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15 Essential Analytic Online Tools and Apps for Digital Marketers

Measuring your impact as a marketer has never been easy. How can you really know if you’re going in the right direction?...

15 Essential Analytic Online Tools and Apps for Digital Marketers

Measuring your impact as a marketer has never been easy. How can you really know if you’re going in the right direction? The raw data you’re collecting isn’t enough, and it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools to hand. Here are some of the best tools and apps out there. With them, you’ll be able to make sense of your data and create plans to build on your success.

1. Easy Word Count

The first step towards having good data to use is good content used to get it. This tool is highly useful as it’s easy to use and gives you results instantly. Just paste your content into it, and it will give you an accurate word count right away. As well as this, it can let you know if there are any errors in your writing that need to be addressed. It’s a great way to proofread your work quickly before it goes live.

2. Mixpanel

You need to know that your website is effective and that it’s giving customers what they want. This tool helps you see just how the site’s being used, and how you can make an improvement. The best tool it offers is a tracking tool, that lets you see just how much time people are spending on various areas of the site itself.

3. Heap Analytics

This tool automatically tracks the actions of your visitors, so you can see exactly what they’re doing, and when. It also helps you gather data about them, so you can start grouping your audience into demographics and start work on marketing to them. You can track all the way back to when you installed this tool, so you can see what’s worked and what hasn’t.

4. Big Assignments

Hiring qualified editors to create your content is more important than can be stressed here. That’s why you need to find services like this that will create quality content for you. If you make sure you’re hiring the right people, you’ll get more out of every piece of content.

5. Marketing Evolution

It can be difficult to figure out what data you need and what’s relevant to your company as a whole. A tool like this helps you make sense of the data you have, and then make use of it. Once you’ve analyzed your data properly, you can then start building on it.

6. Paper Fellows

Sometimes you can’t keep up with all the content creation on your own. This tool is perfect for getting in touch with other writers and getting help when you need it. Their writers will also put together content too if you need them to.

7. Lattice Engines

Predictive modeling is a powerful tool that all marketers should be using for their companies. This tool helps you predict what your customers are going to do, based on their past actions on your site. You can then use that data to create new plans to build on your successes and grow as a company. It’s a tool you should definitely try out for yourself.

8. Kapost

Part of analyzing your data is looking to see what content is working, and what isn’t. What topics are your audience into, and what should you avoid using in the future? This tool helps by letting you get a granular look at your data. It can show you what a single Tweet has done to further your business as a whole if you want it to.

9. State Of Writing

Good content needs to be not only captivating but technically brilliant too. That means that you need to have excellent spelling and grammar to get the audience’s attention. The writing guides at this service will help you get what you need from them.

10. Cyfe

Managing data can be difficult as it can be spread all over the place. This tool makes it easier for you by giving you one dashboard that holds all of your data in one place. This makes it easier to compare and contrast your findings and decide on what to do next. If you want help with planning, this is the tool for you.

11. Moz Pro

Part of your data analysis will be looking at your use of SEO and seeing how it can be improved. This tool can help you do that. You can create new keywords, check out your rankings, and more, all in the same dashboard. It’s the best way to improve your SEO and save time in doing so.

12. Kissmetrics

Everything you do boils down to keeping your current customers and bringing in new ones. This tool is designed to help you do this, without the hassle. You can track what your customers are doing, and look into what they like from you and improve on it to encourage more customers to come.

13. Hotjar

If you’re good at what you do, you’ll know it’s not just your site that’s important, it’s how your customers are using it. If customers are accessing you via the mobile site, can they get what they need from you? This tool helps you see where customers are lingering on your site thanks to the ‘heat map’ technology, and make adjustments where needed.

14. SEMRush

What’s the best way to make sure you’re one step ahead of the competition? By analyzing their data as well as your own. This tool is dedicated to helping you see what the competition is doing, and make adjustments to your own marketing to get ahead of them. It’s the best way to make sure you’re the most connected company online, that really knows its customers’ needs.

15. Grammarly

I do believe we should keep an eye on the grammatical part of the website and marketing. And I would love to share this tool with you. And will highly recommend this tool, as it is one of the best online grammar checking tools.

16. Linkio

Linkio is an SEO tool that can help you with picking the right anchor text to use during your link-building efforts. It is very easy to use, is automated, and will help you by analyzing all of your backlinks. This tool is made to ease your job and give you the best clue on what anchor text to build next.

These 16 tools are all designed with the digital marketer in mind. They’ll help you analyze and make sense of the data you have, and show you where to go next. If you keep them to hand as you’re creating campaigns, you can help your company grow and improve every day.

Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your data at all times. The internet moves quickly, and you need to keep on top of it. If you’re using these tools though, you’ll be well aware of the latest trends.


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Written by Sharon Conwell
Sharon Conwell has been a content marketer and ghost writer at over 20 online projects. She’s specializing in content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby. Feel free to contact her on her blog MyWritingWay.com.

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  1. Hello, Sharon. Great list.

    I have only used handful of tools while working online, like: Kissmetrics, Moz, Grammarly, Semrush. Looking forward to use the tools use mentioned here. Mainly, Paper fellow, KaPost, and Heat Analytics.

  2. Looks like a plethora of applications that you shared. Yes, we use most of them. And I still got few new ones to my list to explore so thank you for this article.

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