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How To Finance My Mobile Application?

Getting into the development of a mobile application is an ambitious project. Whether it is to develop it internally or entrust it...

Finance My Mobile Application

Getting into the development of a mobile application is an ambitious project. Whether it is to develop it internally or entrust it to an agency specializing in creating mobile applications, the investment in time and money can be heavy. Fortunately, there are solutions to finance and monetize your application. We take stock of these solutions.

Fundraising: Finding Investors For Significant Projects

Fundraising is an exciting way to unlock large amounts to finance a project in the long term. It does not require reimbursement from investors; they obtain satisfaction with the realized capital gains.

For the mobile application development project, fundraising requires significant upstream work to give confidence to investing companies. Indeed, the search for investors is a long and delicate stage.

Suppose fundraising is the solution that seems best suited to your needs. In that case, we recommend finance mobile app development prepare it properly.

Crowdfunding: Crowd Funding To Launch Your Mobile Application

This crowdfunding solution is very representative of the internet explosion in recent years. The principle is simple: via dedicated and reliable platforms, Internet users can finance the development, management, and production of a project. This financing can be total or partial and provides significant capital.

In the case of the development of a mobile application, there are other advantages. Indeed, it is also a reasonably reliable way to get opinions and feedback on the added value of your mobile application. If the enthusiasm is low, you may need to review certain aspects of your mobile application. You can therefore assess the potential of your app.

The Paid Application: A Return On Investment Thanks To Sales On Stores

In DICEUS – financial app Development Company the paid mobile application can be an excellent way to finance your development project. Indeed, if you are convinced of the relevance of your mobile application, offering a paid version is often a guarantee of quality for users.

However, you have to develop a “lite” version to give customers a taste and work well on your presentation on the stores.

There are other solutions such as “in-app purchase”, which offers paid content once the mobile application is installed, or simple advertising on the interface of your mobile application. All of these solutions meet different needs that. Must analyze before taking steps to develop mobile applications. We can help you take stock.

Sponsorship: A Company Funds Your Mobile App

Most of the time, sponsorship is done by a company that wants to use your mobile application as a communication medium. It will therefore finance your production to obtain a return on investment once your work is finished.

The company finances the development of your mobile application before it goes online. Subsequently, it ensures sustainability since it can allow you to offer the application for free, which appeals to consumers.

Prepare To Fund For The Development Of A Web/Or Mobile Application

You have an idea for an application. Do you know how to finance it? 

It deals with the necessary preparation for development financing; the second will be on existing financing options, and finally, the third, on the profitability and monetization of your mobile/web application.

The preparation stage

When we have an idea for a web/mobile application project, we often feel the realization will be simple. Still, as we move forward in the process, we realize that it is not that easy. Upstream preparation, even before starting development, is essential. This is why I have brought together the key points that will help structure your approach.

What is the goal of your application? What need will it meet? Does a similar application already exist? Who is the target audience? Companies or the general public? What are the essential features? How to demonstrate that your project will be profitable to investors? All these questions will allow you to go around the critical elements to prepare to present your project to potential investors properly.

To go into more detail, first, write your idea on paper. Will ask all the questions listed below during your first meeting with a development company or a funding request, so why not prepare them now.


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