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A Guide to Brand Building Through Web Design

When a brand is established, it does most of the work of retaining old customers and also getting new ones to join...

Brand Building Through Web Design

When a brand is established, it does most of the work of retaining old customers and also getting new ones to join you. Then, your work is reduced to keeping these customers satisfied by maintaining product quality and keep strengthening the brand value. But before your brand can do all these, you have to build your brand and let people know about it. Your website can play a key role in this brand-building exercise. Let’s try and understand how you can use a website designing company in India to build your brand through the design of your website. 

Depict the Personality of Your Brand

One important thing that a website design must do is represent your brand by clearly exhibiting its personality and its strengths. The core of your brand must reflect in the design. Certain key elements that can make it possible are the colors, typography, and visual media.

Choosing these elements right can make a big impact on how consumers see your brand. The choice of color affects people emotionally. While pastels have a calming effect on people, dark and bright colors have one of motivation and energy. Some colors represent luxury, while others stand for simplicity. Health and vitality are represented by a select few colors. Hence, the choice of colors should be made depending on how you want your consumers to connect with your brand.

Typography also has a similar impact. Font type and color should be selected to ensure that the text is easy to read. More importantly, the language you use must talk directly to the consumers and be easy to understand. Skip the jargon and keep it simple. Together, these elements define the personality of your brand for the consumer.

Work on the Emotions of Your Audience

The website design should be able to evoke an emotional response from your audience and that is possible only when they can connect with the brand. Let your design portray similar emotions that you want the consumers to have towards your brand. This can be achieved with the images associated with your brand. They should bring out the same positive vibes that you want your brand to evoke in the consumers.

Be Consistent with Your Design

Having uniformity across all the pages on your website will work on making the association with the brand stronger. If the visitors see a different design and color scheme for every page, they would not know which one to associate with your brand. This confusion will not be favorable for creating a brand image.

Keeping the same code for navigation on all pages will make the job easier for the web design company and it also makes your website load quickly. That certainly works in your favor.

Provide Information Easily to Your Customers

Your website acts as an online brochure or catalog of your business through which you can give out information quickly and effectively. Having a professional website makes it easier to communicate with the targeted audience efficiently. You can let your customers know about the change of your store hours, special promotions, the arrival of new products or sale and upcoming events, etc.

Use Image Captions to Add Substance

Though the designers have been adopting many best practices, this tool has often been overlooked in the past. It is actually an excellent tool to add style and substance to your website. The visitor will get an insight into what to expect just by seeing the image and it adds a factor of visual interest to the website. In 2020, the designers finally understood the value of image caption and started to use it in their designs.

Present Your Logo Well

Your logo is the life of your brand. You must, of course, design it well, but how and where you place is more important. The logo is best displayed on the top left corner of the website. The size of the logo should be big enough to be visible and draw attention. This position and size should remain consistent across all the pages.

Show the Uniqueness of Your Brand

Your visitors must know what is different and unique about your brand is. They must be able to understand their value in their life. Present the fulfillment of a key need gap as your value proposition. Do so with clarity and conciseness.

Your brand is not the same as many others in the market and that should be clear to the visitors through your design is unique. This is where you have to get your creative brains to work the hardest.

Optimised for Mobile Devices

Considering the rate at which consumers have moved from PC to mobile devices for browsing and e-commerce, it is important for the websites to be designed to keep the mobile interface in mind. This is also a criterion for SEO on Google. If the website does not work well with mobiles, you are likely to lose business.

Guided Navigation

Navigation makes the visitors feel that you care for them and are not trying to force things on them. They should be able to browse your website easily. have good menus and categories which are easily accessible to site visitors. Make sure they get access to your pages on your website. Try to interlink posts and pages, thus making sure that they get all the things they need from your website.

Glitch Aesthetic Art

It is the in-thing in web designing in 2020. The distinction that existed so far with the real and virtual world started getting blurred by the use of animated glitch effects. The designers are using it to create active and intense videos and images that are proving to be engaging for the viewers. The use of glitch art creates a sense of disorientation and the feeling of urgency is amplified motivating the user to take prompt action. This tool works on the emotional, visceral, and intellectual level of the user experience simultaneously making the virtual world much more interactive for the user.

To explain more Include videos and images

A good image is equal to a thousand words written, So try to include images and videos on your website. It will make the looks of the website more attractive. Try to tell the story of the business.

Visual Hierarchy

To provide a good experience to the user while navigating through the website, using the right visual hierarchy is very important. When a visitor arrives on your page, there is a particular way in which they scan the website. There is a particular order that they expect and it is important that they find things where they expect them to be. The movement from one activity to next should be seamless and unobstructed. All your extraordinary design elements and thoughts will make an impact only if they are placed in the right hierarchical order.

Use Interactive Maps

If you are presenting any data to your users, then it should be interactive in nature to make them involved and gain their attention. Using interactive maps is one of the best web designing practices as they invite action from the user by providing them the control to change visuals. The visitors can make use of panning and zooming – the two fundamental features of interactive maps to focus on the part of the information that interests them.

The challenge for your website design company in Gurgaon is not just to create a website but create a brand that calls out to the consumers to discover more details about it and these tips should prove helpful.


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