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How does the Google search engine work? A brief expose!

The Google search engine is known as the mother of all solutions. There is no information it cannot grant you access to,...

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Google search engine work?

The Google search engine is known as the mother of all solutions. There is no information it cannot grant you access to, and within seconds that is. Before the Google search engine, information was not so easy to retrieve. With time, the Google search engine evolved for a separate category of Google photos, news, videos, etc.

The engine is designed to provide ease to users and improves its range every day.

How does the Google search engine work?

The search engine mainly splits its operations into three steps. 

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Serving

It considers web pages, data submitted by users, images, videos, and more to give you a complete result. Search engine optimization also comes into play here. Dubai SEO will present results related to the state.

For a better and in-depth understanding of how these processes occur, we will go through each of these steps. 


Google utilizes small bots or spiders that roam various web pages to store their content in the crawling phase. Usually, Google will start with a web page and find similar URLs on it. In this way, through a chain of sorts, the bots will process new web pages. Often websites like Wix etc. will ask Google to crawl new web pages added to them. This is how Google stays up to date with new data being added onto the internet every second.

The most important page for a website that is to be crawled is the home page. Therefore, Google perceives it as the utmost representation. 


Much like the name, Indexing is the practice where the data gathered by the Google spider is organized into an index of sorts. First, Google analyses each webpage and tries to understand what information it stores. Then, Google renders the text, video, and image contents of the web pages. However, it is better at understanding or navigating text than audio and visual content. Thus, for more explicit recognition by Google indexes, people are recommended to use text over images and videos.

Shorter titles and specific title pages also play an essential role. It is crucial to remember that the simpler a message is, the easier it is for Google to perceive it. Since humans aren’t directly involved in the process, the nuance of specific phrases may be too complicated for the program to decipher. 


Crawling and Indexing are processes occurring in the background. When we enter a query into the search engine, the active function is called ranking or serving. The search engine ranks the content in its indexes from most to least relevant and presents it accordingly. The higher a web page is ranked on the search engine, the more credible and relevant it is about the search.

Final word:

With these three steps, google fulfills the ultimate process of giving us accurate results. Thus, what seems like a simple task gets established through a network of complex processes occurring at all times. Therefore, there’s a reason Google is everyone’s go-to research center.


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