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Where Is Digital Marketing Going?

Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. What I mean by that is, it’s going to be everywhere and will affect virtually every aspect...

Where Is Digital Marketing Going?

Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. What I mean by that is, it’s going to be everywhere and will affect virtually every aspect of your life. With web 3.0 continuing to become more of a reality, marketers across the board must modify how they approach marketing. Instead of using tools and tricks, such as those used in SEO campaigns, they must value their customer preferences and devise strategies to cater to them. 

Say you’re a Denver digital marketing agency. You won’t be able to rely on all of the SEO tools and tricks you’ve learned in the past decade if you want to stay relevant in the new Meta-verse. Continue reading to learn how you can avoid becoming a digital dinosaur. 

Meta, Baby!

Web 3.0 is on its way and there’s no sense in fighting it. Agencies would do well to consider where their business will come from and how they can separate themselves from the competition. Businesses that can market by integrating virtual and augmented experiences in their digital marketing package will emerge as the victors and 2022 will mark the year that these practices start to appear more often.

The Continued Growing of Influencers

Influencer marketing was set to reach $13.8 billion in 2021 and it’s only supposed to grow in the years to come. For companies looking to market their products, especially in industries such as fitness or beauty, it makes loads of sense to put their products in the hands of the beautiful and socially rich. B2B brands are also continuing to embrace influencers, with companies such as Adobe, SAP, GE, and PWC all establishing partnerships with influencers. 

Advertising Challenged by Privacy 

The war on privacy in the digital sphere will continue to rage throughout 2022. We’ve all seen them: the ads that pop up unannounced while scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. However, in 2022 some privacy regulations like the iOS update and the pending removal of cookies have been disrupting what data can be used in AI. Marketers will do well to examine how this changes their strategies going forward.

LinkedIn Growth

Linked In continues to assert itself as a growing form of social media. Each quarter, they display considerable gains in both active users and engagements. With the frequent launches of new features, business is only expected to improve. Because of this, marketers should try to utilize these features as best they can.

A More Integrated SEO Approach 

SEO is one of the tried and true methods of digital marketing. As search algorithms become smarter, many of the hacks and tricks that used to work for SEO firms will start to fall flat. Providing a more meaningful experience for users will become more and more important as machine learning begins to understand human thought processes better. Because of this, SEO firms should start focusing more on how they can provide an excellent user experience rather than utilizing tricks.

The Growth of Digital Jobs 

According to LinkedIn, digital skills have the highest demand across the board. However, the IT skills gap can be seen in the digital world, as well. Marketing professionals should continue to build their skills repertoire within their organization.

Faster Websites

As mobile traffic increases, websites with faster speeds will rule. Most businesses have treated the mobile experience as a secondary consideration, procrastinating for when the time comes that mobile surpasses desktop. That time is upon us and the websites that neglect mobile page speed will be left in the digital dust of those that streamline their mobile experience. 


With the emergence of web 3.0, algorithms will somehow become more important than they already are. Every part of digital marketing, including social media news, feeds, display ads, social ads, SEO, and email marketing is becoming more and more algorithm-driven. These algorithms all favor the same concept: user experience. To remain relevant, digital marketers must place value user-friendliness on all of their content. 

Programmatic Advertising 

Programmatic advertising describes the process of using AI to automatically buy advertising. This process frees up marketers to focus on the abstract portion of their marketing campaigns. By removing humans from the selection process, you also receive a more reliable, cost-effective approach to advertising choices. 

Conversational Marketing 

The reality is that the digital space is becoming more and more conversational. The algorithms and machine learning are getting smarter, learning how to favor more human-like content over the SEO-laden content of old. People want the internet to be an extension of human interaction and brands are listening. Think about how consumers ask Google questions with voice searching. It’s always in colloquial, conversational terms. They want their computer to initiate an immediate response in a similar, easily-understandable fashion. 


Marketing is becoming more and more personalized. Content, products, emails, everything needs to have a personalized spin. Most shoppers typically only pay attention to advertisements if they align with something they care about. Marketers also find the best results from personalizing their customer experience. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, as we integrate more AI and machine learning into the marketing funnel. The brands that personalize their marketing approaches – keeping the customer’s preferences in mind throughout their experience – will win the future. With web 3.0 becoming more and more of a reality rather than just some hot topic discussed in forums and blogs, digital marketing agencies and brands must adapt to the changing environment. Personalizing user experience is the way to do so.


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