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How Artificial Intelligence is Evolving Mobile Technology?

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning created a major impact on human connection with machines and devices. There are so...

Artificial Intelligence is Evolving

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning created a major impact on human connection with machines and devices. There are so many industrial areas like travel, utility, telecom, and advertisement, ML and AI have improved the smartphone experience in an immense way. Both iOS and Android mobile platforms are connecting AI and ML in different types of applications. But very importantly ML and AI decision-making has become a lot more precise and quicker by accumulating a vast amount of information. And in simple words, we can say that artificial intelligence is evolving.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence both are smart and emerging technologies, especially in technology, the media industry, and telecom. New technologies like self-driving cars, chatbots, virtual assistants, etc. Especially in the recent upcoming years, there will be an improbable flow of ML and AI which can only be detected in science fiction zoner movies.

In today’s smartphone market, fighting technologies are following abundant pressure to build a perpetual innovation ground that will produce their phone ‘smarter’ than opponents’. It’s not simple to reach out.

We have seen a great transformation in the different types of industries as they will select or choose ML and AI for enhancing their existing products and services. In spite of all these, the future versions of iOS and Android will see more applications and features collaborated with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Collaboration in Mobile Technology

Mobile Phones are a quicker and more efficient channel to transfer information. And completely adjusted the way that humans socialize, work, organize, and inspire themselves.

Mobile applications have become an important platform between devices and people. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence integration with mobile phones has further improved the features of devices. Mobile apps are not generally called smartphones but it holds different smart devices like iPads, Wearable, Tablets, Smart televisions, etc.

Artificial Intelligence on your Mobile Camera

This is one of the primary advantages of AI in mobile technology. By using Artificial Intelligence, the interface of a mobile phone camera can simply find out the aspects in the camera frame like landscape, food, fireworks, etc. It works respectively by pinching the settings of the mobile camera for getting a good image or picture.

Moreover, AI-enabled cameras can also efficiently identify facial advantages and improve them to get a super representation picture automatically. This feature is also to identify facial authentication to protect our mobile phones from unknown people.


Chatbots are one of the major advantages of AI in mobile technology. Using the chatbots users’ and customers’ satisfaction were greatly increased. It is one of the best applications of Artificial intelligence creating a connection between customers and businesses.

The Chatbots are contributing customers with an exciting communication experience, and 24*7 availability with the customers. And the chatbots can communicate with multiple customers or users at one time. Perhaps, on each conversation with the customer, it becomes knowledge for the next conversation because chatbots may improve their questions and query response with each conversation that happened before.


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In-Built Virtual Assistance

Virtual Private Assistants like Cortana and Siri are used on mobile phones to give users with assured decision-making assistance. Perhaps, this type of system is more convenient to the users than the traditional touch system. Even without touching mobile phones, people can use these technologies to operate and perform any kind of activities or tasks. The mobile phone is already providing services like meetings, conversations, reschedules, alerts, and news.

Internet of Things in Mobile Technology

The Internet of things (IoT) is a different aspect of technology that combines Artificial Intelligence with mobile apps. When Virtual Personal Assistance and Augmented Reality are used for improving decision-making capabilities and visualization respectively, IoT is extensively used for communication facilities and larger connectivity.

Let us consider one example, IoT-enabled sensors are utilized in theaters and shopping malls to notify consumers about new product services and features. Here the IoT -enabled sensors even identify the person who is moving nearby the shopping complex or showroom and provide information on new services or product features. So a service or product can find its own consumers with the help of IoT-enabled devices which mean we are able to destroy all boundaries of communication and connectivity using Artificial Intelligence enabled mobile applications. So in all perspectives, AI lessens the gap between machine and human intelligence.


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Understanding User behavior

The Artificial Intelligence enabled system is designed to adapt and learn as it is practiced over time. On the mobile phone, AI will adapt and analyze your usage pattern and ensure to apply it on daily basis. When you will put your mobile phone is under silence when reaching the office, close the background run android apps every 3 to 4 hours, and switch on your Bluetooth at home or someplace. AI will absorb all this data and automate these patterns on a daily basis. This will reduce your time and enhance your phone usage experience over time.


The growth of AI with mobile technology provides inherent experiences to users and customers. Problems like intentional acts, standard errors, and human neglect can be abandoned by deploying intelligent and automated systems.

Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, and IoT are uniting with Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps technology to benefit us take the next major step in machine intelligence(ML) which decreases the gap between machine and human intelligence. It lessens the convolution of human responsibilities by providing devices to deliver, analyze, configure, diagnose, optimize and learn your private data in the form of optimized solutions. In reality, customers are demanding Artificial Intelligence integrated applications for their considerations. Artificial Intelligence allowed applications are expected to manage conventional mobile applications in no time.

Artificial intelligence will have collaborated with 5G mobile phones, users ensure that the complete advantages of Artificial intelligence that has to process real-time data, store, and collect. AI also provides an advanced customized user experience, thus, organizations definitely take a massive blow of this technology to enhance their organizations, and improve their Return on Investment. Definitely, the future is going to be smarter with smartphones, those are enabled with Artificial Intelligence and surely cellphones economy will grow remarkably with time.

Written by Anjaneyulu Naini
Anjaneyulu Naini loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. He believes in having a skill or talent is more valuable than having just a degree. He is Currently working as a Content writer at MindMajix.com. You can reach him at anjaneyulu.appmajix@gmail.com.

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