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Backlinks: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Creating backlinks is one method to raise PageRank and signal to search engine spiders that your particular website must often be crawled....

Backlinks: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Creating backlinks is one method to raise PageRank and signal to search engine spiders that your particular website must often be crawled. For that reason, it is ranked higher (more links = more votes).

Webmasters employ various free and paid methods to generate backlinks. Adopting the correct approaches for creating backlinks will enable you to enjoy more and more people with their websites, which leads to higher revenues and greater profits.

Importance of Backlink Checker

To promote your company by utilizing SEO, you should use a backlink checker to optimize your SEO campaign. This checker will give details about other sites on the net that have hyperlinks to your web page. It also provides information about just how much and excellent while using hyperlinks, which may also bring prospects with your pages.

Few popular backlink checkers can be Ahrefs and SemRush. You need to look at specific metrics like referring domains, their domain authority, and the content those referring pages have on them.

These backlink checkers will only be beneficial if you spend time analyzing these manually. You can also leverage the help of a search engine optimization consultant if you find analyzing backlinks overwhelming. 

Remember, good SEO is a type of ethical practice that encourages quality sites to experience a good ranking on online engines like google and following quality guidelines. They also maintain informative content and follow good developer practices.

If your website carries a huge variety of excellent backlinks, search engines will assume that you own an incredibly high-quality page. 

Negative SEO and its Harms

Negative SEO could harm your website’s ranking for good. It can be a way of spam in the eyes of search engines like Google and Yahoo. This can lead to a damaging reaction, ultimately hampering your website’s Google rankings. Once you’ve received a damaging response, there is a high possibility that you and the company may find it hard for one’s online reputation to go back to normal.

Types of Backlinks

It’s important to understand the types of backlinks you’ll be working with to get the best out of them. If you overuse any of the backlink types, your website will get into the wrong eyes of Google, which is the last thing you want.

The idea here is to be inconsistent with your backlink building. We will get to that later. First, let’s look at the two main backlink types:

Do-follow backlinks

These backlinks allow the search engines to crawl the linked website. These are the backlink types that provide the most SEO benefits to your website. You should look to create as many do-follow backlinks as you can.

No-follow backlinks

These backlinks are also created on a high-authority website. However, these instruct search engines “not to follow” or crawl the linked website. You still get some SEO benefits, but not as much as the ones from do-follow links. 


DoFollow vs. NoFollow links – Explanatory Guide.

The Tiered Backlink Strategy

You don’t want Google to catch your backlink pattern. That may get your website penalized. So, you need to be inconsistent with your backlink building process.

One good approach is a tiered-backlink approach. In this method, you create backlinks of your backlinks. Meaning, you can add a link to your main website on a forum website, say Quora.

Now, take the link to that quora page where you have submitted your main website. Go to a web 2.0 website like Wix and add the Quora web page link there. This way, you have created a “backlink of a backlink”. 

Keep doing this for various website types. A few of these website types where you can submit your website’s links are:

  • Profile sites
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Social Bookmarking sites
  • Directories
  • Forums etc.,

Final word

You can rank your website on Google’s first page with on-page SEO, but it’s the backlinks that will help your website stay on Google’s rankings. Backlinks also help increase your website’s credibility.

Take cues from this article to draft a backlink strategy that works for your business!

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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