4 Ideas for Starting a New Website

Ideas for Starting a New Website

Starting a new website to offer visitors fresh content and products is a good way to earn a second income. Many work-from-home, entrepreneurs have had great success in creating websites from scratch and taking them to levels that eventually give them financial freedom. Of course, websites need to be unique and offer readers clear value – much like Just Freebies. If, however, you’re struggling with new ideas, have a look at some of the below types of websites that could be successful.

1. Affiliate Sites

Although affiliate sites are hard to promote and earn an income from, if you use the right marketing methods, (like Mailvio for email marketing campaigns), you could earn a considerable profit margin.. Affiliate websites don’t cost a lot to create or run and, because you can just go back to them whenever you have time to add more content, it makes for a great earner. Simply create your blog/website, add content, choose an affiliation partner, and get your visitors to buy their products. In return, you’ll be rewarded with a commission.

2. E-Commerce Stores

You can get an e-commerce store online pretty easily these days and the cost of doing so is cheap – it’s just finding the right wholesaler that’s the tricky part. Finding a wholesaler isn’t your only option, though, and you could benefit more from drop shipping or one of the other alternative methods instead. Dropshipping is basically advertising products and getting another business idea to send the goods to the customer. You simply pay a fee and in return, you make a profit. It’s a cost-effective way to get a full-scale e-commerce store with inventory without having to spend thousands.

3. A Blog

Blog websites are often overlooked by webmasters because they feel plenty of time and effort are required to manage them. However, as long as you can keep content updated regularly for your visitors (even on a monthly basis) you could still earn a reasonable income. Many blog owners work as publishers for Pay Per Click sites like Google AdSense, where they simply display ads and get paid every time a visitor clicks on one. Others even go as far as writing content and implementing adverts toward their affiliate partners (such as those who review certain products). There’s plenty you can do with a blog and many ways to earn from owning one.

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4. Web Hosting Reseller

Although you will need to be pretty technical to own your own web hosting site – people do earn a decent income from reselling web hosting services. Big hosting companies like Host Gator have multiple options available so you can simply create a website and resell their services to earn a commission. You could also rent a dedicated server and create your own full-scale web hosting business in the future, although this will take plenty of time and effort to build a customer base to take advantage of the resources available.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of website ideas that you can take on and make into your own. An affiliate site that’s targeting a specific niche could prove to be a huge moneymaker. An E-commerce store is always a great way to get a full-scale business on a track that requires you to manage inventory and other business operations. A simple blog that earns through PPC advertisers like AdSense may suit you more if you don’t necessarily have the time to update content regularly. Of course, you could even go as far as owning your own web hosting business that resells web hosting resources.

The only thing you need is a bit of money, and some time and effort to get a fully-functioning website that earns a profit.


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