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How To Rank On Google First Page Without Backlinks?

There must be many questions in your mind after reading the title of this post. Is it possible to get Traffic without...

rank on Google First page without backlinks

There must be many questions in your mind after reading the title of this post.

Is it possible to get Traffic without building links to your site?

Can we rank on Google’s first page without backlinks?

And the best answer to this is that it depends on many things which I will share with you today and will explain how you can rank on Google’s first page without backlinks. You must know that Google ranks those sites that have some quality links pointing to them. But there are some awesome ways by which you can rank on Google’s first page without building any links and because there are many other things that Google counts to rank the websites in the SERPs. Link building is only one of the ranking factors in Google.

I would say that this post is for those who are just content writers who are not good at building links to their sites or mostly don’t get time for the same.

Link Building is one of the most important factors for ranking in Google’s SERPs. But some other factors besides backlinking can help you to get better traffic and better results at the Google SERPs. I will explain every factor that has helped me to get more traffic to my blog. You need not be an expert to do this thing, just simply do it.

1. Look for the keywords with high search Volume and Low competition:

Finding keywords is a process called Brainstorming. There are many sites where you can look for desired keywords like Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Discovery Etc. I use Google keyword planner to get the best keywords for my blog. The best thing you can do while looking for the keywords is to look for those keywords that have very low competition and high search volume.

I would prefer you to choose a keyword that is often searched by people but has very less or no articles or posts or any other information available on the internet about it. Because when you will do this with proper on-page optimization then Google’s algorithm will surely rank it. I use these kinds of keywords because these types of keywords require very less or no link-building at all.

You can also take some extra help in Brainstorming using software like SEO power suite or Buzzsumo. This software’s a big help. Mainly Buzzsumo will help you to find out the articles, the number of shares, and links pointing to a competitor site using the same keyword. Once you have got an overview of the keywords, then you are ready to make it to Google’s first page.

2. Use Keyword Density with latent semantic indexing (LSI)

You must have heard that content is king. Unique and good content no doubt ranks well, but besides that, one needs to do On-Page optimization perfectly if one wants to rank on Google without backlinks. Then your article or post must have an ideal keyword density. The density of the keywords must be appropriate; it must not be less or more than enough. If you use a keyword many times, more than actually it is needed then Google will surely put your article or post on the list of spammers.

But to overcome this problem you can use the LSI (latent semantic indexing). In this technique, we use synonyms of keywords to avoid spamming. I would rather say that Google also ranks those sites that use LSI for their articles. I have already written a post for “What is LSI? And How you can use it perfectly?”.

3. Use a unique and good Title

A title in any post or article plays an important factor in better ranking. So, make your own title for your post instead of copying from any other blogs or articles. Because copying an article will never get you to the top of the Google SERPs. Also, make sure to place the keyword in the title.

Some websites can help you to get an attractive and unique title for your post or article.

I always used SEO Pressor to get a Blog title for the keyword before writing a post. But you can use all three for getting an awesome blog Title for your post.

4. Try to use Long-Tail Keywords always


The use of long-tail keywords will surely get you more exposure. When you search on Google a word, the rest of the sentence appears automatically thus giving us suggestions for our search query. When we search for any query, Google first searches for the exact keywords available on the websites, then the result appears up. And if it doesn’t find the exact keyword in the data then it looks for the Title of the page. That means if you are using a long tail keyword then there are more chances to rank high without backlinks or with very few backlinks.

Also, check out this video where Matt Cutts explains why we should go for long-tail keywords and how they have made these changes permanently for the use of long-tail keywords.


How can you find long-tail keywords?

Why should you be using Long tail keywords?

5. Try to be the first to write a Topic about the keyword

Each day new information and new updates appear on the internet. People are searching for something new that no blog post or webmaster has written for the same, and that can be your chance to rank on Google’s first page without backlinks. So, even this process involves Brainstorming for getting those keywords that have no competition and high search volume. This is one of the best techniques for getting on the first page of Google without backlinks. You can just write a topic about something which no blogger has written or shared. Be first to write and be on the top.


How to write a post that goes viral without links?

Another thing, don’t write a small or un-optimized article for the same because it will not stay on the SERPs for a long time or the chances are the article may not appear up in the search results. Instead, write an awesome article with perfect On-Page optimization, so that your post may last longer on the Google SERPs. Write a long detailed article that is informative to the readers and the search engines.

Explore the power of Google with Google trends. You can write on the topics which are trending on the internet. You can also search to set trends for particular keywords. It is one of the secret weapons of many bloggers on the internet. They look for trending posts online and make their own unique and similar post with the same keywords and are winning the internet.

7. Use Google Alerts for New Information.

I use Google Alerts to get the latest news and information in my field. You can get alerts for any niche for which you are writing. You can create an alert from the suggestion list or type a keyword for the same. After creating an alert, you will start getting emails from the Google alert with the latest trending post and information.

8. Website Security

Your website is your brand; this is the first step to connecting with your customers. If that is not safe and secure, then your customers won’t visit your site. Threats can come in many forms they may steal customers’ information, like names, credit card details, and other transaction information, or can crash your website.

Before you became a victim of any cyber attack, install an SSL Certificate on your website. SSL will secure all your data transmitted over the internet between your computer and server. If your website has multiple sub-domains then to reduce the cost of a single certificate you can go with the Wildcard SSL Certificate as it will secure all your unlimited sub-domain.

To get more visitors to your site security plays an important role and as per the Google update “Google will give a Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Site.

Finally, what I want to Say

Let me tell you that I am using these tools and techniques for years, and these tools have helped me to achieve more organic traffic to my blog and my websites. Moreover, I not only use these tools for blogging but I also use them for other sites.

I would love to know your opinion about ranking a site without backlinks. So, feel free to tell us through your valuable comments.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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  1. Hi Robin
    You covered most important points here and the article is written in friendly tone.
    You should be the first to write about any topic, it doesn’t work always.
    You need to write better optimized content than already published ones….

  2. Hi Robin,
    Those tips you are shared is really helpful,but I think google seo is getting much advanced so you also need to concentrate on backlink methods to rank any article in top of google .Anyway thanks for these tips you mentioned,highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Debarpan,
      I Know without backlinks we can’t stand but there were websites which I bought up on the first page without backlinks by following the above techniques. Although thanks for stopping by sharing the valuable comments.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Just an excellent post on ranking without backlinks.
    I do receive Google Trends and Use the Google Keyword Tool and I agree that using these kinds of keywords require very less or no link building. Being the first to write on a keyword, these are usually product related. Once your content is indexed, and no one else has written about it, you must be on page one. Recently this happened to me and I was very happy to see that. I do need to work on longtail keywords now though.

  4. This is absolutely a post that I will need to visit over and over again. There is an incredible amount of information here that I will need to look at implementing step by step.

  5. Hi Robin, Thank you very much.
    I am very much impressed about your blog post. Informative, stick to the point and blogger focused post. Keep going.

  6. It’s a nice post. I’ve not used Google Trends. If you could write about how to use Google Trends with some examples, I believe it will be very useful.

    Looking forward to read your more posts.

  7. Hi Robin
    You’ve mentioned every important step above very nicely managed article.
    looking forward to the second part of this article in the future.

    thanks for sharing!


  8. Hey there,

    What an awesome post man! You did an amazing job on this post. SEO is definitely powerful once you know how to do things the right way. Another thing I’d like to add is creating massive engagement in your blog which creates absurd power for your blog post. Get as many people possible to like, comment and share your stuff.

    Great job here. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hello,

    If we will publish up to date content on our blog then Google will love our blog and give rankings to it. I like the way you have explained to get traffic and better rankings without backlinks.

    ~Diana Hardy

  10. Hi Robin,
    I love the way you explained every thing in this post.
    Just outstanding.
    Everything clear!
    ~ Ahmad

  11. Hi Robin,
    I subscribe to your blog but I don’t remember seeing these posts in your sidebar.
    1. How often do you publish?
    2. Do the posts come in my inbox or just in the Feedly reader?

    1. Hi Janice,
      I Publish my posts once a week or sometimes after 10 or 15 days. Depends on what kind of post i am going to publish. And,I think you will recieve the emails if you have subscribed to my blog. I use WordPress and Rss for the same.

  12. Hey Robins,
    I’m glad to be here through your guest article on Janice’s blog. You did a good post on SEO, clearing the doubts most of us have on those technical terms.

    Here is another great post, similar to a post I submitted to Zac Johnson’s blog. I brought out 4 ways to rank on Google page #1 without backlinks and this is just adding more to it.

    Of course, the longtail keyword direction is confirmed to be a quick way to page #1 without backlinks. I also underlined being the first to write on a keyword, usually product related. Once your content is index and no one else has written about it, you must be on page one.

    I love what you share here bud. I’ll be around often.

    hope to connect more

  13. Hi Robin,
    You certainly came up with an eye-catching title! We all want to rank on page 1 of Google.
    I appreciated finding all these tips in one place rather than scattered all over the place – and I liked the idea of including the video from Matt Cutts. If he doesn’t know, no-one does!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  14. Hi Robin,

    Such great information!! Thank you! I’m going to have to reread a couple of times to grasp, but one of the most valuable posts I’ve read in a long time!

  15. Hi Robin,
    Google is king of all search engine and every one is in race to get rank on first page in Google , so here you have shared this awesome method to rank on google first page without backlink .

    Actually sometimes backlink are also important to get rank well and instant result.

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Lovely bro its give lot of ideas to new blogger
    thanks for sharing it with us….

  17. hi Robin ,
    Title of post is interesting ” How To Rank On Google First Page Without Backlinks?” i am satisfied with your post but i want to include one thing….few numbers of quality backlinks are good in compression of 1000 bad links.so we can’t ignore strength of backlinks.

  18. Hi Robin,
    I like you post, it gives a lot of good advice and
    shows if the content is good and you do the right,
    things, you do not have to go for backlink hunt.
    You give some very good Ideas here. I too use
    Google alert to get the news. In good headlines
    I am weak ], but it is true it helps in ranking.
    Will have a look at the sites you provided.
    Thank you ,good work

  19. Hi Robin,

    Very good tips, I like them. I think using Long tail keywords is the main factor for success.


  20. Hi Robin,
    When I saw the title of the article, I was taken aback, my taught was, is it really possible to rank on Google first page without backlinks? We all know how important backlinks are in terms of ranking for a keyword.

    The curiosity in me was heightened and I hurriedly rushed into reading the article because I wanted to know how to rank on Googles first page without backlinks and who doesn’t., I everyone desires that.

    Nice write-up Robin, actually it is possible to rank on Google first page without backlinks provided the keyword has a very low competition. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  21. Every time i use to build back links and rank my blogs. After reading this i will make a try by not building backlinks and rank with longtail keywords with your suggestions.

  22. Hey Robin,
    You said when using Google’s keyword planner: “The best thing you can do while looking for the keywords is to look for those keywords which have very low competition and high search volume.” The thing is I think the competition given in keyword planner is not for the keyword itself but for the ad competition, i.e. what advertisers are competing for. High competition means advertisers compete to put their ad on your site.
    Especially check out Brian Dean’s stuff because he explains this really well.

    Still this was a pretty good post. Cheers.

    1. Hi Leros,
      I am a regular reader of Brian Deans Blog. And he is doing a great job and let me tell you that, he in his many posts suggest Google keyword Planner for the same. If you still have any issue. I will be happy to help.

  23. Hello Robin, I loved this post as well as your blog. You my friend are really putting out some great value.

    SEO is not one of my favorite subjects, but you sure did make it easy for me to learn more about them here today.

    Good Stuff.
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

  24. Hi Robin,
    It is indeed a great joy to see you on my page with an insightful feedback on my latest story.
    I am so glad that i could land here too to read your creations!
    Wonderful and informative stuff packed in for all especially for the bloggers.
    Thanks of this informative piece, in fact i am new on this subject, could pick up/learn something new today
    Keep sharing
    Have a great day.
    Thanks again for dropping by
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  25. Hi Robin,
    It was a great informative post. You have done a terrific job on this post! I love to keep an eye on Google trends.
    Thank you for all your advice.

  26. Hey Robin,
    Well written post will try your tips in my new micro niche site apart thanks for sharing.
    Md Shahzad Hassan

  27. Hi Robin,

    You have done a terrific job on this post! I love to keep an eye on Google trends. Trending issues on all of the social sites are always great to use, and as you mention, trying to be the first one using such topics will work out well. I use Google Alerts to keep me on my toes!

    I realize that I need to use more long tail keywords from reading this post. Time to put that one into action. Thank you for all your advice.


  28. Hi Robin,

    It was a great informative post but I think you need to write more on Google Alert thing. Maybe a new post on that since I am new to it and would like to learn about it.

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