10 Secrets For Writing a Viral Blog Post

Viral blog post

Have you ever wrote a viral Blog post or do you know the secrets of making a viral blog post?

Has it ever happened to you?

You wrote a blog post, edited it brutally to make it as lean as possible without losing the essence, and finally hit the publish button. You thought it was going to be viral. You dreamed of getting book contracts, celebrity image, and admiration.

What happened then?

You disappointedly stared at the zero counts of social buttons. The empty comment section mocked at you.

I know this happened to you. Maybe, happening now as well!

Don’t worry! I am going to help you create a viral blog post.

10 Secrets to Writing a Viral Blog Post

In this article, you will get ten tips to create a viral blog post.

1. Astonish Your Audience with Your Title

If your title isn’t captivating, you will not get any visitors no matter how good the body of your post is.

Let me give you two titles.

How to Make Money on Your Blog?

How to Make $1000 from 10 Visitors?

What did you like the most? The first one? I bet not! The first one is a clichéd title whereas the second one startles you with the numbers.

Always be unpredictable with your title. If possible, use at least a power word.

2. Solve an Interesting Problem

If you solve a problem with your blog post before anyone else, traffic will flow like from a broken dam.

Have a look at this post on Lifehack.org. The post accumulated over 4 million social shares. Why?

The article solves an interesting problem in the easiest way possible. You can find interesting problems that come under your niche. Once you do it, find the easiest solution.

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Popularity is on the way!

3. Debunk a Conventional Statement

We are conventionalists! We keep on believing certain things since long.

What if someone breaks it for a solid reason? Will you lend him your ears? I am sure you will!

Find popular beliefs in your niche. Let me take blogging as an example. I came across some and made the following titles.

See? As a blogger, will you click on such titles?

4. Open the Post in a Unique Way

You must work hard at the beginning of your blog post. If it goes well, half of your job is done.

I really admire Jon Morrow in this regard! The openings of all his blog posts attract us to the rest of the content like a strong magnet.

There are multiple ways to open a blog post in an impressive manner.

  • Ask a sharpened question

  • Tell a funny story

  • Explain a situation and relate the same to your audience

  • Share a shocking fact

Look at the opening of this post; has it ever happened to you?. You might have asked yourself what happened, what he is trying to say, etc. And, to satisfy your curiosity, you started reading the rest.

5. Promise to Achieve Something Quick

We are living in a hectic era that we love quick things. So, you can promise a method to do something in less time.

Take an example from this post. Get 1000 email subscribers in 7 days. If you are a blogger, you know how difficult it is to get started with list building. Given the fact, this post helps you get 1k subscribers within a matter of just a week.

Just search for a problem. Get all possible solutions. If possible, come up with your own quick fix. Then, share the same with your audience in a catchy way. There you go!


How subscribing to other bloggers can be a big help?

6. Match the Unmatched

Matching the unmatched is pretty a unique idea to help you get exposure.

For example, look at the subheading of this section. I have coined two terms, opposite to each other in order to depict an idea.

Do more with less is another such article, in which the author incorporated two opposite terms to come up with a single idea.

Don’t do it blindly for the sake of doing it. You should research to get the suitable words and ideas.

7. Develop an Emotional Connection with Your Readers

You know what? Emotions get you maximum conversion! Yeah, you read it right! If you manage to develop an emotional connection with your readers, they will not hesitate to buy from you.

So, how can you make the so-called connection?

Well, you must use both first and second person nouns (I and you to be specific). Even though you write for bulk, a person who reads your article should feel you are directly talking to him.

And, reach out to their humanness. Uncover their needs, wishes, dreams. Heal their sadness, make them happy. Do all this without crossing your niche-constraint. In simple words try to become their friends through blogging.

8. Leverage the Power of Visual Content

An image is worth a thousand words.

The saying is up to the point. If you can design or find the best image or video, you can stop blabbering and leave the rest to the visuals.

Your readers will appreciate you for doing the same.

There is a specific type of image called Infographic. If possible, try to get one. An infographic is an image with tons of information.

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9. Embrace Controversy

You know what controversy means, don’t you? Simply put, it is the dispute or disagreement over something.

I want you to be accurate and straight to the point if you choose this method. You shouldn’t write something not true.

Click here to read one of the most popular controversial posts.

As I said earlier, write your views, facts, and figures, not some false info.

10. Analyze Viral Posts

Yeah, you should do it! Pick a few viral posts and try to find some common traits in them. Maybe, they all contain a number in the title. Maybe, they all start with a thought-provoking question.

You have to open your eyes, observe well, and apply what you get in your next article.

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So, what did you decide?

Do you want to keep on sitting in front of your computer, mechanically publishing blog posts?

Or, you want to get yourself out there to explore the pleasure of the exposure your content gets?

What’s your choice for Writing a Viral Blog Post?

First one? Well, I feel sorry for you. You shouldn’t have read till this.

Second one? Wow! You are a gem! Just follow the tips I have shared with you.

I hope you will share this article with your social media friends.

Danish Wadhwa

Danish Wadhwa

Danish Wadhwa is a strategic thinker and an IT Pro, with more than 6 years of expertise in the digital marketing industry. He is one of the most inspirational bloggers and the founder of Worduct

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5 thoughts on “10 Secrets For Writing a Viral Blog Post

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    Well I’ve been trying to improve my writing skills and wanted to create viral posts. And I guess this tips are of great help.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    · January 18, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    The secret was an unknown secret needed to know by the content writer. I think if we follow the steps then surely our blog post will become viral. problem solving technique in the blog post is awesome part. Analyzing the viral post and writing the content as per that is the key and every content writer must have the leverage power to bring up the content in visual. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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    Interesting Title helps a lot for viral posts. You certainly shared the useful Info! 10th point also needs to be applied to find yourself the reasons of Viral posts.

  4. Avatar

    I really liked the third point, Debunk a Conventional Statement. Readers love to read stuff that is adventurous rather than being plain and boring. Going past what normal blogger do, helps garner attention and getting loyal readers to the blog.

  5. Avatar

    Hey Danish !
    These ways are amazing, I glad to know these strategies. The second point is amazing because I think to give solution of the problem is amazing which may become some time insane cause of traffic.