Top 10 Tips To Create High-Quality Content

Quality Content

Content is Kingis an old saying but is still very relevant today and will remain so for a long time. There can’t be an alternative to quality content and especially if you are looking to build and grow your website organically.

The benefit of creating quality content for your website or blog is that it turns your audience into loyal customers and readers. However, the best part about creating awesome content is that it gets a lot of social shares and creates a ton of backlinks.

All these things add up in the end and overall increases the authority of your website in your niche. Here we are sharing some tips that you can add to your existing content creation strategies to create that awesome piece of content that everyone loves to read and share.

Tips To Create Great Content 

1. Plan

The first part of any strategy is to plan an actionable roadmap that can be followed to accomplish the task. For creating quality content you need to first plan what keywords you are going to target in your article. You should not run after hard-to-rank keywords and especially if you have a new website because creating awesome content that no one is going to read is a waste of time.

So plan accordingly and do create an outline of the article, so that you can simply fill the content in the already created outline. This way it will be easier for you to create awesome content fast.

2. Research

Unless you are a subject expert on a given topic, you need to do a lot of research to create quality content around that particular topic. Make sure you do all the research from credible sources so that you don’t end up serving wrong information to your audience.

Research is probably the most important part of a content creation strategy. More than 50 % of your work is done already if you did really good research. It is also the most time-consuming process, but it is all worth it in the end.

3. Use Strong headlines

While creating a long piece of content make sure you divide your article into multiple sections and each section should have a strong headline. Having an article split into multiple sections with a headline makes it easy for the readers to read a long piece of content in less time.

Also using strong headlines will compel the readers to read the full article, as according to a report 80% of readers just read the headlines and not the content.

4. Write engaging content in short paragraphs

According to a survey, 55 % of the visitors just spend 15 seconds on a website i.e you just have 15 seconds to grab the attention of your audience, or else they may leave your site and never come back. For grabbing their attention, you can write a compelling intro with small paragraphs.

Having paragraphs of more than two lines can make it harder for the reader to skim the article. So it’s your job to make your content skimmable and engaging at the same time.

5. Add Visuals

You can not dare to miss visuals in your content if you want to make it awesome. An article without visuals no matter how unique or informational still looks incomplete. So whenever possible don’t forget to add images, videos, or infographics to your content.

Apart from making your content look beautiful, visuals also increase the overall dwell time i.e the amount of time a reader spends on your website. Good dwell time is important for your content to rank higher in the search engines.

However, adding irrelevant visuals to your content just to make it beautiful, will harm it more than do any good to it. So add the visuals in your content only when needed and just for the sake of it.

Try creating your own pictures. You can take references from other websites of design and color to create appealing pictures. Also, you can use an online image color picker tool to get the desired color code from any image.

6. Do External and Internal linking

Linking to the source of information is a great practice, this way you redirect your customers or readers to other authoritative sites from where they can read more about the topic, this practice is called external linking. And when you link to content on your own website then it is called internal linking

The practice of linking is not just good for readers but also good for search engines, because linking to other relevant content increases your website’s relevancy.

7. Make sure your content is error-free

English is the most used language for blogging and out of all websites out there, more than 70 percent are in the English language. Thus, you need to make sure that the content you publish is grammatically correct and does not have any spelling errors. No one would like to read content full of errors, so it’s your duty to make it error-free.

You can use tools like Grammarly and other grammar checking tools to help you out in creating great content without errors. You can also outsource your content to professional content writers if you feel like doing so.

8. Be Original

It is one of the biggest challenges for a content creator to be able to come up with an original piece of content every time and especially for newbie bloggers and website owners. However, no matter how hard it is, you must create an original piece of content. You can take ideas from other websites but don’t forget to mention them in the article.

9. End With Conclusion

A blog without a conclusion never feels like a blog, thus, it’s recommended that you end your article with a short lovely conclusion. The benefit of having a conclusion in your article is that it allows you to interact with your audience, you can ask them for suggestions or leave them with a question in the conclusion.

You can also add a call to action, and persuade your reader to sign up for your newsletter, share your article, buy something, etc.

10. Update your articles

Apart from creating awesome new content, updating your existing content is a great way to keep receiving quality traffic from them. If you don’t update your articles frequently then your competitors may take over your traffic by creating an even better version of your content.

Your older articles may also lose their rankings from search engines if you don’t update them at a regular time interval with new fresh content. Thus, updating existing content is equally important as creating new content for receiving free high-quality traffic from search engines.


So these were some tips that professional content creators use to create awesome content on a regular basis. Also, if you want to grow the organic traffic of your website without paying for ads, then publishing quality content is the only way out.

We hope you liked this article and will add some of the tips shown here in your content strategy the next time. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your blogger friends and help them create awesome content for their readers.

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar

Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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