Questions to Ask in Finding the Right Phone

Finding the Right Phone

With so many smartphones entering the tech market, we often get overwhelmed when picking the one that can attract attention. To mention the fact that the phone one buy should be able to keep up with the demands of our daily life. And in this post, we will be talking about the questions to ask yourself in finding the right phone

So what should be the criteria when it comes to buying a smartphone? Here are some questions you need to ask once you plan to shop for one:

1. Android or iOS?

When we think about smartphones, we automatically think about iPhones, the flagship gadgets that Apple is known for. Famous celebrities and personalities often opt for these phone models because of the quality and reputation it brings. To mention, the iPhone is user-friendly and often updated with the latest software.

That does not mean, however, that you should discount the Android phones. Not all apps are found in the Apple App Store because it is more expensive to keep it up there. That is why app developers often go sell their hard work to Google Play Store instead. Android phones are also more affordable than iPhones.

Still, you can be able to afford iPhone models if you buy refurbished mobile phones online.

2. Would it fit my hand?

Some say that the bigger the phone, the better the display. That is not always the case. Firstly, can you bother buying a large-screen smartphone if you are not able to use it in one hand? Examining this question is essential especially during those critical moments that your other hand is full and must be utilized for other works.

When purchasing a smartphone in a retail store, do not only assess the price point and specifications. Check if the smartphone can be easily used even if you only use it with one hand. If not, go for slightly smaller screen displays until you find the one that makes you feel ease.

3. Should I consider the phone display?

Speaking of phone display, there are three things that buyers often look for: brightness, color quality, and resolution. If you only need to prioritize between the three, Choose brightness, then color quality, then resolution as the quality you can go without.

Why is the order this way? Firstly, brightness is a must if you often use smartphones outdoors. It would be too much of a hassle if you have the other two but cannot be able to see the screen display when you are outside playing with your phone or reading messages.

4. Does it offer value for money?

Now, it is easier to find a smartphone that offers the best features at an affordable price. Most mid-range phones can already offer high-quality performance, good battery life, and more at only half the price of the flagship phones in the market. You do not need to pay a high price just to find a smartphone that fits your lifestyle.

If you want to buy the latest phone model but cannot afford to pay the full price, why not try looking for refurbished mobile phones online first before running to the nearest store? Most online sellers sell pre-owned and second-hand models of the latest smartphones that are still in good working condition. If this is not a problem, check out one today!


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