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Why Podcast is an Essential Marketing Tool?

With the digital revolution running an errand around the world, today nearly every person has a cellphone in their hands. With the...

Podcast is an Essential Marketing

With the digital revolution running an errand around the world, today nearly every person has a cellphone in their hands. With the growing popularity of these mobile devices, podcasts are continuously surfacing into the limelight. One reason for this growing popularity is that podcasts are easy to manage. They can be heard anywhere, anytime while continuing with their routine activities. This makes them an integral part of any marketing strategy in today’s click and snaps world where the attention of the audience is worse than a toddler. Here, we have discussed some benefits of podcasts that make them a powerful marketing tool.

Convenient to Use

The biggest reason for the popularity of podcasts is that they are very convenient for the audience to access and use. An individual can listen to a podcast anytime anywhere without having to pay much attention to it. Unlike other marketing tools such as videos and presentations, podcasts do not require the audience to leave their current activity, in fact, they can go hand-in-hand with the listener’s routine work. Podcasts often leave the listeners recharged, thus in turn, enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

Huge Reach

Since podcasts can be uploaded over popular audio platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, they can reach a comparatively large number of audiences without much effort. These audio channels are used by millions of consumers on a daily basis to listen to music and podcasts free of cost. The podcasts, therefore, do not take much marketing effort to reach out to people and generally help in targeting a much wider customer base compared to any of the other popular marketing tools.

Establishes Trust and Credibility

Podcasts are more personal as compared to videos and blog posts. They help in building a one-on-one connection between the speaker and the listener. Moreover, podcasts offer a greater degree of flexibility in terms of customizing options. A podcast can be easily molded into a more personal and interactive medium. You just need to control the tone of your voice. Also, making podcasts in a manner that you are talking to the individual, in reality, makes them personalized media, and the consumers usually end up following the directions mentioned in the podcast, putting their trust in your hands, making you a credible source of information for the users.


Podcasts have a greater level of sustainability. This is due to the fact that podcasts come with ease of accessing them anywhere, anytime. A user does not need to specifically take some time out for listening to the podcasts. They could play it while jogging, during journeys, while shopping, and even when working. Therefore, a podcast lives longer than videos and blog posts as the user has the option to play it again and again, embedded into a playlist, without even shifting a glance. They, therefore, help in strengthening your brand image by enhancing its visibility.

Lower Competition

In the marketing world, there are not a number of brands that are utilizing the power of these soft yet strong voices to reach out to customers. Most companies are restricted to the traditional methods of marketing such as email marketing, PR campaigns, advertisements, blog posts, etc. They are overlooking this new powerful medium which has a far greater hold over the consumers. Therefore, it is comparatively easier to gain the customer’s attention over the audio channels as compared to other mediums. There is less competition.


Making podcasts does not require any special setup or equipment. A microphone and a recording device are all you need to create podcasts. Therefore, they are a very cost-effective method to popularize your ideas. Furthermore, you do not require any kind of professionals to create podcasts. You can do it on your own, just keep in mind to speak in a clear and polite tone. Also, if you are recording at a silent place, there s no editing requirement as well and therefore, you can bypass the audio editing software which further brings down the production costs.

Lower Time Consumption

Podcasts do not have any specific requirements for a script or written material. There is also, not much planning involved in podcasts. They are more like a fluent conversation, addressed to the audience, elaborating on a particular idea. It is more like talking. Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of time or energy on podcasts. They can be prepared readily with minimal effort, anytime and anywhere. Also, since there is no editing requirement in most cases, you can upload them almost instantly over multiple audio channels. It is, therefore, a simple, affordable solution for all your marketing needs.


Commonly referred to as “Radio-on-demand” podcasts are becoming a favorite of marketers all around the world. The low competition, high engagement ratio, interactive interface, lower time consumption, low-cost requirements, high sustainability, and huge reach are just a few perks to mention. Moreover, unlike their contemporary marketing tools like videos and blog posts, podcasts do not require any kind of planning, scripts, and storyboards. They can be produced almost instantly and can be uploaded immediately without any kind of post-production processing.


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