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How To Ensure That Google My Business Page Rank High?

In today’s dynamic market place scenario, the first step digital marketers take in regard to kick off any firm’s local SEO strategy is to...

Google My Business Page

In today’s dynamic market place scenario, the first step digital marketers take in regard to kick off any firm’s local SEO strategy is to optimize its Google My Business Page. Over the past few years, several aspects of the same have changed a lot fuelling a strong and compelled need to make Google My Business page more precise, complete, and creative.

There is no doubt in the fact that Google holds the topmost position in the search market with a 65% percent share and this makes it very much imperative to make your business on top in search results. The prime objective behind a full-fledged Google My Business is to enable local businesses to render to their potential clients what they’re up to and how they strive to cater to their needs. So, you shouldn’t take it lightly as it could be of immense worth. And as it is pretty much simple to do, there shouldn’t be any delay in its maintenance.

With Google’s new 3 Pack, the significance of local search results has only raised like never before. Look at a few of the screenshots below for better reference.
Don’t they look familiar? The latest 3 Pack appears on the top of organic Google search results even on local searches. It means a lot to have these 4 listings and the only way to make the most out of them is to have a right-directional SEO. And this is why it becomes necessary to create and maintain a healthy Google My Business page.

It is completely shocking to see that many businesses don’t pay heed to the information mentioned on their profiles on Google My Business. This way they are supposed to lose out crucial clients. Let’s have a look at ways through which you can optimize your page.

Get access to your Google My Business Dashboard

Let’s say that your business is already verified. Now you need to move to Google.com/business to look over to your business dashboard. Login and you would get a screen.

It is Google My Business Dashboard that gives folks all kinds of information such as traffic and impressions of over the last 30 days, customer reviews. Here you can choose to share these elements right on your Google+ and YouTube accounts.

Choose Edit given in the top right corner to access your Business info page. From here you can ensure success to your page.

Optimize Your Google My Business Page Info

Once you fill all the mentioned fields, the business info bar on top would reach 100%. Don’t take a break in between as this is super important.

These fields include:

Business Name

This is where you should mention your real business name. Do not embed in extra words just with a purpose to get some sort of help in regard to SEO. Take care of spaces between words so as to avoid any language mistakes.


Your address and regions would come out immediately from verifying your business information. But if you wish to change, just hover and click to edit. If you are a local business that caters to a closer-knit geographical region, keep the geographic area small so your results are concentrated to those regions only.

Contact Info

Make sure the contact information you put here is genuine and reachable. For best results, use a local number in regard to the phone number.


This is truly important. This is where most of the businesses commit mistakes that further affect rankings. You can also choose to list multiple categories that would certainly add value but make sure it is not spam. Choose many categories that are relevant to your business.

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Here you need to mention your working hours for each day.


This is more likely an opportunity to mention something relevant for your business and the services it offers. You can also choose to link out from your introduction to various sections of your actual website.

Manage Your Photos

Go back to the main dashboard and click on “manage photos”

Identity Photos

There are several sections in The Business Photos section. The first section is called “Identity Photos” and this is very important. You need to upload 3 photos – A Profile Photo, A Logo Photo, and a Cover Photo.

Always remember that these photos may appear in search results, so, always choose good photos that exhibit a strong appeal of your business.

Interior Photos

Here you can display your office, shop, and workshop photos that would define what your ambiance looks like.

Exterior Photos

If you want customers to know what your place of business looks like from the outside, this would be the place to put recognizable photos so they can find it.

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Photos at work

This section gives you an opportunity to exhibit more about your business, its philosophy, working culture, people, job profiles, and a lot more.

Team Photos

Here you can show the picture of your people working together as a team.

Additional Photos

If you’ve any photo that doesn’t fit perfectly to the above categories, but still relevant for your business, this is where it should go.


The above-given steps may be of immense help for you to make your Google My Business page up and running. By maintaining it properly, you would make your business appear in local search results. Always follow best practices when it comes to complete and maintain your business page.

Written by Alok Kumar
RankOn is a leading Digital Marketing Company in India. We offer the best SEO, PPC, Web Design & Development and Content Writing Services in India.

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  3. where we can more information about company by providing location, photos business details in the google by business, this is where good place for website ranking thanks!

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  5. Google my business websites are great for increasing your SEO ranking so you show up at the top of the google search engine. Follow their guidelines and you will be okay.

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