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Did I Make a Horrible Mistake in Writing My Essay?

Essay writing is quite challenging, especially for students who have poor writing skills. It is common to find some mistakes in your...

Did I Make a Horrible Mistake in Writing My Essay?

Essay writing is quite challenging, especially for students who have poor writing skills. It is common to find some mistakes in your essay even if you are a bright student. That is why most learners opt to hire a professional assignment writing service to get flawless documents. 

You can perfect your writing skills by following the right academic approach and avoiding common mistakes. If you are alert to these fundamental errors, you will not spend much time revising. Besides, your assignment will be clear and coherent from the introduction to the conclusion. Moreover, your target audience will find your paper credible because it is impeccable.

Top-notch writing services like Grademiners.com often deliver quality assignments to students without a single error. Thus, if you are scouting for some of the best agencies, Grademiners is worth trying.

This article discusses some common errors you need to look out for if you want to compose an exceptional essay. Here are essential pointers to help you with your assignment.

Did I Make a Horrible Mistake in Writing My Essay?

Disregarding the Thesis Statement

Most students often ignore the importance of crafting a clear thesis statement. It is a huge mistake that will result in a poor-quality essay. 

You must develop a powerful thesis statement that aligns with the research question. The thesis informs your readers of the central idea you will argue in your paper. 

Therefore, the thesis statement is the most critical aspect of your assignment. Make sure you compose a well-thought-out thesis statement as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph. Please don’t make the mistake of disregarding the thesis statement since it connects the readers to your assignment.

Redundant Ideas

Many learners often get stuck in the redundancy of ideas. This is a mistake that will compromise the assignment quality. You might find one idea repeated several times in an essay. Or various sentences and phrases with similar meanings. Thus, you must avoid rephrasing paragraphs, thinking your professor will not find out.

It is paramount to stay focused on the essay prompt to avoid diverting your ideas to another direction. Therefore, select major points aligned with the prompt to keep your content clear and straightforward. 

Plagiarized Content 

Another grave academic mistake is to submit a plagiarized assignment to your tutor. Some students copy content online or from friends and turn it in as their original work. If you don’t cite your paper correctly, you will be committing a severe offense by submitting copied work.

Professors usually pass each assignment through plagiarism checker tools to check for originality. If your essay does not meet the required threshold, you will suffer harsh penalties that jeopardize your academic journey.  

To be on the safe side, ensure your research assignment is your original work. Even if you use published work from other authors, be sure to include proper citations. Or you can hire competent authors from a top essay writing service for professional assistance. 

Making Wrong Assumptions

Many learners make wrong assumptions during essay writing. You might misunderstand facts and present them dramatically. It is essential to take an objective approach even if the statement you are passing across is common knowledge to your audience. Do not jump to conclusions, thinking your readers will flow with your arguments.

Informal Writing

It is a huge mistake to use simple, casual words in your academic assignment. Informal writing will automatically result in substandard grades. Using slang in your essay reflects your poor writing skills in the academic arena. 

Make sure your writing meets high academic standards. Scholarly writing requires strict professionalism and a quality writing style. Use proper diction to write your assignments professionally. You can seek assignment essay help from top-rated agencies to get remarkable papers with the required writing. 

Neglecting Editing and Proofreading

One of the worst mistakes as a student is to neglect to edit and proofread your assignment. Turning in your essay without revising it will cost you a great deal. Even if you are a meticulous grammarian, making mistakes is human. You might miss a comma here and there or have a spelling mistake. Editing will help you eliminate such errors and perfect your assignment. Besides, proofreading is also an essential step in writing that you should never skip. Otherwise, you will get substandard grades for basic mistakes you can avoid.

No Credible Academic Resources

The Internet is a haven for academic information. Most students browse online, looking for information to support their essay arguments. But, not all the online resources are credible. Ensure you search for trusted sources from renowned academicians. In addition, incorporate proper citations to enhance the quality of your assignment.

Double-Check Your Essay for Errors 

If you want to write an impeccable essay, avoid the above common errors in your assignment. However, if you keep getting mediocre grades, you can talk to experts with more years of experience in the writing industry. They can help you improve grades and oust the annoying mistakes from your everyday writing.


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