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The Best Free and Paid Online Tools for Marketing Your Business

Developing a great product is one part of the equation-getting people to recognize the other. Marketing is crucial to building a business,...

Paid Online Tools for marketing

Developing a great product is one part of the equation-getting people to recognize the other. Marketing is crucial to building a business, especially if you have a product or a service that needs to reach your target audience. And using Free and Paid Online Tools for Marketing can decide the fate of your business.

Thankfully, this article will highlight the countless free and affordable online marketing tools that make marketing campaigns easier. Considering some small businesses spend close to $120,000 yearly, it may help to take small business loans to acquire the software.

These businesses realize that marketing tools provide the easiest way to boost sales by engaging and motivating consumers to buy their products and services. Here are some of the top free and paid online marketing tools.

1. The Importance of Marketing for Your Business

a) It helps build a good reputation

Your business reputation might be the determining factor when a customer is contemplating reaching out to you. A positive reputation builds customers’ trust and credibility. If you intend to maintain your reputation, it is essential to address all customers, especially those unhappy with your products or services.

b) It boosts sales

One of the goals of a business is to make sales, and marketing helps achieve that goal. Marketing aids in the promotion of goods and services by using different ways to promote your products and services, such as sharing customer reviews, social media contests, and trade-ins.

c) It informs the target audience

To attract new clients and retain existing ones, you need to convince your target audience to select your products over competitors. An effective marketing campaign will provide comprehensive information about your products and services.

d) It improves decision-making

Conducting market research identifies marketing opportunities, collection of customer insights, and marketing problems. Market researches can give you insights on:

  • What products do your customers prefer?
  • Which marketing channels to use?

These suggestions will help decide how to run the marketing campaign effectively. Marketing can be expensive, but small business loans can help alleviate the costs.

e) It aids in client engagement

Marketing allows you to keep the relation with your clients. Once a transaction is over, you have to send follow-up emails to inform consumers of new offers or products. This ensures you stay on customers’ minds.

2. Top Best Free Marketing Online tools

Ubersuggest: is an online tool that creates organic keywords, reveals strategies your competitors are working on, and helps improve marketing strategy. Type in a keyword, and Ubersuggest will find the extension of the keyword. Further, Ubersuggest shows how many backlinks a website has.

Buffer: the social media management platform lets you simultaneously schedule and posts messages to numerous accounts, analyze their results, and engage with the community. You can review past conversations and monitor competitors.

Google Analytics: the free offering is an excellent tool for helping small businesses track website activity, such as the number of minutes visitors stay on the website, pages per session, bounce rate, and location. The tool provides information on users’ behavior and interests. Scrutinizing these statistics helps determine which channels drive traffic to your website.

Open site explorer: is a great option for checking domain and page commands, conducting link research such as how many clicks you are getting, and pinpointing visitors’ locations. The software may help understand your competitors’ strategies and opportunities arising from link building.

Canva: furnishes you with robust graphic designing tools. Its menu has a variety of photo editing tools as well as custom image sizes. You can design logos, social media content, and prints with ease.

3. Top Paid Online marketing Tools that are Worthy

There are so many different online marketing tools. However, you want to choose the right tool that will save money and time. These are some of the best marketing tools you can buy:

Buzzsumo: This is a platform that helps discover new keywords, trending stories, content performance, and consumer questions. It allows you to track competitors and their content presentation. Searching for information on Buzzsumo will assist in coming up with relevant and captivating content.

MailChimp: businesses use Mailchimp to manage their mailing lists, create email marketing campaigns, and automate the process. Customers on your email list can get alerts on new products or promotions, and the tool also helps you track their replies. Email marketing builds and nurtures relationships with target audiences.

Ahrefs: this search optimization tool performs site audits, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and keyword research. With Ahrefs, you can access the best keywords that competitors use to rank higher in organic search results to create valuable content. It can be pricey for a small business, but using small business loans may help acquire the tool.

Google AdWords: the platform allows advertisers to display ads on Google’s search engine results page. Since the advertisement appears on the top page of the search engine, a high intent visitor will likely see the advert and probably buy your product.

4. Other Tips to Consider in Your Marketing Strategy

Understanding your target market will assist in reaching out and interacting with potential clients. Figure out their age, gender, income, and wants and needs to create products and services that suit their requirements.

The pricing structure should be competitive without downgrading the value of the product. It would help if you factored in other costs, like shipping expenses.

Consider the value your products add to the consumers. If the consumer can buy a similar product or service elsewhere at a comparable price, what makes yours unique and better than the competition?

5. Financing Your Marketing Strategy

While you can run a marketing campaign for less than $500 a month, you often get what you pay. If marketing costs spiral out of control, remember it is an asset worth taking small business loans to secure. These are the best ways to finance your marketing strategy:

i) Bootstrapping

It involves using personal savings or operating revenue to fund the marketing drive. You gain absolute control of the business since you owe no one. However, if the marketing strategy attracts a hefty budget, you might find it difficult to foot the bill.

ii) Family and friends

Borrowing from family and friends is advantageous as they can lend you cash at little or no interest. They are more lenient than other lenders when you default, and the payment terms are usually longer. Nonetheless, any misunderstanding might damage the relationship.

iii) Venture capitalists

Venture capitalists or angel investors will pump cash into the company in exchange for equity. It is preferable for businesses with tremendous growth potential but has hit a snag since investors may also provide industry connections and insights on how to run the business.

iv) Peer-to-peer/social/crowd lending

It connects borrowers to lenders on online platforms with the hope of raising capital. A borrower creates a peer-to-peer account, and this will be linked to an appropriate lender.

v) Bank loans

They are a good source of large sums of money, fixed repayment terms, and relatively reasonable annual repayment rates (APR). However, you must possess a spotless credit history to stand a chance of landing one.


Marketing aids in promoting your goods and services to a target audience. Luckily, you can utilize different free and paid online marketing tools such as Buzzsumo, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Mailchimp, Google Adwords, and Buffer to achieve your marketing goals quickly.

Using these tools can boost sales and enhance the business’s growth. Follow the link in the introduction segment for more information on small business loans that can help you purchase online marketing tools.


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