10 Powerful Writing Tool For Crafting Seo Friendly Content

Powerful Writing Tool For Crafting Seo Friendly Content

SEO has become much more intricate with its increasing use in business marketing. Major search engines like Google have started to utilize processing technologies, deep learning, and natural language to produce better search results that will match their audience’s intent. Producing great content for achieving good ranks on search engines is very important than just writing content. You have to optimize your content for SEO, which can be a difficult, lengthy, and very tiring procedure if you don’t know your way around it.

Fortunately, the market has several tools that will help structure your SEO-friendly content strategy and improve your content’s readability. SEO becomes much more accessible to even those who don’t know much about marketing with these tools.

But you also need to keep in mind that these tools are there for assistance. It is like driving on an unknown road with GPS- the GPS is there to guide you, not to drive the car.

At present, there are hundreds of SEO content writing software available on the market. An efficient tool can help your content by-

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  • Improving the quality: To help you produce coherent articles without any grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Increasing readability: To ensure that your audience will enjoy and engage with your page more.
  • Finding fresh content ideas: To pique interest in your audience. This will ensure that you have fresh ideas and information that resonate with your audience and you.
  • Creating exceptional visuals: These tools will help you discover new visuals that will provide insights into what colors and background themes to use.
  • Organizing content: So that your writing team stays focused on creating quality content and not just on proofreading, your audience also experiences consistent, high-quality content.

Are you wondering where to find these writing tools? The answer starts right here.

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is powered by Artificial Intelligence AI, the best SEO content writing tool to help you produce better content. It assists you in finding and correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. The tool consists of 20 reports which mainly focus on different aspects of content. Additional features like quizzes, articles and templates keep the process interactive, fun, and educational.

2. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is a comprehensive tool for SEO-friendly content writing optimization. This tool helps you to significantly improve the search results on Google. The services are offered at affordable prices, mainly to target small businesses. It has various features that help optimize your content and also assist you in every step of the content-creating process. This tool eventually helps your marketing team to publish productive content to boost traffic for your website organically. Some of the major features include-

  • First and Briefs Drafts
  • Content advisory and content strategy
  • Collaboration and planning tools
  • Competitor research


  • BASIC – BASIC – For free
  • PLUS – $149 per month and $ 1500 annually
  • Premium – $ 1000 per month

3. Surfer SEO

SurferSEO is a beginner-friendly writing tool for producing high-quality SEO content. Optimizing your content into any language is the major advantage of this tool. This tool is in a developing stage, which means that developers release new features every month. Some of its best features are-

  • SERP Analyzer – Users can watch real-time search engine result pages on the screen. It also evaluates domain score, page speeds, popular words, content score, and other parameters.
  • Collaboration tools – SEO copywriters can access the content without logging into the user’ s account. Users can export HTML drafts and guidelines for other writers.


  • BASIC- $49 per month
  • PRO – $99 per month
  • BUSINESS- $199 per month

4. PageOptimizer Pro

This tool effectively optimizes your content to achieve high rankings on search engines. It offers reliable recommendations and in-depth analysis. The program takes a unique approach towards content optimization, such as inserting your domain, target page, and target keyword to create the project. Unlike other tools, PageOptimizer Pro has a strategy selection feature to customize your approach and strategy of the content, which will help you to outrank rivals on search results

  • Chrome extension – This feature helps you edit content directly on CMS, making it easier for beginners to optimize andpublish content.


  • BASIC- $20 per month
  • Premium – $30 per month
  • Unlimited- $39 per month
  • Agency plans start at $78 per month

5. links

This tool helps your content achieve a better ranking on Google. InLinks claims to go beyond keyword optimization by digging deeper into entity-based SEO to maintain high rankings for a long time. This is not a beginner-friendly tool as it includes many technicalities. Some of its major features are –

  • Knowledge graphs show your content ranking among other relevant websites in terms of domain, keyword target, and page target.
  • Internal link creation- After you insert a line of JavaScript code, this tool links automatically establishes internal links with other important websites.


  • FREELANCE – $39 per month
  • Agency – $156 per month
  • Enterprise – $1999 per month

6. Clear scope

This tool is unarguably the champion when it comes to the optimization of SEO content. If your content does not rank higher despite your immense efforts, Clearscope is your best bet. Some of the key features of this program are-

  • Content Briefs – this feature creates a report for any specific keyword search volume and displays competitor content. This also includes an extensive content editor.
  • Unlimited sharing and exporting – this feature enables you to share the content editor with external writers.


  • ESSENTIALS- $170 per month
  • PROFESSIONAL – $350 per month
  • Enterprise- price customization is available

7. Frase

Frase is a trendy software for creating SEO-friendly content, which helps eliminate unnecessary guesswork to optimize a piece of content and boost its ranking and traffic. Some of the keys feature offered include-

  • Automated content briefs- it helps increase the workflow of content by automatically producing content briefs. Every content is then connected to other vital statistics.
  • AI writer – this technology can automatically produce FAQs within a click and avoid plagiarism by re-phrasing your content.


  • BASIC – $44.99 per month
  • TEAM – $114.99 per month

8. Dashword

Dashword is effortless to use, and it is perfect for beginners. It utilizes IBM Watson’s Artificial intelligence and is known to offer in-depth competitive analysis with proper guidance.

  • It supports 4 foreign languages: French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.
  • It has an excellent user interface
  • offers Outline builders, which helps to avoid writer’ s block. These outlines are developed by GPT-3, which are readable but require manual editing for YMYL content.


  • BASIC- $39 per month
  • PROFESSIONAL – $85 per month

9. Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO makes use of advanced NLP analysis and AI technology. This tool helps to bridge the gap between content writing, Technical SEO, and Search Intent. Some key features are-

  • Unique data helps the user to uncover competitors’ strategies.
  • Rank tracker to track keywords from all the contextualized search engines.


It starts with a free 7 day trial with a $49 per month plan.

10. Inkforall

It is a freemium tool for creating SEO-friendly content. Unlike other platforms, you have to install the Ink app on your computer here. This free version gives all basic SEO tools such as –

  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Basic copywriting tools

To summarize, readers today want content that is unique, entertains and provides solutions. Marketers, brands, and writers constantly focus on producing content like escape rooms that actually offers value to quality content to the readers. Creating high-quality and engaging content that readers appreciate is very important for both budding and established writers, and to achieve that, you can use many SEO content writing software. They help you write well-researched, SEO optimized, and easy-to-understand content.


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