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6 Effective Techniques to Market Your Mobile App in Social Media

The mobile app business is competitive. Everyone is aiming for the same shining trophy. But an effective social media strategy can immediately...

Techniques to Market Your Mobile App

The mobile app business is competitive. Everyone is aiming for the same shining trophy. But an effective social media strategy can immediately translate to a drastic increase in revenue. It’s the reason why more and more mobile app ads are suddenly appearing in Facebook videos. Some are also boosted, taking some space in the newsfeed to attract the eyes of mobile app seekers.

Marketing your brand through websites is not enough anymore. Other keys hide inside other platforms. You have to find them to survive and emerge victoriously.

In one in-depth study about mobile apps, 49% of app downloads are prompted through social media discoveries such as recommendations, advertisements, and posts.

People can search almost anything in social media. Facebook, for example, contains everything that you need to know about the latest happenings in the world. From news, entertainment, and technology, you can see all sorts of things in social media.

Creating a buzz has become easier nowadays. The reach of businesses is growing even more extensive, especially in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Through the use of social media marketing, mobile app companies are also taking the lead.

This is precisely why companies such as mobile app and e-commerce business are promoting their products and services in this specific type of media platform. In the age where almost everyone on the planet spends hours of staring at their phone, it is indeed the most reasonable move to do.

A strong presence in the digital world is a crucial part of any marketing campaign. If you’re not using the internet, it’s either you’re living inside a cave, or you’re the last living dinosaur. 97% of consumers rely on the web to search for the products, services, and businesses they need.

Getting noticed is a cinch. You post it on social media, add some new and exciting gimmicks, and hope that someone will spread the word.

There are a lot of effective social media strategies that can be used to boost your brand’s engagement, awareness, and presence. Here are some of the techniques you can use to promote your mobile app in social media and at the same time, increase downloads and retention.

Establish Your Online Presence

Unlike SEO, relevance, although a plus factor, is not a critical factor in creating social media campaigns. As long as it’s cool, grabs the attention of the audience, and unique, you can pretty much do anything.

Most people discover apps outside of Google Play or the App Store. App seekers either get recommendations from their friends or they come across an exciting advertisement somewhere on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

In one study, 52% of app discovery lies on the recommendation of friends, family, and colleagues. One of the most used types of marketing platform is social media. Traditional marketing will not be as useful as we go forward. The virtual world is the new battleground for entrepreneurs, especially for emerging app developers.

Spreading your business footprint in social media is very important in every marketing strategy. There are lots and lots of ways to do that in social media. You can create a page or group to gather the people who are interested in your app. This approach is useful to target a particular demographic, which can result in actual conversions.

Grow Your Visibility by Creating Good Content

Creative marketing is more dominant in this arena. When it sparks interest, it’s good enough for mobile app seekers. Stay clever! Creating mind-boggling videos is one of the best ways to engage your audience. Images can also captivate the attention of the audience. You can also capitalize on the power of images. Remember that pictures are highly sharable. When they’re funny or evoke a particular emotion, it’s more likely to get passed around.

Don’t forget about the reviews. User-Generated contents are free, yet effective. These kinds of content can instantly promote your brand through peer recommendations. Organic reviews can boost your app’s credibility and reliability. Most app users read reviews first before downloading a particular mobile app. Better reviews mean better number of downloads.

Best case scenario: your app becomes viral! Just imagine the impact of that to your app company.

Reach Out to Influencers

They are internet celebrities. Influencers are famous. They have influence over a significant number of population on the internet with similar interests, which is precisely what you are looking for to market your mobile application.

They can be anyone nowadays. Influencers are appearing in the scene in almost any niche. Vloggers are your best bet to market your mobile app. But there are also plenty of other options. Some influencers are writers; some are a makeup artist and even ordinary people who are just too funny. The goal is to find the right one that suits your objectives.

Persuasion is their best asset. Because of their relationship with their fans, influencers can set trends in an instant. Hand signs, challenge, pranks – you name it. They are trendsetters with valuable opinions. What’s good for them is good enough for the majority.

Familiarize the Different Advantages of Social Media Platforms

It’s not enough to pick one platform. You have to know the different specialties of each social media platform to reduce your expenses, target the right audience, and get better results.

The key to a sustainable marketing campaign is knowing the advantage of marketing on different platforms.

  • Facebook is a community. You can reach a more targeted group of people on this platform. It provides an opportunity to engage with people with the same interest such as in groups, pages, and community that involves gaming.

  • Instagram is good at stirring things up such as events, trends, and even mobile applications. Remember hashtags? You increase your reach by using this particular feature. Research also shows that visuals increase the audience’s willingness to read content by 80%.

  • Twitter is for exchanging ideas. What better way to spread the word than by talking to people who are looking for a particular idea or solution? #BestAppEver

  • YouTube is maybe the most effective among social media platforms. YouTube ads are beneficial in promoting mobile apps. Creativity, however, is the competition in this platform. But those pesky pop-up ads can increase your download rates.

Embrace Storytelling

Stories can engage the audience on a different scale. This type of content evokes emotions. The audience can relate to stories better than obvious marketing strategies. Stories build a sense of trust and community.

Mobile applications solve problems. Some apps are more than just for entrainment. They solve daily problems by automating registrations, streamlining the planning process, and improving communications.

Invest Social Ads

For the last one, of course, there are social media advertisements you can always count on. Social media platforms are becoming more advanced in terms of marketing. Boosting your ads can translate to a more targeted approach to marketing.

Pro Tip: Boost your best videos. You’d be amazed by the results. Just keep it interesting and amusing. It’s a pot of gold waiting to be discovered.


Marketing your mobile in social media is easy. But with the dense competition, it’s becoming harder to emerge on top. They’re doing the same thing as you. They know the same strategies as you do.

So, what can you do? Go back to the drawing board. Strategize further.

Social media is critical in building your presence on the internet, especially when you develop an e-commerce app. Product-based applications can significantly benefit from social media marketing because the vast majority of people are looking for recommendations on the internet.

Whatever your goal might be in marketing your mobile app. Social media is an indispensable part of the process. Use it wisely, and you’ll surely reap the reward one day.

Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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