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10 Digital Marketing Specialists You Need to Follow Going into 2024

Digital marketing is a vital aspect of modern business life, but it is also a field that is constantly growing and changing,...

Digital Marketing Specialists

Digital marketing is a vital aspect of modern business life, but it is also a field that is constantly growing and changing, so keeping up with what’s new and what matters, as well as gleaning ideas that you can put into practice, can be difficult and time-consuming. So to be a Digital Marketing Specialist or search for Digital Marketing Specialists if you want to be at the top of the game.
There are endless benefits to a business when it has an effective digital marketing strategy, including a greater level of brand awareness, promotion on a budget through affordable ads or free content posting on social media platforms, stronger customer relations – which builds trust and brings extra benefits, boosted brand loyalty, happier customers who can communicate directly through social media and feel a personal connection, better search engine ranking, an improved authority in your field, and of course, more traffic.
The smart way to do this is to simply track down and follow the best digital marketing specialists out there, and then you have access to lots of amazing insights and tips. Not sure who qualifies for the list of people you really need to follow? Worry not, we have done the research for you – and included a quick rundown on each below.  

Our Top 10 Digital Marketing Specialists (In no particular order)

1 – Larry Kim

Larry Kim is CEO of two well-known names in the digital marketing field, WordStream (known for keyword research expertise), and MobileMonkey (with close connections to Facebook Messenger). Larry is a respected author, he contributes to several media sources and is considered an expert in Google Ads. This is one serious influencer you really do need to follow in 2024.

2 – Jeff Bullas

With an impressive list of social marketing awards under his belt this marketer, blogger, speaker, author, and consultant really deserves a place on this list. He carved himself this niche from a crisis of debt, divorce, and job loss – a truly inspiring self-made man. Followers benefit from valuable insights into how to create connections between content and the minds of readers. His ideas are all achievable, practical, and useful and you can use his website to each him (Jeffbullas.com).

3 – Pam Moore

With over one million followers you know Pam Moore is doing something right. She is the co-founder and CEO of Marketing Nutz, which as the name suggests is focused on digital marketing via social media with a special interest in increasing conversion rates. If you are interested in tips on branding and brand development then Pam is a must-follow influencer.

4 – Rand Fishkin

An accomplished entrepreneur (he co-founded MOZ in 2003 and was CEO there until this year) and author, and labelled as one of the top marketing specialists in the world, Rand stumbled into marketing by accident, and after a lot of graft earned his well-deserved place at the top of the SEO expert leaderboard.

He knows his stuff and shares knowledge both generously and clearly, even when it is focused on complicated technical topics. He has now set up a new venture called SparkToro, which is all about how to identify, understand and deliver to target audiences.

5 – Neil Patel

With daily posts, there’s plenty to learn from this SEO specialist considered by Forbes to be one of the top ten online marketers around. A high-achieving business entrepreneur and advisor to many big-name companies, you can follow Neil on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

6 – Jon Morrow

Jon is the founder and CEO of Boost Blog Traffic, a self-made success who has worked very hard since 2006 to become the expert he is today. He blogs, he Tweets, and he really connects to his audience, providing plain talking information on complex ideas for his followers to make use of.

7 – Ann Handley

A partner in a thriving marketing business and a top-selling author, Ann Handley is vastly experienced in the world of both content and marketing. If you want to emulate her success then the information she shares – which is focused on how to make serious achievements in reasonable ways – will be invaluable and inspiring.

8 – Avinash Kaushik

Considered a world leader in Google analytics, Avinash is also the author of two top-selling books. Much loved for his incredible knowledge of digital marketing, but also for his ability to share this in a way even a complete beginner can understand and work with.

9 – Lilach Bullock

With accolades including ‘#1 Digital Marketing Influencer’ and a place on the list of the ‘Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers’, Lilach is an expert speaker, author, and respected expert in the fields of social media, content marketing, lead generation and more.

10 – Barry Schwartz

This multi-tasking man is not only president and owner of RustyBrick Inc – a company that focuses on helping other companies boost sales while cutting costs; he also holds the positions of news editor at Search Engine Land and editor at Search Engine Roundtable. He is known for tackling unusual and innovative search engine marketing topics so followers will be entertained and informed in equal measures.

An extra person:

The extra person which I want to mention is Myself (Robin Khokhar). I have been in the field of digital marketing for 6 years now. And if you loved this post you can also follow me, I mean this blog named Tricky Enough.

Each digital marketing specialist mentioned here has a lot to offer anyone who chooses to follow them in 2024, but that doesn’t mean that you need to follow every single one. After all, these experts specialize in particular fields, and they may not all be of interest or have any particular relevance to you.

They also have individual and often quite distinct voices, and deliver their ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and opinions in ways which you may feel particularly drawn to. The trick is to check them out and see which you feel offers the most benefit to you in your current situation and point in your business life.

Final Words

By following the right marketing specialists you get access to knowledge and ideas, as well as becoming part of a community with other followers you will come across on social media. Who knows, perhaps one day your name will be making it onto lists like this.

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If you want your business to be at the top of the SERPs, in my opinion, either you should follow their strategy or hire Digital Marketing Specialists like them.


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Written by Robin Khokhar
Robin Khokhar is an SEO specialist who mostly writes on SEO. Thus sharing tips and tricks related to SEO, WordPress, blogging, and digital marketing, and related topics.

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