Food blogging on Instagram – A few smart tips to consider

Food blogging on Instagram

Social media is both contagious and essential business visibility! Brands and bloggers can’t survive without sharing their products and posts on social media. Images form an essential part of social media posts. And when it comes to high-resolution pictures and image posts, Instagram is the ideal place for the same. Food bloggers find Instagram a popular social media channel to share their food videos and posts. It helps them reach out to a section of the audience and connect with them through direct messages and comments on the post.

Food bloggers are continually looking at ways to enhance their posts and reach many followers. One of the best ways to do that is by buying Instagram likes and followers. Are you a food blogger? If yes, there’s good news for you! Today, you can opt-in for companies that enable you to buy 20 Instagram likes or less or more based on your blog and account requirements. 

However, that isn’t all. There are a few other smart tactics that food bloggers should follow to make their Instagram food blogging successful. The following tips can help:

  1. Always share high-end images and videos

High-resolution videos and vibrant pictures of desserts, street food, exquisite platters are going to be the life-force of your Instagram account. Of course, you will and need to weave the best content around it. But if your image is shoddy, unclear, pixelated, or videos shaky and not edited properly, you will disappoint your viewers. Make sure you prepare the best media and match up smart content to go with it.

  1. Be both regular and relevant

It’s never a good practice to make a single post and not log in for days, weeks, or months! Food bloggers usually are always on the go and need to search for exotic food locations. They travel to different places and highlight local cuisine and street food. But despite all that, you and other food bloggers need to manage time to make a regular post. Instagram gets flooded with new food channels and bloggers almost every day. Hence, you must get regular with your posts.

That doesn’t mean you compromise on the quality or the relevance of the post! If you make a food post for the sake of it, your online followers and audience would consider it redundant. And it might act against you as well. Instead of gaining followers and their likes and positive comment on your post, you might lose out on followers. Make sure you make quality posts regularly, which would interest others.

  1. Give the correct details

The idea of food blogging is to share exotic eateries and restaurants where the food item gets prepared! Hence, you must share the correct location and eatery, restaurant address, and contact details. If you are covering street food, explain the direction in a way that no one gets confused. It will encourage people to visit these places and appreciate you for your accurate documenting. Gradually, it will generate positive word-of-mouth publicity. You will get more followers, likes, and online visibility.

  1. Contribute instead of competing

It is very easy for people to get into a competition with their food blogging! The rat race is infectious. You will get to know other food bloggers and get to check their posts as well. It’s not a smart call to try and outshine them. That way, you will lose out on your game. You might have a unique way of documenting street food and forgotten recipes. If you invest in competing with another food blogger who specializes in the exclusive dinner menu, you will lose out on valuable time and energy.

Make your food blogging venture a contribution to society and other food lovers. It will help you see the big picture and not get distracted. Gradually, as your visibility increases, you might get sponsors and welcome other ways to earn from your food blogging. But before that happens, you need to pursue the same with unwavering focus, diligence, and commitment.

  1. Don’t get carried away with hashtags

People associate social media posts with hashtags! It is more so with Instagram than any other social media platform. But you shouldn’t be using hashtags in a way that you forget about the main content. Make sure that you focus on creating the content to match up with your picture. Once that gets done, you can start to choose the best hashtags that complement your post. Adding excess hashtags will take away the essence of your food blogging and make the post look promotional. So, research and assess thoroughly and arrive at a balanced use of hashtags.

These are some of the smart and simple tricks to get your food blogging a success! You can take inspiration from other blogs, but make sure not to imitate the same. Be authentic and smart with your food blogging.


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