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What Are The Main Elements Of An Ideal Web Content?

There are over 2 billion blogs published each year all over the world. It’s a cut-throat competition out there in the realm...

Web Content

There are over 2 billion blogs published each year all over the world. It’s a cut-throat competition out there in the realm of digital marketing. Your content has to be perfect so that it stands out from your competitors’ content. It is only then that your content will drive huge traffic and revenue to your website. So, let’s take a look at the top elements that will make your posts go from ‘good’ to ‘great.’ Your web content must be better than other content.

1. Client-centric

Your target audience is the ones who will read your content and generate revenue. What if your content doesn’t cater to their needs? Web posts can be made more effective only when you write them, keeping the needs and demands of your target audience in mind.

The questions to ask yourself to write perfect client-centric web content:

  • What do your customers love about your brand?
  • Which information might be valuable for your readers?
  • How will your target clients find the content useful?

Say your business offers assignment help to students. So, your content should be related to ‘tips to improve writing skills or ‘steps for meeting urgent deadlines.’ Similarly, a restaurant should write content about different types of diets.

2. Goal-oriented

Web Content

You must always plan your end game before you start curating web content. Most online posts consist of a specific purpose. Some may want their target audience to buy a particular product. Others may wish to educate their audience on a particular topic. Make sure the purpose of your post highlights the goal of your brand to your readers.

Reasons your content should be goal-oriented:

  • Makes the objective of your brand clear to your target audience.
  • Encourages your readers to take the action you want them to take.
  • Increases the conversion rate of your business thereby, driving it towards success.

Let’s say you want to write a guide for people looking for a hair care regime at home and eventually persuade them to opt for your products. So, keep your goals clear in the content. Include a CTA so that your readers click on it and check out your products.

3. An updated topic 

The topic often determines whether or not your target audience will read your content. You can’t just pick anything and start writing about it on your website. Your topic must relate to your target audience’s interests. It must correlate with your business goals and help it move forward towards success.

Tips for writing content based on relevant topics:

  • See what keywords people are using to search for your business.
  • Update your old blogs that may be performing particularly well.
  • Conduct a customer survey to choose a topic that will resonate with your prospective customers.

Say you have an online fashion business. The most popular keywords related to this industry are ‘Ripped Jeans’ and ‘Little Black Dress.’ So, you can try writing posts related to these keywords to make sure that your audience relates to them.

4. An interesting hook

There are millions of posts related to your industry on the Internet. You have to give your audience a reason to ditch others’ content and read yours. That is when the role of an interesting hook comes into play. Make sure your content catches your reader’s attention amid so many other options.

Steps for making your content interesting:

  • Write in a casual and personal voice to engage with the readers.
  • Embrace a storytelling format to hook your audience.
  • Begin with a fact that your audience may find interesting.

Let’s say you want to write on the topic ‘How to negotiate a lower cable bill?’ So, you can try giving the impression that you’ve faced the troubles too and you’re just trying to share your experiences.

5. Newsworthy

Most people love to read content that bears current news or facts. Hence, you can do some research and make your content as newsworthy as possible. Include the current events that are relevant to your industry or niche. If the connections are indirect, you can get creative to write intriguing content for your readers.

How to make your content newsworthy?

  • Identify the topics that are trending within your niche.
  • Look for their connections within your industry.
  • Include the different current events that may matter to your target audience.

The COVID-19 outbreak has created havoc throughout the world. It has also affected different industries, such as clothing, education, etc. So, you can highlight the news related to its impact on your industry.

6. SEO-friendly

You may have written an excellent blog for your website. But, all your hard work may go down the drain if your content doesn’t reach out to your target readers. Find the keywords relevant to your industry and use them in your posts. You can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to identify the perfect keywords.

Benefits of SEO-friendly content:

  • Boosts the online presence of your brand.
  • Improves your website’s ranking in the SERPs.
  • Increases your conversion rates and helps find potential customers.

You can also use long-tail keywords to make your content more search engine friendly. Incorporate the keywords in your main content, headlines, meta tags, sub-headings, etc.

7. Strong headlines

Only 20% of your target audience will read the entire content depending on the quality of your headlines. A strong headline is the one that sparks interest in your readers’ minds. It should, therefore, be persuasive enough to invite your audience to read your entire content.

How to write strong headlines?

  • Odd numbers can make your headlines impressive. Example: “5 tips to improve writing skills.”
  • Good headlines serve a purpose. Example: “3 Ways You Can Write Blogs Like A Pro.
  • It should convey a sense of urgency. Example: “7 facts about e-commerce you should know about NOW!

Consider your headline as a promise that you make to your target clients. So, the section under that headline should be relevant to your headline. Your readers should feel that you have fulfilled the promise after reading your content.

8. Personal connection

According to Econsultancy, 52% of online marketers have confirmed that personalizing content is mandatory for effective marketing strategies. You don’t have to add your point of view to all the posts that you publish. Instead, you must try to add a mere personal touch to help your readers connect to what they read.

Three ways to add a personality to your content:

  • Use a second-person approach to address your readers.
  • Share a personal story to get your message across.
  • Write as if you are talking to a friend.

Would you like to read content that you feel has been generated by a robot? Your readers may feel the same way if your content doesn’t have a personal touch. Your readers should be able to understand that there is a real person behind the words they read on the screen.

9. Mobile-friendly

52% of users have confirmed that they wouldn’t engage with a company if its mobile experience was poor. 48% of users are most likely not to read your content if your site isn’t working well on their mobile phones. If your content is not visible properly on mobile devices, your customer may assume that your business doesn’t care.

Two ways you can make your website mobile-friendly:

  • You can include a mobile version of your website or incorporate a responsive design on your website. As per reports, 62% of companies noticed an increase in traffic after they designed a mobile-friendly website.
  • You can install several plugins from WordPress. WPtouch Pro, for instance, is a great plugin that will help you optimize your posts on mobile devices.

There are other benefits to having a mobile-friendly website. First, you can notice an improvement in your mobile conversion rate. Second, it is way flexible and cost-effective than app development.

10. Depth

Adding personality is just one step in creating successful web content. The next step is putting some originality and life into your work. The depth is what sets your content apart from the rest. Readers will not only find it interesting to read your content but will also connect with it.

How to fill your content with depth?

  • Ask questions that don’t have any obvious answers to it. Try to provide the answers throughout your post.
  • Provide thorough, useful, and specific information related to your topic.
  • Get inspiration from other resources and brainstorm original ideas. Try to include those ideas in your content.

Let’s say you want to write content on ‘5 tips to generate traffic to your small business.’ Instead, you can try to include in-depth information related to the same topic, such as ‘How to use video marketing to uplift your small business?’

Wrapping Up

Writing great web content isn’t easy. But it is also not impossible. Implement the elements while writing web content. And you will be able to deliver the perfect material for your website. Get these elements right and stay ahead of your competitors with ease.

Written by Joanne Criss
Joanne Criss is a part-time career advisor at a reputed firm in the United Kingdom. She also provides reliable assignment help at MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk. Samantha loves to play video games whenever she is free.

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