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8 Common Copywriting Mistakes To Watch Out For

Being a skilled professional writer is necessary to create an effective and compelling copy. However, even experienced writers can mistakenly or unconsciously...

Common Copywriting

Being a skilled professional writer is necessary to create an effective and compelling copy. However, even experienced writers can mistakenly or unconsciously produce copy that may otherwise fail to help a business.

That’s because creating compelling copy for your customers may not be easy. While copywriting is complex in its form, there are mistakes that you can avoid to make it easier for you.

Here are some of them you should be aware of:

1. Writing Long Sales Copy 

One of the common mistakes when copywriting is writing a long one. Nowadays, the attention span of people decreases so is your customers’ interest in reading. Instead of reading the entire copy, most people would go through the copy and focus on specific sections of your copy.

Although no one stops you from writing long copies, you have to be aware of your customer’s preference. If your customers’ preference is a short copy, then do it. What matters is to make a persuasive copy to get those conversion rates. You may want to check how to use persuasive techniques from this source and other similar sites.

You can also know if your copy, no matter how long it is, is persuasive by assessing your web pages. Identify which copies have more engagement as this signifies the success of your material. If the copies don’t have much engagement, then try changing your approach. 

Either make it a shorter one or change it to how you’ve composed your copy with more engagement.

2. Forgetting To Backup Your Statements

Also, you might be making a claim without supporting it. To claim something and publish it on your website is meaningless if you don’t have evidence to back it up. Your customers would instead rely on the reviews given by your previous customers than on the claims you give. When you tell your customers that you’re the best, but your customers say otherwise, then your target market will believe the latter.

The best way to create effective copywriting material is to show evidence. Apart from the reviews given by your customers, you can show them statistics that came from a reliable source. Even more important, trust icons can help you signify the legitimacy of your website or copy. With all of that combined, you’re guaranteed to convince your customers more.

3. Describing Features Instead Of Benefits

Another common mistake in copywriting is when you get confused between selling the product for its features and selling them for the solution and benefit it provides.

You have to remember in copywriting, it’s best to highlight the advantages of using your product. More so, you have to emphasize how your products can solve their problems. In that way, your customers will see the value of your product’s features.

4. Using Overly Complex Language

You may want to show off your fluency by using complex language. You may think it might impress your target audience

However, the opposite may happen. Using more complex words will drive most of your customers away. Apart from it being hard to comprehend, it may become unrelatable to your products or services. 

Therefore, use simple words to engage with your customers. Unless your products or services are for English literature enthusiasts or Linguists, then you may use highfalutin words or complicated terms because they’re more likely to understand such.

5. Forgetting To Research Your Audience

One way to avoid using the wrong terms or voice of your copy is to understand who your audience is. That way, you’ll know whether you have to use jargon or simple words. Moreover, you have to realize the purpose of your copy is to please your target market. Hence, it should fit your customers’ expectations. Therefore, evaluating your customers’ preferences is essential to come up with a good copy. After all, it’s all about them.

When you know who your audience is, you can empathize with them. Knowing your audience allows you to understand their needs to make a copy that may solve their needs.

When you write a copy that can emotionally stimulate your audience, they’re more likely to want to know more about your business. Then, push them to take action. Don’t just say, ‘I know how you feel.’

Instead, your copy should say, ‘I’ve been there, and I used this product to solve that problem. Buy it now if you want to solve yours, too.’ As mentioned, it’ll be hard to make a copy that can relate to your audience with the lack of audience research.

6. Creating Only Positives

While your copy should show the benefits of your products, you should also let your audience know the negative impact of not using your products.

There are various ways to start your topic. For some, talking about its advantages is effective. As such, you’re focusing on the positive aspects. However, it’s better to incorporate the two sides of your topic, too. For instance, talking about the importance of purchasing your product for convenience is good. Conversely, emphasizing how inconvenient it could become without your product may also help. Regardless, flipping positive statements to negative statements can help your customers realize your product’s importance.

A way to check which is better, either positives or negatives, is by testing it on your landing page. In that way, you can generate reactions from your target market. Doing trials can always help you determine which is more effective.

7. Selling Your Services

Another mistake you have to avoid is focusing too much on your product or services. Instead of hard-selling your products, focus on how your products can give convenience to your customers. Thus, the benefits they can get from your business.

Imagine when you’re in a mall, and a salesperson comes right at you telling you this and that. Some people, find it irritating to be followed around by a salesperson. In connection, your copy should not be obviously pushing for sales. It may result in becoming desperate to sell your product.

Thus, you may want to follow this technique to sell without being salesy:

  • Identify The Problem: As mentioned, you should let your audience know you understand their problems. Or you can also describe signs that may show that they have such a problem they don’t think exist.

Do this by using word pictures to demonstrate their problems. For instance, you can say, ‘You don’t have a choice but to drag your feet to work. Drink two cups of coffee, hoping you can increase your energy.’ Instead of simply saying, ‘You don’t want to go to work.’

With such description, your audience may already be nodding their heads in agreement.

  • Agitate: But don’t stop there. Intensify their problems if they don’t use your product or service. Of course, you have to use word pictures to agitate them.
  • Solution: As for this, it’s true you should show them the benefits of your product. However, it would be best if you focused more on your audience by making them the hero of the story. Your product or business is only a way or guide or tool they use to win over their solutions. That way, you’re telling them that your product or service will help them without being too obvious. 

8. Editing In Less Than 5 Minutes 

Most importantly, don’t forget to edit and proofread. Giving enough time to polish your work is essential. Besides letting you see the mistakes in your copy will help you realize if there are areas you need to revise. More so, you should make sure the following are in your copy:

  • The first one is making clarifications on the hesitations your customer has with regards to your product.
  • The second one is the price they have to pay for your product. It’s better to explain to your customer the reason behind its cost. One way to do it is by showing them the benefit they could get from purchasing your product.
  • The next one is checking how your copywriting focuses on them rather than on you. It’s best to use words or stories that would emphasize your customers.

With such, when editing your copy, you can do the following tips:

  • Format the text the right way. This means it should comply with the standard format you want.
  • Use online proofreading tools. Although you shouldn’t solely rely on them, using these tools will help you identify some portions you may have missed. For instance, you may have misspelled a word that changes the meaning of the sentence. These tools may help with such. 
  • Eliminate passive voice. As much as possible, remove the passive voice. That way, you can make your copy better as you’ve removed unnecessary words.
  • Another one is removing unnecessary words. This will only make your copywriting wordy. An example of this is the use of definitely, really, truly, and the like.
  • Take a break. Now you’re ready to publish or submit your copy. But, wait. When you think you’re done editing, you should not yet submit or publish it. Take a break, then reread your copy. When you do this, you may find fresher ideas and perspectives to help you polish your copy.
  • Or asking for help from credible people can help you spot the errors you have committed. In this way, it’s much easier to revise it.


You can make a copy that converts even if copywriting doesn’t come easy. It may require thorough research, writing, and editing, but all of these will pay off. If done correctly, copywriting will bring you more sales.

That’s why keeping in mind the mistakes you shouldn’t make when copywriting is essential.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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