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5 Ways AI Technology Improves Digital Marketing

As digital marketing is facing massive competition, every company is doing its best to improve its customer interaction and engagement level. As...

What Is Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

As digital marketing is facing massive competition, every company is doing its best to improve its customer interaction and engagement level. As a result, Artificial intelligence technology comes into play. Incorporating better customer assistance such as chatbots and other human-like interactions makes digital marketing a lot more effective. With every passing year, technological advancement is growing at an appreciable rate; people have higher AI expectations in the digital marketing area. Follow this article until the end to better understand how artificial intelligence can escalate your digital marketing strategies.

Before we get into that, let’s take a closer look at what exactly artificial intelligence is in digital marketing. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science where you learn everything about machines. And the majority of web and mobile app development companies took AI to the next level by adding AI features to the apps where they act as a catalyst. Now let’s see what these technologies have to do with digital marketing.

1. Chatbots

As pointed out earlier, chatbots make the customer interaction with your website or app, the company much more personal and practical. Most of us are familiar with chatbots through apps or websites. For the unaware, chatbots are one of today’s most prominent AI trends and are designed to mimic conversations. Chatbots have become a critical part of android app development; a few examples include Alexa, Siri, etc., which assist us with our daily activities.

Chatbots are available for customers around the clock. Whenever the customer care executive is unavailable for the customers, these AI features reach out to the customers to solve their problems or forward their queries to the team. Hence, chatbots are the most effective customer support because of their faster response. Adding this feature to your company website increases web traffic considerably and rapidly reduces the bounce rate.

2. Voice searches

Voice search technology is not new, and people have been using them since 2000. But the technology has come a long way; the updated version of voice searches is built to detect different accents and provide the most accurate search results. Incorporating SEO keyword search with voice search technology has a profound impact on digital marketers. Even if your website or app has the best news teller, if the users cannot land on their desired search result, the whole thing becomes pointless. Therefore, you have to add the latest features and update the existing ones for better digital marketing.

As per the most recent report, 60 percent of customers rely on voice search for information. This proves that to rank higher on the search result, it is essential to optimize your website with the latest technology.

3. Predictive customer behavior

If you are familiar with popular apps such as Amazon and Netflix, they have an inbuilt feature that tracks the user’s watch history, search history, or purchase history. By considering the predictive behavior of the customer, they are provided with product or movie suggestions that fall in line with their search history. This artificial intelligence technology offers a personalized experience for the users. The technology floods the customer with suggestions from every area. Due to the advancement in the technology field, the expectations customers have from a website are also high. In order to add this feature to your website or application, hire app developers who have experience in the field. Customer behavior prediction requires data management platforms, propensity modeling, and related technologies.

4. Automate the marketing process

The central part of digital marketing time is spent doing repetitive tasks that play a crucial role in improving the marketing strategy. These tasks include. Timely email, coming up with a strict content schedule, fresh and effective content ideas, generating leads and validating them, and more. But today, artificial intelligence technology development has reflected in automating the entire marketing process. This saves time and energy, yet you get the job done with delightful efficacy. This ensures that fresh content is posted on the website for the users to access. By regularly running web traffic monitoring, you get to know the type of content and features preferred by the majority. The data collected also provides you with information about your competitive edge in the digital market and helps you solve the problems instantly. Collecting data such as the amount of time spent by an average person on your website determines your engagement level; analyzing customer reviews and feedback is highly time-consuming. But the task becomes easy and effective using AI technology.

If you observe a steep decline in website traffic right after posting certain content, this indicates either the content is irrelevant or not on point. The primary objective of why people reach out to specific websites is for information or desired content. If you fail to provide what the customer needs, they will drop the search halfway, and you could lose a potential customer permanently. To prevent this from happening, AI technology, after inspecting the customer reviews, helps you build an effective content plan that matches the customer’s preference. This way, you get to know your target audience better; you would be running blind without AI technology.

5. Image recognition

image recognition, otherwise called the visual search feature is the hottest trending AI feature of all. Most of the time, the customers may not know the exact name of the product they are interested in. which makes it impossible to search for the same on the internet. But in recent years, artificial intelligence has come up with a new feature that enables you to search about anything by uploading the same image. This feature has been updated, where the user has the provision to crop out the background for a more precise picture search.

Using artificial intelligence’s picture recognition tool has become an essential tool for the majority of companies to make their website services more effective and personalized. Picture recognition also plays a significant part in recommending related products to the customer. This enhances the user experience manifold and makes the search effortless. Your website’s overall performance increases by adding a picture recognition feature, and the web traffic could also increase impressively. Eighty-five percent of the total customers prefer picture recognition features on the apps or websites they frequently use as it is more convenient to use. Hence, the image recognition feature is vital for effective digital marketing.

Wrapping it up

Summing up everything that has been stated so far, artificial intelligence is perfect for improving digital marketing strategy. Customers like to be treated special; who doesn’t? Providing a quick response and being there for them 24×7 gives them an excellent reason to choose your company’s services. Before finalizing what you need to add to your company website or app, check the customer feedback and reviews and consult any android app development services.

By analyzing the user’s search history: the AI features incorporated into the web or application provide similar suggestions from the same line. Once the overall navigation process becomes seamless, the entire customer experience becomes smooth. By completely automating the marketing services, the customers become satisfied and content. All these technologies make the user come back to your app or website, steer in more web traffic and new customers and retain the existing ones. 

Written by Prashant Pujara
Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS.

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