Why do the bots crawl your website if you blog often?

Why do the bots crawl

Well, the first question we should be asking is not ‘why do the bots crawl sites?’, but rather what exactly is a bot?

Secondly, this system that systematically travels the net to collect information on websites is often known as a web crawler or spiders as well as bots.

So, what is a bot? Basically, bots are automated software used by search engines to decide where a website will be displayed on their search results. Therefore, bots are pretty important, right? Absolutely! And as such optimizing your site for search engine bots and crawlers must be a part of any digital marketing and SEO strategy.

It’s very important to complete a digital marketing course so you are fully equipped with all the necessary information on bots and how they crawl websites and what factors should be top of mind when deciding on a good digital marketing strategy.

How do bots work?

As we know modern SEO is about much more than selecting and using the right keywords, whether for your website or blog.  Nowadays there are hundreds of SEO optimizing factors which include everything from meta descriptions and title tags etc.

Search engine bots seem simple enough as they monitor your blog or website for content relevance, quality, and authority.  However, it must be kept in mind that contains the search engine bots deem to be relevant or of good quality and authority is not static.  This automated software is constantly at work crawling websites and blogs, and it’s safe to say their work is never done.

As the largest search engine, Google has invested a lot of time and money into developing their Googlebot and it’s fair to say that all search engines are following the same example set by Google, so its important to optimize your blog for when the search engine crawls your content.

Bots and blogs

Free information online is given these days and it’s expected to be of high-quality relative content too. This is why blogging has become so popular as a part of a digital marketing strategy. Consistent, good quality and relative blogs are a great tool to drive potential customers to your website and increase your conversion rate. Digital promotion via ads or online videos is an important part of SEO, but blogging brings a more personal touch to your brand awareness campaigns.

Often times search engines display larger portions of content for particular search engine results, this is also seen by digital marketers as somewhat unfair as it seems the search engines doing this are favoring paying ads related to content.

What is search engine indexing?

Every single website and blog online needs to be indexed by the search engines in order to appear on the search result pages. How long does Google take to index a blog? Well, it’s quite a process, but Google’s bots work around the clock to crawl content, including websites and blogs.


Steps to accelerate the indexing of your website.

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Benefits of blogging

For as long as SEO strategies have been part of digital marketing and blogging has been a great tool to build brand awareness and create a solid online presence. Consistent blogging helps the search engine bots crawl your website and signals where to send online users where to go for relevant information searched.

Here are a few more blogging benefits besides helping the bots crawl your website.

  • Encourage links – If your blogs or website has high-quality content then users are more likely to recommend or include a link to your site or blog. It’s also a good idea to add links to your own site in your blog to direct readers to more information.
  • Keeping visitors longer – It’s extremely important for SEO improvement to have visitors stay on your site or blog longer as it tells the search engines that your content is relative and of high quality.
  • Improves SEO – Great blog content and good keyword usage undoubtedly improve your SEO rating as it tells the search engines that your site is a good resource.

Fresh content – We all know that search engines, including bots, love fresh content. So keeping this in mind it’s essential that you update your website often and add as many good quality blogs you are able.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

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