Solve 6 Common Business Problems with Mobile Apps

Business Problems with Mobile Apps

No matter what business segment you belong to, market competition, new technology, and resource management will create problems that you must tackle to survive and flourish. On a global stage, there are many age-old companies struggling to survive and are on the verge of vanishing, whereas new entrants are confidently dominating the market. Solving a business problem with an app can be beneficial in many ways.

Nokia’s 14-year-old reputation as the world’s top handset maker got brutally trampled by Samsung that registered a shipment of 92 million handsets as compared to 83 million handsets by Nokia, in Q1 2012. What followed rest is history. For a company to maintain the lead position for 14 years is impressive and so is astonishing the quick and vehement downfall. Now the new leader in the Android segment, Samsung, is constantly threatened by companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo, but has maintained its position well.

The success story of Samsung will tell you what to do to succeed and they should be read, but the stories of Nokia or say failure should also be read to learn what not to do.

Many attributed Nokia’s failure to its slow movement and its inability to adopt emerging technology-Android.

And some said, “more of hardware and no software” structure led to the failure, giving a technical perspective to the downfall.

Taking Help of Mobile Apps to Increase the Pace of the Business

For modern business owners, it is essential to keep pace with competitors, to adapt to new business scenarios and customers preferences, and to adopt new technologies to stay ahead.

It is time for the companies, irrespective of their domain and business size, to take the help of software to take or maintain the lead in the market. A software development company can help them create a software application to carry out the business processes efficiently, with ease, and in a cost-effective manner.

Today, the applications can be accessed from anywhere, anytime through Smartphones, commonly known as a mobile app that can enable companies to combat any business challenge strongly.

7 Common Business Problems Can Be Solved by Mobile Applications

Mobile applications help you move fast, increase process efficiency, and manage your brand and customers in a prolific manner. Below are some of the common but biggest business challenges faced by both small and large business entities and the list of applications that can resolve the problems.

1. Increasing Process Efficiency with Business Process Management Software Applications

Work and resource management can be intelligently done by removing gaps in the process and enabling employees to manage their time and work efficiently. The software applications with features to provide real-time insight into the situation can help companies to make strong decisions. There is several field process management software available that helps businesses to save time and cost by removing paper works and automating the common processes. There are many software’s which help in scheduling appoint.

Some of the common BPM solutions are:

  • Nintex
  • Zoho Creator
  • Laserfiche
  • Mindbody, and more

There are apps that also help you monitor the performance of employees and businesses. Or else you can contact a mobile app development company to customize a software application for your specific business process as well.

2. Hiring Right Talent and Increasing Competencies of Existing Employees with Mobile Apps

According to Pew Research, more Americans are connected to the online world through smartphones and other mobile devices. Around 97% of American adults have cell phones and 77% of those are Smartphones.

This means recruiters can create access to reach out to candidates through mobile apps. They can manage the recruitment process, schedule interviews, and track the candidates efficiently and quickly.

The apps can be further used to promote new competencies among employees and inspire them to learn new skills.

Below is the list of mobile apps for recruitment:

  • Evernote
  • Workable
  • Asana
  • Hootsuite
  • Linkedin

Custom app development is also possible if you want to personalize the hiring processes according to your specific business requirement.

3. Managing Employees and Excessive Administrative Overhead

Mobile apps are a great way to maintain a standard within the organization, be the standard is related to work performance, planning and reporting, payroll & benefits, code of conduct, or behavior. By using an app, it is easier for the organization to maintain standards and also resolve regulatory challenges, related to tax and health.

A list of Mobile Apps that help in managing employees and administrative task:

  • Namely
  • Deputy
  • Kronos Workforce Ready Suite
  • Jobvite Mobile Hiring Team App
  • MindNode

4. Meeting Customers’ Expectations Instantly with Customer Service Management Applications

Today, customers require services instantly. And so companies need to be present with a combination of processes and solutions so that customers can reach out to the companies instantly and get what they want. For this, it is essential that the professionals serving the customers have quick access to the customer’s portfolio through which they can identify their issues and resolve them quickly.

A mobile application with customer service management capabilities can enable companies to identify the problems of customers and provide them with an instant solution. Some of the mobile applications available in this segment are:

  • Zendesk
  • Zoho Desk
  • ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus
  • Freshdesk
  • LiveChat

5. Maintaining Reputation with Brand Management Mobile Applications

Maintaining brand reputation is critical and challenging in the era of viral content. There is no clear-cut formula that says what will go viral. It has happened several times that customers have ranked up the issue on social media and the content post goes viral, bringing down the companies to knees.

Modern businesses need to maintain a strong reputation online and for this, they need to be constantly present online, tracking their customers’ social footprints, and identifying their preferences and grievances.

Here is the list of mobile applications that help perform these activities:

  • Extensis Portfolio
  • Percolate
  • Brand Centre
  • Brandox
  • ThirdLight
  • Pilcro

6. Removing Uncertainty about the Future with Data Analytics Applications

Data analytics applications can help companies predict business trends and customer preferences in advance. The hardware embedded with IoT apps enhance the capabilities of the companies to multifold, enabling them to detect fraud and risk in finance, predictive maintenance in manufacturing, and customer support in marketing. There are various types of data analysis that businesses can do to improve their process efficiency, such as:

  • Customer analytics
  • Campaign optimization analytics
  • Fraud analysis
  • Thread analysis
  • Product placement optimization
  • Brand sentiment analysis, and more

With the rise of data analytics tools powered by advanced data capturing capabilities, businesses can gain real-time insight into the customers’ preferences and market trends. Utilizing this knowledge, they can optimize their business process and align their online strategy with customers’ demands.

A list of Mobile App Analytics Platforms to choose from:

  • Countly
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Appsee
  • Appsflyer

These are not apps but track the data of the apps to provide intelligence. Mobile app analytics help you analyze the users’ behavior on the app so that you can target your campaigns accordingly. It provides you the knowledge-what is working for you and what is not working for you.

Summing Up

Making feature-rich and affordable Mobile Apps Work for You Whether you want to streamline your business processes or collaborate with customers on online platforms, you will always find a mobile application to help you achieve the desired outcome. And if you think your business problems are unique, you can resort to a mobile application development company to create custom software, specifical cut-out for your business needs.

It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to commit the same mistakes and then learning.

Siya Carla

Siya Carla

Siya Carla is Business Development Manager at Finoit Technologies, a leading mobile app development company which makes ideas into reality by providing unique web design and custom software development services.

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