where an affiliate searches for the products and services according to their interests and preferences and later does marketing based on which they earn commission on each sale made.

Think about collaborating with a chain of restaurants and other food companies. Also, think about getting paid and recognized as a brand at the same time. Both can simultaneously take place if you consider your food blogging to be on various affiliate programs. Your personalized journal (food blog) can now be visible to every person who loves storytelling, write virtuous or ferocious reviews about restaurants or about other blog categories.

Affiliate marketing for food bloggers: How does it work?

Food bloggers assimilate links to their food blogs which redirect to their affiliate website. The moment someone clicks on the link, you are paid on a commission basis if the purchase takes place within 14 days of a short span of time.

The earning for the food bloggers with Affiliate Marketing could be Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 in India wherein in other countries it can go by $1,000 to $10,000.

You are just one link away to earn tons of money. Let’s find it out, how?

With all the flexibility and uniqueness, you can earn through your food blogs through the following referral/affiliate programs in India:


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#1: Amazon India

Amazon is the best affiliate program you can think of! To become an Amazon associate, you must follow their guidelines of not inserting any deceptive information or using their links offline or not disclosing the information about your earnings in a recommendation. It is an absolutely free program where you advertise Amazon’s products and create links for the customers. Once there is the purchase, you get your referral pay.

#2: Flipkart India

Another well-known affiliate program is Flipkart. Flipkart allows you to place the product banners or create links incorporated to your website for referring the users about it. Usually, you can earn 15% of the earnings whenever there is any purchase from the link mentioned on your website. Without being a seller, you can quickly make your Flipkart affiliate account and earn your commission with every sale.

#3: Swiggy

For the food and dine category, Swiggy is one of the topmost affiliate programs. You get around 50 Rs. Per Sale. They run an affiliate campaign under the Cost Per Model (CPM) model. As soon as the user visits INRDeals.com and completes the transaction without any refund/ exchange being made, the affiliate gets the referral fee. Except for Shillong, all other places are being covered for affiliate marketing.

#4: Zomato

Unfortunately, Zomato doesn’t have its own affiliate program. It first ran a campaign on Cost Per First Order or Cost Per Coupon but was fluctuating every month and couldn’t be more successful. Hence, it has referral programs where you can earn in your Zomato wallet by simply sharing the invite links to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Also, they have API designed especially for bloggers and have many giveaways. On your submission of your website links, all the posts of yours are visible on your profile. This way, you can increase the pay-per-click of your website.

#5: Myntra

Myntra is one of the top fashion stores. But, Myntra does not have its own affiliate program. You need to be a Myntra affiliate partner by joining some other affiliate network chain. EarnKaro is one of the affiliate programs where you can make tons of money. To become a Myntra affiliate partner, firstly create your website and publish your blog by signing up to any one of the affiliate network chains: Cuelinks, Admitad, Commission, or EarnKaro. After getting approval from Myntra, you can promote their products and earn around 8% commission per sale.

Other general and best Affiliate Programs you can use are:

#1: Google Affiliate Ads for Food Bloggers

This is one of the modified versions of Google AdSense. Here, you need not have an AdSense Ad and simply can insert image/ text with products with a referral fee on each sale covered. It resonates with Amazon’s affiliate program but the only difference arises that it links with the Google AdSense account.

#2: Google AdSense

Google AdSense gives you the liberty of placing three standardized ads- general or affiliate provided you stick to their guidelines. Your affiliate ads run on the same page where you have your AdSense Ads. But, if your affiliate ad links/ banners are more than the original AdSense ads, you are likely to put your account in danger. Strictly take care of this element!


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#3: Cuelinks

Cuelink is proved to be the best for content marketing. With the use of both Viglink and Skimlinks, Cuelinks works. As soon as you sign up for Cuelinks, you receive Javascript codes to put on your blog. After doing the same, you automatically generate your affiliate link. It links to the merchant site and as soon as there is a click on the link, you get a nominal pay.

#4: Bluprint

On an initial basis, you need to join through affiliate network links and select your suited affiliate products. Later, you go with organic marketing, i.e, free traffic through social media or SEO (using Google and Bing) or you can go with paid ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Native Advertising, Pop-up Ads, or any. Using Blueprint, there is one assured sale per day with lots of traffic to your blog.

#5: SHE Media

As you become an affiliate partner with SHE Media, here are the benefits guaranteed: 75% of gross revenue arriving from the campaigns redirecting to your site, Ad optimization for mobile devices, sponsored programs for bloggers, maintaining the standard of your top-notch content giving high traffic and improved view ratings.

#6: HealthyWage

For every single signup, you get $50 and for the signup of Team Challenge participants, you get $30. The cookie life of HealthyWage is 30 days and there are some restrictions on some affiliate commission programs like Corporate challenges, jackpot challenges, million step challenges, and own team members challenges, all these are considered to be Void as per ShareASale Affiliate program of theirs.

#7: Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads runs a referral program especially made for food content writers or bloggers. If someone joins Gourmet Ads using the traceable link to your website, you earn $50. Being a Gourmet Ads referral, you need to provide 1500 impressions along with 90 days being with them. Track your referral program and your earnings in the “Publisher Console” option.

Final Thoughts:

Apart from India, Amazon Associates Program and Flipkart Affiliate Program can be used all over the world.

The lucrative earnings with the help of Affiliate Marketing is a sure shot activity. You being a third-party publisher can incentivize and increase the reach and promotion of your food blog extensively.


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